7 Apps that Promise to Make Life Easier For You 2022

With advancements in technology, everything is becoming digitally available. This has made the present urban lifestyle a fairly fast-paced one. It is considered lucky if you get time to meet friends and socialize. Most people do not even get time to care for themselves.

Owing to the shortage of time in people’s hands, they are all looking for ways to save it. They try to maximize their productivity hours and find smart ways to save more time.

Technology might have increased the hustle in our lives, but it has also helped us deal with it. Fortunately, digital applications have been created that help make our life easier.

These apps are intended to make daily tasks easier to do so that you are left with more time on your hands. Other apps help you monitor your actions to keep your productivity in check and make sure that you reach your highest potential.

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If you have not already installed these apps, then it is about time that you considered downloading these. Here is a list of apps that can put your mind at ease.

Pure Tuber

Are you tired of annoying ads interrupting you while you are watching your favorite artist’s videos? YouTube has recently increased the number of ads on most of its videos which feels even more intrusive than ever. The ads keep popping up every few minutes and waste so much of your time.

Pure Tuber is a lifesaver in this regard. This app allows you access to all the videos on YouTube without any interruption through useless ads. Through this app, you can also download whichever video you want from the YouTube database so that you can view it offline.

Pure Tuber provides the perfect video streaming experience.  You can log in on the app to get access to other features such as forming playlists, saving videos, and keeping a track of your viewing history. Pure Tuber not only saves you a lot of time but also gives you a better viewing experience than YouTube.


You have probably already heard the benefits of meditation countless times. But you might have hesitated to try it yourself because you feel like you cannot do it without an instructor. But who has the time to drive through two hours of traffic for a 30-minute meditation class?

Calm is an app that provides you easy access to guided meditation. You no longer have to commit to a yoga class with a fixed schedule to attain peace of mind. You can meditate with this app whenever you need to.

This app also has a wide range of background music that you can choose from. Most of these are sounds derived from nature such as the sounds of birds, wind, ocean, etc, This will also end up deepening your connection with nature.

Google Translate

Have you ever traveled overseas and found yourself lost because you cannot read the instructions or the street signs? It is embarrassing to have to ask others for the simplest of things just because you cannot read.

Well, Google Translate provides you the opportunity to translate text in 26 different languages. You can also choose the camera feature of the app to translate whatever you need. Just take a picture of the text you are looking at and you will instantly know what it means.

This app is great for introverts who are hesitant to talk to strangers. Traveling abroad has become a lot easier through Google Translate.

Google Translate


Do you have a lot of different tasks to manage throughout the day and fail to do so? Does your mind get overwhelmed with all those tasks? You lose track of time and end up doing none of them at all.

Well, Wanderlust is the app you need! Instead of writing various tasks on post-it notes that you end up scattering away and losing, use Wanderlust. This app saves all your to-do lists in one place. You can even sync the app with all your devices so your plan for the day is easily accessible for you on all of them.

Install Wanderlust and you will stop losing track of all the things you need to get done. You can also set reminders for yourself to get work done before your due dates. Use this app to free yourself from the chaos of your life.

Google Drive

People do not carry tons of paperwork with them in files anymore. There are a lot of apps available now that allow you to save your documents digitally online. One of the most popular apps that provide that service is Google Drive.

Google Drive is fairly easy to use. You can upload any document or file and get access to it anytime you need. The app can also sync to all your devices so your documents are available to you everywhere you go.

You can also share your data with other people and even allow them to edit it if you choose. To protect your privacy while sharing your documents you can also choose to give the other person the permission to only view. You can make folders on the app to categorize your data so it is easier to access.


Losing weight and staying fit can be hard to manage for some people. Nobody has time to keep a track of their daily calorie intake. This app helps you count your food calories and stay in check.

MyFitnessPal contains one of the most extensive food databases out there. All you have to do is to enter your food details with the exercise you do and it will do the math for you. It also helps you predict weight changes according to your meal plans. This is bound to keep you motivated on your fitness journey.


RunKeeper is another app that can help you stay active and fit. If you are someone who cannot afford to hire a personal trainer then RunKeeper has got your back. This app will act as the best running coach you could ever have.

This app provides you with personally tailored running or exercising plans to help you meet your fitness goals on time. You can also partner up with people to exercise together or share your progress with them.