AR Technology in online shopping: Improving, saving more 2022

Nowadays, smartphones are getting more and more widely used, and they are doing better and better at connecting people in the virtual world. Lots of brands are taking this as an advantage to increase their sales via smart devices. Recently, AR technology has been noticed as a useful tool for retailers, e-commerce to boost profit.

So what is AR? Will AR Technology in online shopping be a thing in the future? will help you figure that out. Let’s begin, shall we?!!

1. What is AR Technology?

AR technology in online shopping - What is AR Technology

AR (Augmented Reality) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information.

To make it easier to understand, AR will add some virtual objects to the real world through your smartphone or tablet, providing a more overall look to the environment.

For example, Pokemon GO’s developer has flawlessly implemented AR technology into their game. The surrounding environment is real, but the characters in the game are virtual.

2. AR Technology in online shopping

In recent years, AR has been considered as one of the best tools to improve users experience, and highly appreciated by major brands.

According to Statista, by the end of 2022, the retail segment will account for 5% AR and MR (Mixed Reality) market, and the AR alone will account for $80 billion of retail sales.

2.1. AR in retail and e-commerce

AR technology in online shopping - AR technology in retail and e-commerce

The AR Technology has shown high potential in enhancing shopping and virtual shopping experience.

From 2020, Online Shopping has been dominating as the most convenient way for the buyers to comply with quarantine and still get to have everything they need. AR has been applied ever since. AR Technology in Online Shopping was proven to be pretty useful in terms of providing services focusing on customers.

AR Technology enhances the whole shopping experience, by adding 3D models into the product, offering a zoom in/ zoom out feature, allowing customers to have a closer and clearer look on the products, as well as placing them in a specific context. Buyers can have a more specific perspective of the products they intend to buy.

AR technology in online shopping - AR technology in retail and e-commerce

Statistics have shown that 75% users want to experience AR technology while online shopping. 61% people expect AR technology from the retailers. 72% buyers buy things they didn’t intend to buy thanks to the AR

Customer behaviors are always changing. And in this case, AR Technology in Online Shopping has shown huge potential, opening a new field in the future.

Buyers tend to make online purchases based on the AR Tech, with 3D descriptions, customers will know what they are buying. This is huge for retailers and e-commerce, since they can salvage this, in exchange for customer satisfaction and long term relationship with the clients.

2.2. Increasing the value for shopping experience

A normal e-commerce website cannot offer their buyers product interaction. With AR Technology in online shopping, shoppers can have product pre-experience at the highest level.

It Offers a more realistic shopping experience, providing a visual insight about the products for the customers. Better interaction, increasing sales

AR delivers a livelier, more memorable and exciting shopping experience by allowing shoppers to buy things online and can still try them on using 3D models and samples, test to see if they suit their needs.

This is one of the main reasons why AR is becoming an important part of online marketing, increasing the conversion rate, and is slowly earning its place in the marketing field.

By using AR applications, buyers can scan online storage to see if the products are in stock, or receiving different offers. This can benefit both the customers and the sellers.

AR technology in online shopping - Shopping experience

AR Technology would also provide more details and information about the products, inform customers about the good and the bad, price tag, discount codes, etc. This can save a huge amount of time, energy and spending, supporting a more efficient shopping experience.

All of the information will be displayed through the AR app, which is super convenient for the buyers and will be the reason for them to come back in the future.

Furthermore, shopping decisions are also made because of emotion, beside the logical factor. This encourages shoppers to buy things that offer them the feel of joy, confidence or positivity. AR technology in online shopping offers an unforgettable shopping experience and for that, customers will revisit more and more.

3. Conclusion

AR has been proven to be a great and effective tool for marketing, works for both buyers and sellers. Applying correctly, this technology can deliver an excellent shopping experience for the customers, and a great way to draw shoppers attention towards the retailers.

With many wonderful features like entertaining, picturizing, and promoting interactions, AR Technology in online shopping is a worthwhile investment that can make more and more sales for the retailers.