Best Guide on How To Store Limes

Lemon is one of the indispensable ingredients in every family’s kitchen. However, most consumers buy lemons to use and then put them in the refrigerator or somewhere in the kitchen. Doing so, accidentally the Lemon will dry out and wither, affecting the amount of Lemon Juice inside.

So how to store limes fresh after buying or unfinished for the longest time? This article will reveal to you the simplest ways to preserve fresh lemons!

How to Buy Fresh Limes?

How To Store Limes

  • Observe closely the lemon peel

Fresh, succulent lemons often have smooth, light-colored skins that are not rough. These lemons are usually full of nutrients and very tasty.

Do not buy lemons that their peels are dull or have gray spots, these could be lemons that have been picked for a long time, no longer retain their freshness and succulent.

  • Avoid choosing lemons with a pungent odor

Fresh foods such as vegetables, tubers, and fruits with a pungent odor are almost always at high risk of being used pesticides. Therefore, when you go to buy lemons or any other vegetables or fruits, smell them carefully to see if they have a pungent smell or not. If they have a pungent smell, absolutely do not buy.

  • Should buy moderate but heavy-handed fruit with branches

Experienced buyers say that most lemons, although small but firmly in the hand, will have more water and nutrients than big but light lemons.

How to Store Limes Properly?

Storing Lemons With Newspaper

Newspapers is a very useful weapon for preserving lemons. It will work effectively in case you only need to keep a small amount of fresh lemons for short-term family use.

Step 1: Wash the limes and then dry them before storing.

Step 2: Basically wrap newspapers around the entire lemon

Step 3:  Transfer all wrapped limes into a zip bag and store it in the refrigerator. You can also use a normal plastic bag if you don’t have a zip bag. What we want to do is make sure to let all the air out and close it.

How To Store Limes Fresh For Longer Using Vacuum Bag

How To Store Limes

Step 1: Mix 4 liters of water with 1 cup of vinegar.

Step 2: Add limes to the mix and soak for 30 mins

Step 3: Use a lean towel and dry limes individually. It is very important to make sure limes are clean and dry.

* For short storage

Step 4: Store the limes in air sealed freezer bags and take air out before closing the bag.

Step 5: Place lemon bags in the fridge bottom drawer.

* For longer storage: limes could be stored up to 6 months, depending on limes quality. 

Step 4: Get a vacuum storage bag, then place limes in the bag.

Step 5:  Close the bag. Make sure that no sharp edges facing plastic sides

Step 6: Place the vacuum hose into the valve, the bag begins to shrink, as air is removed. When the bag stops shrinking, this signals that you have completed the sealing process.

Step 7: Remove the hose and close the lid. Then place the sealed bags in the lower part of the fridge.

How To Store Limes With Sand Quickly

Step 1: First, you must choose not crushed, intact lemons,  then wash and drain them.

Step 2: Prepare a jar to place lemons. Pour a layer of sand into the container and then place a layer of lemon on it. Repeat until you run out of lemons. The sand used is moist sand, if the sand is dry, add more water. Pay attention to watering to create moisture. Do not over-water, otherwise the fruit is prone to boots.

Step 3: Put the lemon jar in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight. When you need to use the limes, just remove the lemon from the sand jar and then wash them to be able to use it.

Freeze the Limes

How To Store Limes

Step 1: Cut a lemon into small pieces. It will vary depending on how big your lemon is. Do the same with the remaining lemons.

Step 2: Once you’ve finished cutting them, place the chopped lemons inside a zip bag. Follow the same procedure as the first method. Ensure that all air is out and close the zip bag.

Step 3: Place it in the freezer. It can last up to more than 3 months.

Making Lime Ice Cubes

Step 1: Squeeze lemon

Step 2: Pour the lemon juice inside a ice cube tray

Step 3: Freeze it until set for a few hours

Step 4: Place it into a zip bag and store in the freezer. It can last up to more than three months.


Hopefully, through our guide on how to store limes above, users can understand simple methods of preserving fresh lemons at home. In addition, you can learn more about how to choose a delicious lemon for long-term use for your family.