10 Traditional New Year’s Day Foods for Good Luck

The past two years have been the most difficult due to COVID 19. Therefore, this coming year people are more excited and ready to usher in the New Year. As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, most people will sign the starting of unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, vision board parties, and short-lived promises to themselves to lose some extra weight.

Regardless of the personal importance of New Year in the life of a very individual, it is evident that everyone wants to look forward to cleaning the slate and wants a new and refreshing start to the year. Therefore, people worldwide celebrate New Year, gather their families or friends, and enjoy traditional New Year Food supposedly famous for bringing good luck.

These traditions date back many generations for most families. In this short guide, we gather 10 Good Luck Traditional New Year Foods for you that will help you for your next New Year’s Eve.


Most people thought that the deep emerald color of greens resembles money; hearty greens including kale, spinach, and collards are believed to bring wealth to those who eat them early and often in the New Year. Therefore, people will include greens in most of their meals. People also believe that legume or meat-based dishes garnished with parsley will protect them from evil spirits.

Round Foods:

Round Foods

It will help you save money on your shopping of these food products. All the round fruits such as clementine and cakes, pastries, cookies are traditionally enjoyed on New Year’s Day as their shape indicates that the prior year has come to an end and the New Year holds the promise of a refreshing start. You can enjoy these New Year Foods, along with your family. Many bakeries and stores provide discounts, deals, and coupons for these New Year Foods.

Black-Eyed Peas:

Black-eyed Peas look like coins, and therefore, most people think they bring prosperity in the New Year. In some families, enjoying this traditional dish may be preceded by a hopping dance performed around the table by the children.

Oranges and Honey:

In Asian cultures, most people believe that having oranges and Honey on New Year will bring good luck and wealth. Especially, the golden color of Honey indicates the gold, so the people thought that if they ate Honey on New Year, it would bring gold, and it is lucky for them. Oranges and Honey are the two most famous traditional New Year Foods, especially in Asia.

Grapes and Raisins:

It is a very old tradition of Spain; eat 12 grapes or raisins just before midnight. Eating one grape or raisins along with each chime of the clock will bring good fortune for the whole year as long as you finish all 12 before the final stroke. According to the Spanish people, grapes are the oldest and most fortunate New Year Foods.


According to many cultures having a big rice bowl gives them wealth and possibly fertility. They thought that rice was the symbol of wealth and fertility. Therefore, many people eat rice on New Year Eve to get all the good luck of rice. For many people, it is one of the best New Year Foods that they must add to their New Year night dinner table.

Whole Fish:

According to Chinese culture, serving whole fish as New Year Foods is very lucky. They thought that fish symbolized prosperity, abundance, and a lucky year to come from beginning to end. Thus, eating a whole fish and head and tail will provide prosperity, and it is a good luck symbol for them.



In the Midwest, pork is considered a celebrating dish and a symbol of progress. The longstanding belief is that pigs root forward for food instead of chickens, cows, and turkeys who scratch backward. Most people think that pork is the symbol of long life. Thus, pork is one of the best New Year Foods in many cultures.


According to Asian culture, long noodles are the symbol of longevity. Most Asian people think that unbroken noodles bring good health and luck in the New Year. Moreover, the people who can eat at least a single long noodle without breaking or chewing it are said to enjoy the longest lives and best luck throughout the year.


Cornbread is especially famous in the South. The golden yellow color of cornbread symbolizes gold, and the taste of the bread is incredibly delicious. People, who hope for a prosperous year, must enjoy this traditional bread. There is no doubt that it is one of the best New Year Foods that you can enjoy this New Year.


Here you can find 10 traditional foods given above in detail to know about them. You can also find how to make them special on the eve of the New Year so that you can make your new year memorable by cooking traditional foods.

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