4 Reasons Why Sharjah is Better than Dubai?

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Sharjah and Dubai, being the main commercial centers of the UAE, are the regions of great importance throughout the globe. Besides the remarkable infrastructure, business, and luxury lifestyle of both cities, still there are some differences unrevealed to you. If you want to spend your quality time in any one of these cities, we suggest you hire an automobile from Car Rental Dubai to explore the unveiled differences between these two emirates.

No doubt Dubai is considered the world’s best tourist spot due to its marvelous attractions. But this city has gained popularity with the passage of time. Due to its fame, travelers and expats often overlook the amazing emerging commercial state of Sharjah. Do you have any interest in knowing the positive aspects and plus points of Sharjah?

You might be wrong if you are thinking that expediency is the only good thing responsible for preference. But actually, that is not the case. With the advancement and development of the UAE, Sharjah has developed and is able to provide a more luxurious lifestyle to you. So, if you are looking for an emirate to settle in the UAE, Sharjah will be ideal for you.

The following are some reasons demonstrating why Sharjah is better than Dubai, especially in the year 2020.

No Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

One of the major issues you will face in Dubai is traffic jams. Roads will get obstructed due to a number of private and public transports. Actually, this traffic has been drastically increased due to the trend of traveling in your personal car. If you are going for commercial purposes in Dubai, be ready to waste your precious 2-3 hours daily on an overcrowded road in the slow-moving traffic.

Though Dubai RTA (Road and Transport Authority) has made a number of amendments to control traffic by the latest technological inventions, still you will get frustrated in some special hours of morning and evening. Despite all the benefits of Dubai, slow-moving traffic and messy roads will dominate the positive aspects by its disadvantages.

Contrarily, Sharjah has no such issues. You will not get stuck in traffic for hours because it is less crowded than Dubai. Why do you want to tire yourself out by getting stuck on overcrowded roads when you can fulfill all your obligations by staying in Sharjah? Moreover, you will not have to pay for parking charges in Sharjah as it’s free. So, it will also be an economic and money-saving place for you.

Recreational Spots

Recreational Spot

No matter if you are going for a family vacation in the UAE and not for a business trip, you can still find a number of opportunities to spend your leisure time in Sharjah. No need to worry at all if you are pondering upon the tourists’ attractions of Sharjah and Dubai. Irrespective of the recreational hub of Dubai, Sharjah offers many great and new places with advanced infrastructure for enjoyment.

Whether you want to explore the UAE or enjoy your family vacations for a long duration, we recommend you to look for a Monthly Car Rental Dubai company as it will be the better and cost-friendly option. If you are looking out for some places with a serene and calm effect on your family’s minds in the UAE, you should visit Sharjah. You can explore Majaz waterfront, Al Mamzar beach park, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah Amphitheatre, Buhaira Corniche, Al Noor Island, and many other places.

Besides these, some new tourist attractions are under development in Sharjah. Moreover, you can enjoy foods of all kinds here from traditional to Mexican. If you are a traditional foodie, you will love the restaurants of Sharjah as this emirate is well-known as a heaven of desi food. You can enjoy delicious and budget friend;y food at any one of the restaurants and cafeterias of Sharjah anytime.

Low Residential Cost


The most attractive feature for preferring Sharjah over Dubai is its low living cost. If you are planning a family trip to the UAE, book your residence in Sharjah to save money which will help you to enjoy more other activities like shopping.  As ex-pats settle in the UAE just to earn and save money for their families, Sharjah is the best place to live for them. According to a recent real estate survey in the UAE, residential charges of Dubai are approximately 28% more than in Sharjah. To get cheap rental accommodation in a furnished development is feasible in Sharjah.

You know what you will have to pay the monthly rental cost of 6356 AED for a 900 sq ft house in Dubai. Conversely, you can rent a similar apartment in Sharjah at the monthly cost of AED 3837. So, it is better for you to live in Sharjah to reduce your expenses to almost half than that for Dubai. Also, you should check assignment help UK if there are any problems here.

Less Populated Cultural Area

Cultural Area

If you want a calm and soothing place to relax during your vacations, you will find not even a single better place than Sharjah in the UAE. Due to being less populated emirate of the UAE, you will find various spacious places to enjoy depending upon your loneliness taste.

Furthermore, the clean atmosphere of Sharjah makes it a great place to enjoy nature’s beauty and marvels. On the other hand, Dubai has polluted as well as a populated city.Looking for Coupons to get a car on rent? You just dive on a right Article. You can search coupons for rental cars at topcoupons.deals . If you are an archaeologist and want to study historical places, you can plan your study tour to Sharjah as it is a city of great historical and cultural values.

In short, Sharjah is the best place to live in, work in, and explore in the UAE. So, whenever you plan a trip to the UAE, we suggest you hire a vehicle from RentalcarsUAE and experience the difference between these two emirates yourself. This rental company is not only offering the best services but also the most affordable rates. Besides, you can rent out your favorite vehicle online in advance while staying at your home. Just pick-up the car on the due date or they will drop-off without extra charges.

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