6 Tips to Pack Luggage for A Long Trip

Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world? Now that there was no need for a dream, it was about to become a reality. Maybe it’s because of work that you often have long business trips, and maybe you decide to travel to Europe for a month. Whatever the nature of the trip, you need to learn the technology of bagging for long trips.

pack your luggage for long trip

Thinking about nearly a month away from home, you immediately think of the huge amount of clothes and furniture you need to bring. You don’t have to “bring the world” with you! There is a secret to keeping your luggage suitcase compact and not missing anything. Follow topcoupons.deals given below steps:

Invest a travel wardrobe

Normally, for short trips, you will be advised not to buy a pile of clothes just for travel, because this is a waste of money. But the long journey is different. You will feel that investing in a suitcase full of clothes to travel is essential. The suitcase should contain the following:

Travel underwear: must be breathable, comfortable and fast dry.

Travel socks: keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. Most importantly, it doesn’t give off an unpleasant odor if used repeatedly.

Travel pants: choose the type of pants you can wear to go from rugged trails to five-star restaurants. Ideally, the pants are waterproof and have pockets.

Travel skirt: wrinkle resistant, dark to wear multiple times. There are two-sided skirts available, so you don’t have to wash a lot but your clothes are still diverse.

Travel shoes: need to be super light, super durable and extremely comfortable. Types of sports shoes, sneakers, lazy shoes … is a top priority.

Pack fewer clothes than what you think will be used

For short trips, always follow the 1-2-3-4-5-6 rules for packing, for example, 1 hat, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of pants or skirts, 4 shirts, 5 pairs of socks and 6 underwear sets. This rule also applies to long trips, as long as you guarantee the laundry every week. To do this, you need to bring a package of washing powder, fabric softener, and clothesline.

However, you should take into account the weather. Maybe the land you’re going to have a cold, wet climate, very difficult for washing clothes. Advice for you is to see the weather forecast before going. If the weather is not favorable, you need to bring double the expected number of costumes.

Prioritize items that have many uses

Instead of buying bottled water (and contributing to an ecological disaster like “rubbish island in the Maldives”), bring a bottle of water and bring it to a boil each day to use. Similarly, a thin, light sarong can be used as a shawl, headband, thin blanket … Thanks to this clever calculation, you can both reduce the weight of the suitcase, and not spend extra money on things missing.

If you travel in urban areas, don’t worry too much about toiletries. Toothbrushes and razors (for men) are the only things you need to pack. You should buy shower gel, shampoo, and toothpaste in your area. If it is a luxury hotel or resort, you do not need to pay for this.

Another tip is to use your phone or other electronic device to store all your important travel documents such as passport, tour schedule, suitcase photos in an open state (to see the whole stuff that you have in the luggage) … Besides, don’t forget to buy travel insurance to protect yourself from unpredictable emergencies.

Know how to choose a suitcase when packing furniture

A cute bag/backpack that follows you all the way may not be the best option for a long journey. On a trip like this, the ideal bag must be water-resistant, durable, lightweight and easily rolled up.

What about the suitcase? Which suitcase to buy depends on your destination and budget. To stay flexible in any situation, choose a suitcase with a wide compartment with an internal strap. And remember it has to have wheels for convenient to move.

When you buy travel insurance for your trip, your luggage will be protected. If things are lost, damaged or stolen while you are traveling, insurance can reimburse you for the value of the item, or help you repair it.

Pack the luggage

After you have fully prepared your trip, it’s time to sit down and pack each item in your suitcase. Note that before you order anything, ask yourself why you need it. If you’re still confused about whether or not to use it or just use it once, leave it at home.

Should be equipped with a smart map arrangement: just rolled, not folded. Folding clothes not only causes wrinkled and wrinkled clothes, but it also makes them occupy a large area in the luggage compartment.

Try moving with your suitcase packed

During a long trip, you will definitely have to pull your luggage through the airport, subway, train, crowded bus station … After the luggage is ready, you need to do a test to see if you can. Take it throughout the long trip or not. Can you take it upstairs? Is it possible to lift it up and place it in an overhead cabinet? If you do these things easily, be assured to hit the road with that suitcase. On the contrary, you need to adjust your furniture so that your luggage does not “slip” the mood on the long trip.

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