6 Ways To Reduce Cost For Dog Owner

6 Ways To Reduce Cost For Dog Owner

At least every house is raising a dog or cat. In order to ensure your pet is living their best life in a good condition of living, you have to confirm to provide everything they need. Most importantly, adopt pet is also a humanity action we think everyone should do in order to avoid overpopulation and agaisnt ‘puppy mills’. Yet, do you know how to grow pets without costing over your budget? This article will show you 6 ways to avoid waste on your pet, especially for dog owners.

Adopt a dog instead of buying

There are thousands dog are homeless, bullied and starving. Either you can accidentally see them on the street or at any Animal Rescue. Adopting dogs means you just save their life, they would be really be appreciated about it and gonna be loyal to you forever.  More, you may have the chance to take the trained dog that can save you so much time to re-train them. Thus, the world is already crowded enough, you can also help to prevent the overpopulation by not supporting newborn puppy, plus saving a lot of money from buying a new one. When saying about a newborn puppy, there is a term calls ‘puppy mill’. ‘Puppy mills’ often knew as a ‘factory’ with poor conditions, where the puppy is produced for sale with the lowest cost but gain back the highest profit. There are 2 million puppies are sold in the US and up to 400 thousand in the UK. Rescuing a dog’s life also means you against puppy mills and these kinds of  ‘factory’ really need to stop to make sure dogs have the right to live a better life.

Adopting Dog instead of Buying

Purchase food in bulk

After getting the dog, you need to take care of their diet. Basically, about 90% of dogs can not eat the same as what humans eating, some can be really harmful for dog’s health such as chocolate, sugar, avocado, alcohol, and more. Reducing money on dog’s food by buying online, looking for sale or coupon related so that you do not have to pay for an item at its full price. Do some math before purchase for anything is also a trick to save money. Instead of buying many small packs of food for your dog, why not by a big bulk, it looks exaggerated but worth the price and also cheaper. If you think it is too much and your dog can not finish it before the expired date, you can definitely share it with your friend and share the money.

Make toy by yourself 

Your dog just like your baby, they also want to play and have fun with you. Making your dog’s toy by yourself, DIY it would save so much money for you. Loads of video and instructions are available online for you to look at and learn. Your dog will not only have their favorite toy and feel your love but also you can benefit it by learning a new skill. Oppositely, if you are a busy person and have no time for it, for sure you can go online and look for any promotion codes, discount codes, and coupons for dog’s toy.

Spa at home

So, what’s next? After a long day at work, you just want to pet and cuddle with your ‘buddy’. But before that, your dog needs to make sure they are clean. Instead of going out for groom, why you have to waste your money while you can do it at home? What you need is dog brushcombcoast spraybath wipesconditionerdry suppliernail clippers, and you really do have a fun time with your dog. This is not bath time only but also a bonding time with your best friend who always happy to welcome you after you got home.

Spa at Home for Dogs


Why not award your dog sometimes with some new food, collar, treats, or even a new bed? They would be so excited. BY saying ‘new’ but they do not really have to be new. People are buying and selling all the time, you can choose the most suitable stuff and like new for your dog instead of a new one at store. The price of used accessories can be much much cheaper than when you buy them from the official stores. Or in case you are not the type of person who used to trade like that, you can definitely hunt for sale or coupon at the brand you are going to buy for your pet. Easy spending, easy getting.

Save money on training

Your dog needs to be trained so as they can understand and listening to you.  Who does not want a good behavior pet? The industry of dog training is increasing base on the high demand of the dog’s owner and a huge amount of dog these days; surely, the cost is not so reasonable at all. Sources are all over the internet: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram,… take time and learn some to teach your dog, it will be way saver than recruiting someone to do that for you. The benefit of commanding your dog by yourself will let your dog know you are their boss and their friend at the same time, not anyone else, so, they will 100% listening to you.

Saving money on Dog Training


Growing pets is not as easy as it seems. This required a lot of patients, time, and money. We are – topcoupons.deals can not help you with anything but giving you a hand on saving money for your better life with your ‘best friend’.

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