A Cheat Sheet to Develop a Profitable eLearning App

Automation has invaded every aspect of human lives. Even education is not relieved from the gulf of this technology. Nowadays, more people are keen on opting an eLearning facility. They consider MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a great substitute for the offline education system.

A number of perks can be obtained including saving solutions for time and money from this system and competencies can be easily developed by seeking help from the leading educator.

In accordance with the app development companies, the niche of the eLearning app can get in high demand at any time. Despite the number of eLearning apps already available even with a great deal of coupon codes, a qualitatively new system of education with some fresh ideas and concepts must be drawn so that you can target your right audience at right time.

This blog is for those who want to develop an efficient eLearning app in the future. Read on to know about the essential technical components and strategies you need for mobile app development and obtain a worldwide reputation.

Available Formats for the Future eLearning Application

Before you get started to design and develop the application for bringing the much-needed revolution in the educational system you must have an idea about its formats. Generally, these are the cross-platform app development frameworks, depending on which you will make your app. You have to choose among them as per your preferences or that matches perfectly your need.

  • Courses- It is the most common eLearning app interpretation. In this type the series of lessons are carefully planned for allowing the users to overhead the competitors in the specific field. It can be any language or less predictable subject as well.
  • Guides- the format displays a well-structured handbook with loads of relevant information on any specific niche. Online dictionary is the finest example of this type of software or eLearning format.
  • Testing tools- In this case, evaluation of the competencies can be done easily by the users with the help of tests and examinations. Therefore, the app will offer the set of question paper on specific subject or topic. In fact marks will be offered on analyzing the answer sheet submitted by you.

As each of the software is still under developing updating stages neither of them comes with 100 percent certainty. Therefore, it is highly suggested to make your choice as per the resources you have along with your vision.

12 Key Features Any eLearning App Should Own

After knowing the available software to design a specific eLearning app, it is the time you should know about the key features it must have. This section exactly deals with that. So, let’s have a look on them.

1. User Interface

These days most applications despite their base are user-centric. Actually, designers and developers put effort in the design so that it appears alluring to a large number of people. Even by this way potential user will find it beneficial and continue interacting with the application. It includes saving of the banking details, screening of the personal account and tracking of the learning progress of the users.

Additional attention must put in the area of the authorization. In case your developed app offers corporate learning management system then remember it must be highly secured. It can be easily attainable with the help of the two-factor authentication system such as SSO logging (Single Sign-On), password encryption and much more. When it comes to mass-market application, the authentication process must be limited to minimum clicking.

It can be done by allowing the app integration with email, Google or Facebook account as per the convenience of the users. In such cases, users can easily log in to the account by clicking once only. It makes the online shopping more user-friendly in its nature instead of boring filling up of 5-6 fields offered by them.

2. Table of Contents or Course Plan

Irrespective of your selected niche as a user you have to deal with huge amount of info for any specific subject or topic. Moreover, that must be structured in the most appropriate manner otherwise any newcomer will not appreciate it in terms of the user experience.

3. Database

As you already know immense data amount is required to deal in the eLearning app leading the database as its prime necessity. It is so; because without database the planned task cannot be accomplished seamlessly and hassle-freely.

During tackling the huge data you will not be able to store it properly and here database will do it for you. Every data will be preserved secured with the particular file extension or any other database of the operating system you are using at present.

4. Video Streaming

As there is lack of offline activities or teaching lessons by the original educator it should be tackled in the application too. By providing them the access of video recordings shared by qualified educators it makes the job quite easier for them. It will help in monetizing the app as well. Even users can be allowed to attend the online classes or live streaming classes of lessons.

5. Cloud-Based Integration

Cloud-based integration will be helpful in case the app offers groups tasks to its large number of learners. Rather uploading the task; allow the learners to customize and edit the documents online according to their preferences in the application. These will make them work respectively yet collaboratively.

Apart from this, it can also accelerate the speed of verifying the home tasks on the behalf of the educators. Furthermore, it eliminates the necessity of downloading the document of each learner as well. It can be checked all at once and get uploaded in the application.

6. Achievement Bar

Infuse of the personal achievement bar in the eLearning application will surely motivate the users to learn the lesson by using your app. Not only in the course-based application but also it can impose its greatest contribution in the guide-based software as well.

Make the app able for tracking the metrics such as views number for any specific topics or subjects or determination of the learning progress of the respective users.

7. Feedback

This feature ensures that meaningful and full-fledged interaction is offered to the users. It can be done by checking the number of users’ subscriptions and personal feedbacks regarding the progress and work of the educator of any particular subject in the application.

8. User Chats

This outstanding feature will enhance the interest of the users regarding the app. Chatting is recognized as an irreplaceable feature of the eLearning app if it comprises the home tasks collaboration.

Moreover, it makes a huge contribution in the social interaction with the application as well. This allows every user to talk, discuss, and gossip with the like-minded people to strive the knowledge in that specific area of the subject or topic.

9. Payment Gateway

Widely eLearning application comes with the so-called in-app purchases such as to access specific offers or advanced-level course or any other features. A payment gateway should be integrated in the app for securing the transactions from the involvement of both parties.

10. Offline Mode

Availability of several options excluding the necessity of Internet connection is of course counted as an additional advantage. Alternatively, the users should allow downloading certain extent of files so that they can read, listen or access them offline on their respective device. Online shopping of the hardcopy of the subject can be done at the same time.

These ways will incorporate you to make your eLearning application much more convenient in contrary to other available ones. Even the learners who have to travel lot will start preferring your app due to this excellent facility as it will benefit them in its best possible ways.

11. Notifications

There are many eLearning apps that notify the users regarding any holiday, reminder or congratulate so that they get influenced and happy to continue learning on the app. Primarily these features are focused on keeping the learners motivated yet it is reliable for extra monetization procedure as well. It is so; because you can easily offer premium subscription to the users for enjoying additional features.

12. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Only these 2 technologies are most pricey to be implemented in an application yet they are the trendiest as well. Even both VR and AR possess another level of popularity in the digital world and hence the app comprises of both get easily attracted by the users.

Although not every eLearning app will be benefitted from these technological advancements. Yet if your chosen subject is arts, history or geography them you will be greatly benefited from these technologies. Gamification method can be input into the method of learning as well in a creative manner.

It will make the learning procedure more exciting and full of fun and interest. Sometimes, some subject seems boring and needs much mental effort to grasp the topic. In such instances gamification elements will keep them cool and make them understand the chapter with much ease and less mental efforts.   

Efficient Ways for Monetizing the App

Being in the professional field of digital marketing you should know about the most important part of the eLearning solution- i.e., monetization. Here are 6 efficient ways monetization can be done for your eLearning app:

1. Ad Placement

Perhaps, the ads are widely accepted for monetizing the mobile application. Although from the customer perspective unexpected pop-up advertisement is really irritating resulting in the mitigation of the positivity of the specific mobile application. At the same time people are well concerned that anything that comes at free of cost is only limited to some extent or some specific time period.

After that it will become premium and every user must have to pay to enjoy the seamless services and features with much comfort. Little or a few inconveniences are always there to deal so that users can get the access of the eLearning services at free of cost. Make sure that the advertisements don’t get flashed every time in front of the users on the screens.

Instead, paid subscription can be offered without showing any ad at all. Just follow the ways followed by YouTube. Moreover, if the ad content is suitable then it can be placed easily in the specific services or products pages to target the specific group of people.

2. Online Store

eLearning app allows the users to make some buy of relevant products in the specific field to enhance the interest and improve the services for the sake of the competencies. This excellent app monetization method is centralized only on making extra pennies by offering the things about which you are actually interested.

Apart from the free installation of the eLearning app you can get additional information as well such as price tag, live videos and books regarding the full syllabus. This is why it is recognized as most profitable as it allows dealing with the consumers who are already convinced about the product and its necessity.

Even the leading eLearning apps make use of this approach for earning more reputation and become the most preferable ones worldwide.

3. Paid Services

Many times it has been proved that the paid services can act as the stable passive income source too. It can be done so by accessing the learners to develop a direct communication with the qualified educator.

It is helpful for the learning progress along with checking of the competencies for improving it by the educator. Furthermore, they will be directly advised by the educator to enhance their knowledge and skills in any specific field at the same time.

4. Paid App Versions

Another eLearning niche used as the monetization approach is offering the free, demo partial version of the app. When the user finds curiosity in you and going to opt for their learning progress the full one should be obtained with buck.

While trying out the trial version they will be allowed to experience every feature to some extent only they will surely pay for obtaining the full version of the original eLearning app. But make sure that you have an additional bunch of key features to offer in the paid version to amaze your users.

5. Paid Updates

A transparent monetization way is also there like implementation charges for the app updation. In this instance at first the users can install the free version of the app which will come with paid updates from time to time. It will expand the functional ability of the application. It can be your ideal saving solution in case you are looking for the minimal viable product (MVP) rather than the full-fledged one.

On the prospect of the users’ reception, it possesses transparent and easy way of income from the application. Suppose if the user fails or doesn’t want to pay for the updated version then still they can enjoy the traditional free version which is sufficed handy for them.

6. Subscriptions Fee

This is the last as well as most simple trivial monetization approach. This is so; because by using it the users can be easily charged for either annually or monthly subscription fee for using the full version of the application. But you have to ensure that your eLearning application is worthy in every penny to the users for using it and loving it always.

By following this guide you will be able to design an efficient and reliable eLearning app for the sake of the learners and students. These will work best if imposed properly with the help of the developers and designers. Choose the best company of mobile app development in India so that you can stay tension free to get the job done.


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