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Kids ride Go Karts

Recently, the Covid-19 pandemic is increasingly complicated and outdoor activities for kids may be limited more than ever to practice the social distancing imposed by the authorites and local government. Being too long indoor can make your children bored and affect their health significantly. If your house has a space of gardening or even indoor place for kids to play, social distancing is no longer obsessed and tiresome just with some awesome go karts at a affordable price I would like to introduce the details as follows.

In addition, Back to school season is coming soon so that the amazing kart is a perfect gift for your chidren to encourage them to study well for the new school year. Besides, don’t forget to get the coupons and cool deals to purchase one kart at the lowest price and spend a significant saving.

So, don’t miss these useful information to give your children a chance to enhance their health, notwithstanding the blooming of Coronavirus.

1. Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Kit


Coming out at the top of the list, Segway Ninebot Electric Go-kart launched by Segway which is the worldwide leader in personal transportation combines fun and safety to maximize your kids’ play experiences. It can be used only with miniPRO, which has to be purchased separately.

The speed of this exciting go-kart can be pretty fast which maybe reaches 15 miles per hour. However, don’t worry about it because many of its safety features will make your children be safe.

You can set the speed for your kids with three driving modes (novice, normal, and sports) that are suitable for different ages and driving skills. This will ensure your children don’t ride too fast. Furthermore, an app which contains a tutorial and assembly instructions allows you to download and connect the kart via Bluetooth. Therefore, you will be able to view and control the kart’s speed and fault reminders.


Speed control and locking by phone’s app

No noise

Numerous safety features

Rider’s maximum weight of 220 pounds.


Both of the go-kart’s and the miniPRO’s price at high price

The confusing assembly instructions according reviewers

Visit Segway coupon to get your own coupon codes and great deals to buy a kart for your children and save money.

2. Uenjoy Electric Go Kart

Uenjoy Electric Go Kart

This 3-wheeled ride-on go kart is designed compactly more than the four-wheelers because it has a lower height and lower weight.

Uenjoy comes with a horn and let kids listen to music. It also has an adjustable steering wheel and a foot pedal which is used to drive the kart.

Uenjoy’s tires are very elastic, durable, and made of high-quality natural rubber material. EVA tires have a streamlined design and spring suspension and allow for smooth driving due to their ability to minimize the vibration on any terrain.

You can use it for a long time, as this go-kart is made of a durable and safe polypropylene plastic which supports children as young as 3 and as heavy as 77lbs.


It’s very safe

It weighs less

Comfortable and stable

Long usage time

It has an affordable price


It’s faster than you imagine, so parents have to walk along with their children

It has a short battery life

It might be small for taller kids

3. Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart

Two 12-volt batteries power the so quiet chain driven motor of the Razor Ground Force Go Kart.

The Razor Ground Force can drive up to 45 minutes per charge, and the charging time is quite fast.

This amazing kart is recommended for kids at the age of 8 and above whose maximum weight of 140 pounds.


Can travel up to 12 miles per hour

Delivers approximately 45 minutes of drive time per charge

Molded aluminum wheels

4-1/2-inch tires

Dimensions: 41 inches wide by 16 inches tall by 29 inches deep

Hand-controlled accelerator

Hand brake for stopping


Complex chain assembly

4. TrailMaster MINI XRX

TrailMaster MINI XRX

The TrailMaster MINI XRX is the upgraded version of MINI XRS model with two seats. MINI XRX is equiped with Speed Governor features which can be down to 4mph, dual wheel drive, hydraulic disk brakes, adjustable seat belts, remote and electric start and so quiet 163cc5.5hp Honda engine. Remote control is for the guardian to lock the kart in case of emergency.

Generally speaking, Mini XRX dual seat Gokart is a fantabulous choice for kids at the age 8 and above.


Adjustable pedals and set

Remote control

Safe features


Quite hard to assemble

Fast and sharp motives so that parents have to notice when let kids play.

5. Razor Dune Buggy

Razor Dune Buggy

Hundreds of positive reviews can be found on the web about Dune Buggy go kart which is an electric powered, 350-watt motor capable of reaching 10 mph and carries up to 120 lbs. You can find all information about Razor Dune Buggy on Razor’s website.

Dune Buggy is heavy, stable and safe enough to carry kids from 3 to 15 years. The 8-inch knobby tiers are fitting softly on dirt roads, grass and other terrains. The battery could last approximately 1 hour of contentious use and charges 4-6 hours.


Superior quality for the price point

Quiet electric motor


Hard plastic seat

6. Tao Tao EK80 Kids Electric Go-cart

TaoTao EK80 Kids Electric Go-cart

This kart combines simplicity, quality, durability and speed. With a power of 800 watts and 48 volts, this electric go-kart can go as fast as 16 miles per hour. But, if you find it’s too fast, you can easily adjust the speed to 10 mph or 13 mph.

Since kids’ safety is the most important thing for parents, Tao Tao EK80 ensures their safety by being made of High-Tensile, high-quality Steel Frame for maximal strength and durability.

This kart is pretty compact with dimensions of 53 x 31 x 37 inches, and can be appropriate to a kid of maximum 80 pounds.


Low height, safe for kids

Easy operation

Made of high-quality materials.


It requires assembly.

Returns are not covered under warranty.

7. Razor Force Drifter Kart

Razor Force Drifter Kart

This kart has a very strong frame with forceful rear POM tires made of hard rubber to ensure durability. It is variable-speed, chain-driven motor runs at up to 12 miles per hour.

Runs for 40 minutes per charge; supports drivers up to 140 pounds

This amazing kart is beloved due to its race-tuned chassis and super-slick wheels allow for a serious drifting.


It has strong, rubber wheels

It’s easy to assemble

It has a strong construction


The batteries don’t last long

It should be kept indoors

It requires maintenance and needs occasional repairs if using it for a long time.

Where to buy

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FAQs: Kids Go Karts

1. What are the benefits of go karts for kids?

It turns out that there is more than one benefit of go karting for kids. First and foremost, this is an activity that almost every kid loves. They feel excited while driving and they have an opportunity to look like grownups.

Contrary to popular belief using a go kart even as a young kid is a safe activity. With a good go kart designed for kids, you can expect maximum safety. Although this is a primarily outdoor toy, some of them can be used indoors too.

According to many studies, go karting can help children master the skill of driving at a young age. On top of that, with the help of a good go kart, kids can improve their reflexes and hand-eye coordination which is very important at this age.

2. Do go karts have gear?

The answer to this question is simply NO. This makes sense especially when it comes to go karts for kids. Namely, if they have gear it could be quite difficult for kids to learn how to shift gears and drive. Of course, there is a chance that you can find some go karts with gears, but most of them don’t have gears. The main reason for that is simple – they don’t come with a differential.

There are many people who are wondering how drivers can take corners safely when there are no gears. Well, the best go karts have a design that allows them to take sharp turns with the help of the rear tires which are basically sliding when you use the steering wheel in the right way. So, a standard go kart for kids comes with two pedals and a small steering wheel.

3. Is it possible to use go karts for kids indoors?

Yes. As we have mentioned before, modern go karts for kids are designed in a way which allows users to use them on different terrains, weather conditions, and places. However, if you want to use them indoors, you have to make sure that they meet certain standards.

For instance, electric go karts for kids are an ideal solution for indoor activities. On the other hand, gas karts are usually created for outdoor activity. In addition, users should also check the specifications of the go kart especially the tires and the braking system.

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