Best Ingredients For Your Kid’s Daily Meal

Best ingredients for your kid's daily meal

Every mom will have to face the difficulty of designing their children’s meals which still needs to be healthy and full of nutrients at the same time. You can do some research online and find the healthiest food for your kids as well as the whole family. This action is not only good for kid’s health but also saves a lot of wasted money on outside food – which is not as safe as a homemade one.


According to researches, yogurt provides vitamin D, calcium, potassium that are important for your kid’s growth at a very young age. Your child’s bone will be healthier when they are fed with yogurt frequently. Also, yogurt is a more valuable source of nutrients than most kinds of milk. So if your kids are allergic to milk or milk ingredients then try to twitch to yogurt, it still gives the same effect, even better. Moreover, the older the child gets, the more fat under control should be in their diet too so as to help their development, the fart in yogurt are often recommended to be the ones that should be included in their daily diet. Compared to flavored yogurt and a plain one, the plain one is healthier for your child one cause it’s included less sugar than the flavored. Your child can consume 2 packs per day with the age of 1-3 years old. Suggested yogurt that is helpful for children is the Greek yogurt that is known as common and most salubrious yogurt among all on the market.

Greek Yogurt


Who does not love eggs? An adult can consume 3 eggs per day while kid can have 4 eggs per day. Disclaimer, children need protein, fat, vitamins A, D, E, B12, and choline for their healthy buildout, thus egg helps children to stay smart and strong. Again, an egg is a wholesome food and free of sugar, thus, eating egg helps decrease sugar in your kid’s menu and plentiful of subsistence. With egg, you can cook so many different ways that attract your children to consume it daily. Thus, egg also has the power of preventing egg allergy. Some kids are tent to be allergic to egg, to avoid this, make your kid eat eggs frequently can lower this disturbing predicament.



Avocado are rich in minerals, fats, and vitamins that support constant absorption. Nutrients in the fruit of avocado are powerful in settling stomach walls or acidity in kids. More, eating avocado helps to protect the liver such as jaundice and hepatitis. Adding fruit into your baby’s meal increase the change of healthy liver and make sure great health for them. As older we get, we more likely to care about antioxidants. This material is more likely to be found in avocado, not only kids need this kind of fruit to keep their body clean but us – adult also can have them so as to discount aging and keep looking young, fit. With avocado, you can make a smoothie for your angle, ice cream, or eat it raw with bread and egg in the morning, this makes everything taste good with effortless.


Sweet Potato

When you are late in the morning but still need to make sure your kid has a ‘full meal’, healthiest breakfast, then you can not miss out on sweet potato. Wash them, poke a hole on it and microwave for 3-5 minutes then your ‘fast, healthy, enjoyable’ meal is ready on the go. You do not need to add any seasoning on it cause the potato is already sweet itself and your children will be so pleased to have them. Sweet potato contains vitamin A, fiber, and potassium that helps with the blood pressure and a strong heart.

Sweet potato

Nuts & Seeds

At any age, we can not control how addicted junk food is. From a very young age, children are often given snacks as a treat when they have high marks or good behavior. Accidently, this habit contribute to harm their health. Next time, if you want to give a treat for your kids, then try to replace the usual snack by nuts and seeds. Nut and seed are much much more healthier and convenient. Including nut in their fodder as a decoration, so the food would look more enjoyable and colorful. Nuts and seeds are everywhere, looking for a truthful place and buy it with promotion codes for a better price.

Nuts and Seeds


Using berries to forces your children to eating healthier is another way too. Berries have so many colors and types such as blueberries, blackberries, and red berries. Researches show that berries can benefit from cancer-fighting. Specifically, when children eat berries at a very young age, they can protect the kid’s DNA from the start and help to slow down or even prevent cancer cells from growing that results in adult cancer when they grow up. And did you know that berries can help with brain and memory? Eating berries can help your kids remember things much longer and clearly, plus avoid cognitive decline. Be creative in cuisine berries in different ways like a smoothie, berries pie, jam,… Choose wisely the market to buy berries for your child using our coupon code provided.


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