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traveling with pets

Puppies are also considered a member of our family, so it is obvious among us that everyone wants to take the dog with them on family trips. In the United States, up to ten million pets are taken on trips with their owners each year.

Pet holiday programs are becoming more and more popular and planned. Some essential travel essentials also boost consumption, such as a pet travel backpack. A chain of hotels has also changed their minds, adding a number of rules to welcome travelers with pets. The American Automobile Association (AAA) has reported that more than 12,000 properties accept pets.

If you want to travel with your pet, you need to know certain rules if you want to save money and ensure your pet’s safety. The guide below will help you have an easy and safe journey with pets

Prepare before the trip

You should consult, research and thoroughly study the rules and policies related to pets, such as quarantine laws (meaning that you must have a veterinary certificate that your dog has been injected full precautions), or know ahead of time restrictions on transportation. Check back a second time to see if the hotel and other expected places of arrival will allow pets to come.

Take a visit to the vet

You may also consider taking your dog to a vet for implantation under the skin. This process does not cause any pain or harm to your dog. An implant under the skin carries all the information needed to identify the dog in case it is lost.

Book as soon as possible

In fact, there are many travel services that only allow a limited and limited number of pets per trip, so make sure you get your ticket as soon as possible so your pet can join you on the journey. In addition, early booking gives you time to find out the rules and regulations to better prepare for your trip.

Train them in advance

Before the trip, take the time to train your pet. If this is your first trip, it is very important to train them accustomed to traveling on the vehicle so that they will no longer be stressed or “shocked” and strange on the trip with you.

Prepare a travel kit

Delays and unexpected situations are too common when you travel, some first aid, a water bowl, a leash, and an extra plastic bag.

You should prepare your dog for the necessary travel supplies, from a dog sack to a life jacket, and even a food box. In addition, you need to pay attention to other items, such as reward food, for the dog to have a fun and comfortable journey, ensuring safety during the journey across cities or across countries.

Pack a favorite toy

During a trip, changing transportation can put stress on your pet, especially when they are not moving at home. Their favorite toys can give them comfort and provide a sense of familiarity that makes them more docile.

Proper feeding and resting schedules

Make sure your pet doesn’t get hungry during the trip, as they may not be able to sit still. so schedule feeding and bring the right food for your pet to accompany you and the trip will be easier

For example, you might want to feed your dog about four hours before going.

Be aware of the weather

Your pet’s health can be very easily affected by the weather when the temperature is too high or over cold. So before going to the place you are going to go learn about the weather there to carefully take measures to protect the health of your pet and help them adapt to the environment.

Useful resources when traveling with pets

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Traveling by car on the road

Although traveling by pet car will be less dangerous than flying, you should also note some of the following points:

  • Never leave your dog alone in a car. Dogs can be in danger or die if left alone in a vehicle, even in warm weather. On a clear day 78 ° F (~ 25.6 ° C), the temperature inside a car parked in the shade is 90 ° F (~ 32.2 ° C) and the temperature can be up to 160 ° F (~ 71.1 ° C) for a few minutes when the car is parked in direct sunlight. Your dog can get heatstroke in just 15 minutes.
  • To prevent motion sickness, feed your dog a few hours before departure. Do some exercises a few hours before your start so that your dog won’t get hot and thirsty in the car or be forced to hold off the toilet for hours while waiting for the next stop.
  • Do not let your dog sit in the pickup truck. When you make a sudden stop, your dog will immediately be thrown onto the road. Not to mention the heat radiating from the metal floor can cause puppy burns.
  • Bring water and ice in the car. Specialized food bowls are widely sold in supermarkets and online shops.
  • In the case of dog motion sickness, you should ask your veterinarian to prescribe medication for the dog. Or you can also give your dog ginger tablets, very effective, the drug is widely sold at food stores, health care for pets.
  • You should keep your dog in a stable or a dog with a dog restraint specifically designed for dogs, easy to find at pet stores.
  • Never leave car doors or windows open until the dog has not been secured. Countless puppies have been lost because they jumped out of a car when they reached the toll booth or stop.
  • Limit your dog to walk around.
  • Car sun visor should be used for side and rear windows.
  • Make sure the air conditioning system in the car is working well, and always open when running.
  • Do not let your dog put his head out the window. You can use a wire mesh, fitted snugly to the vehicle’s window. So still ensure the sight of the dog as well as avoid the wind, sand, dust flying into his eyes

Traveling by plane

We think flying is the fastest and least stressful means. But for puppies, the exact opposite. Your pet will have to be kept in a cage during the flight. You should only choose this vehicle when there is no other option. Because being in a cage is very dangerous for your dog, some cases can be fatal.

When taking a boat/boat

Don’t forget to wear a dog’s life jacket. Although our dog is an excellent swimmer, he can be exhausted and may drown. Life jackets are especially important for dogs that are prone to seizures/seizures or other health problems or if they are new to a boat/boat for the first time.

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