Difference Between Voucher and Coupon

Coupon – Voucher is a commonly used term today, especially when the benefit of online shopping is increasingly booming. To promote shopping behavior and increase customer loyalty, retailers often use discount cards (coupons) and promotional cards (vouchers) to stimulate consumption. However, a lot of people confuse them and often wonder if the coupons and vouchers are different? When are these two types of discounts used? The information from topcoupons.deals shared below will help you better understand this issue. Let’s find out right away.

What is a coupon?

what is coupon

Coupon is a form of ticket/voucher issued by the factory (for the goods they produce) and retailers to implement promotions, discounts.

Coupon issuance can be in many ways such as issuing directly from retailers or via email, magazines, newspapers, social networks, mobile messages, etc.

Coupon has many forms such as free shipping, discount, buy 1 get 1 free, free trial, coupon for first customers, special promotions on the occasion of the festival, grand opening …

Coupon has 2 forms:

Paper coupons: This type of coupon is used very popular today. It is used by units in offline transactions. When making a purchase, customers will include a discount plate for staff to update the offer.

Discount code: This form is applicable to many online purchases. E-commerce era to the throne with countless big men born. To attract customers, these units have continuously launched discount codes with characters on different occasions. Customers can use discount codes when shopping to enjoy the best deals. Access topcoupons.deals to dig out about this kind of code.

What is Voucher?


Voucher is a form of purchase with a voucher. Vouchers are similar to coupons and are used for discounts on purchases.

When customers use Voucher for a product and service, they receive the best quality product and service at a price equal to the value stated on the Voucher (usually 20% to 80% lower than the actual value of products and services).

Voucher is used to discount the purchase price according to the amount stated on the voucher. The voucher can be used according to the conditions stated on it, and no refund (if any) will be refunded.

Vouchers are hardly anywhere that can be exchanged for money but only for a money discount. Vouchers are often used in travel services. Companies often give customers to use specific services on a tour such as spa, gym, luxury restaurant, ….

Voucher can now be printed on paper or just letters, codes sent via email or shared on the Internet

Difference between Voucher and Coupon

In general, Voucher and Coupon are not too different and are used to discount the product. However, if you pay close attention, you can easily distinguish it. Here are the basic differences between the two.

For Voucher: customers will use when discount orders based on the amount of information on the code or coupon

For Coupon: customers will use when the order will be reduced based on the percentage printed on the coupon or information on the code.

Around the year 2011, e-commerce sites and many group purchasing models were launched one by one, creating a boom for Voucher / Coupon development. These are these units acting as intermediaries to help businesses supply, distribute goods and services to consumers.

How to use Voucher and Coupon when making a purchase.

Vouchers and coupons are becoming more and more popular and used by many businesses as well as customers. So, how to use these two “gifts” when buying goods?

How to use the Voucher when making a purchase.

Voucher usage is also quite diverse as each business will have different voucher management with different incentives and benefits to bring unique effects and this is definitely an indispensable tool in the battle of the customer marketing strategy of each business.

Varies with each business, the voucher usage is different. However, basically, using a Voucher is also very easy, when you just need to own them in hand to be able to receive “super big, super huge” gifts from businesses or manufacturers.

For paper vouchers, you only need to bring it to the location where the promotion is applied during the voucher period to redeem. When using a Voucher, you just need to give your Voucher to the staff and they will discount / gift as the information on your voucher. Don’t forget to check the gift information you received before you left!

How to use Coupon when making a purchase.

Whether using the Coupon different from the Voucher or not? Basically, both are gifts that businesses want to give to their loyal customers. Most coupons have expiry dates and you really need to pay attention to the expiry date so you don’t have to miss the chance to receive gifts from businesses!

Besides, usually, the supplier will also limit the Coupon at a certain time (1 day, a few days, on the anniversary …), or by the type of customer (new customers, old customers), or also by geography, …

Besides the expiry date, the content of a discount is also an issue that you should be concerned about when receiving a Coupon. On the Coupon, you will get full information on how much discount you want, or promotions, discounts on what products? Limit how many times a day, week, month, quarter and apply where. Make sure you check this information carefully!

Some issues to keep in mind when using Coupon

For Coupon offline, you need to bring it with you when shopping.

For online Coupon, copy the discount code and fill in the box containing the discount code when buying online.

Often vendors will ask if you have a coupon code/promo code to fill out. Now you only need to provide your code/promo code and you have received the offers already!

Hopefully, the information above has helped you better understand what different coupons and vouchers are. From there, if there is a need for saving shopping, please take advantage of these two forms of promotion to own the desired item at a super bargain price.

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