How Cryptocurrency Overtook Super Bowl LVI

Some people are calling Super Bowl LVI the Crypto Bowl. Ads related to cryptocurrency didn’t overwhelm the commercial breaks during the Super Bowl or exclude other advertisements. In fact, most of the adverts focused on the traditional aspect of movie trailers, cars, and alcohol.

Still, cryptocurrency made a splash on one of the most high-profile and most-watched advertising events in the year. It was a bid to win mainstream customers, especially young males, to embrace digital currency. Bitcoin Prime is a great platform that helps you automatically trade Bitcoin CFDs, taking a lot of the guesswork out of things.

Despite all the crypto hype, none of those commercials attempted to sell anything. They just pointed out the FOMO effect of spending money on Bitcoin.

Promotional Players

Many famous people were promoting crypto, such as LeBron James. James focused on, while Larry David compared passing up the moon landing, the wheel, and portable music to not getting into cryptocurrency.

In fact, eToro got into the mix by telling everyone that the crypto community was the newest wave for social investing. If you watched, you probably noticed the NFT drops from Budweiser’s Bud Light Next while Coinbase bounced QR codes offering free Bitcoin for anyone who signed up.

Though it lacked any celebrity cameos, the Coinbase ad was the most talked-about advertisement of the night! Overall, it was likely the biggest debut for crypto on a national front, surpassing the Matt Damon ads that haunted the entirety of the NFL’s regular season.

Effective Advertising?

Many of the Super Bowl ads were very effective, such as the Coinbase commercial. The company reported 20 million hits on the website in just one minute. In fact, it was enough traffic to crash the app for a while, and it was the most that it had ever had. The day following the Super Bowl, Coinbase appeared as the number-two most-downloaded app for iPhone.

The Blockchain Boon

Though this is all good for cryptocurrency and those who want to buy Bitcoin, some elements were left out of the commercials. They focused on exchanges and the basic ways to invest in cryptocurrency. This can be a good thing, especially if you’re into day-trading. Still, it was odd that no one had ads focused on NFT drops and the commemorative NFTs from the NFL.

In fact, these commercials weren’t there to promote practical ways to use cryptocurrency. You may remember that social media and user-generated content were the future of the Web 2.0 era. This seems to be the Web 3.0 time, but it might have been wise to focus on blockchain technology and how it could impact the internet in the future.

Yes, Super Bowl LVI was a huge public debut for the blockchain and cryptocurrency in general. However, it was short on pitches explaining what that technology can do and how it improves people’s daily lives. Instead, the big idea was celebrity-studded and flashy promos to find new buyers for the blockchain wheel.

The crypto players were only promoting the cryptocurrency idea, telling viewers that it’s time to buy into it. While they could get great deals (free deposits for signing up), it’s was primarily a FOMO situation. The fear of missing out indeed makes people do crazy things. However, that’s not the best way to market crypto to those who are already unsure of it as a whole.


If more people buy into cryptocurrency, it makes the price go up. That was the main goal of the Super Bowl LVI commercials. However, if Bitcoin is ever to be a mainstream success, rhetoric about how it’s the next wheel, moon landing, or smartphone just isn’t enough. It’s now about delivering on its promises, and that wasn’t conveyed during the commercials.

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