How Do Countries Around The World Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day originated in the United States, at the time was initiated by Anna Marie Jarvis in Grafton city, West Virginia state, to honor beloved mothers around the world.

According to the tradition of the United States and most countries in the world today, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. Some other countries also have a similar holiday but are celebrated on other days of the year. Let’s go with to find out what’s special about Mother’s Day celebrations around the world!

The United States

In 1914, a resolution passed by the United States Congress and signed by President Woodrow Wilson officially established Mother’s Day.

In this country, Mother’s Day spending is second only to Christmas holiday. According to the American Retail Federation’s estimation, the average person will spend about $139 on this day. Commonly bought gifts are flowers, chocolates, beauty spa vouchers or health gift vouchers for mom.


In the Philippines, the mother is honored and called “the light of the family”, directing all activities in the family. On this day, mothers can relax, go to the movies or the supermarket, or spend time alone while their children and husband will have to do all the housework.


Celebrated every year on August 12 to commemorate the birthday of the venerable Queen Sirikit, Mother’s Day in Thailand often features ceremonies and parades with dual meanings including tributes to Queen Sirikit and while honoring mothers.

On Mother’s Day in Thailand, people often buy their mothers jasmine wreaths, kneel their mothers, and hang portraits of Queen Sirikit. Many temples in Thailand also celebrate Mother’s Day so that children have the chance to show their love to their mothers.


Celebrated at the same time as the US, Canadians often take advantage of the beautiful weather around this time to take their mothers outdoors on Mother’s Day. Mothers in Canada are often treated to a warm party that they don’t have to go to the kitchen themself like other days. The remainers of the family do all the household chores that mothers usually do so that ”Mother” can completely relax and unwind on this special day.

In addition, Canadian children often wear carnations for their mothers to show respect on this holiday.


In 1950, Napoleon proclaimed the last Sunday of May as “Fete des Merses” as a day dedicated to honoring mothers. This holiday can also take place in early June depending on the time of Pentecost.

In France, Mother’s Day is an occasion to be grateful for Mother’s birth gratitude because France is one of the countries affected by population decline. France’s first Mother’s Day is celebrated in Lyon, where mothers of many children are awarded medals.

On this occasion, mothers in France will have a day of pampering and relaxation with gifts and hearty meals. On this day, the whole family gathers for dinner, and a special cake shaped like a flower bouquet will be made for the mother.

The United Kingdom

In the 16th century, Mother’s Day was recognized in England and was known as Mothering Sunday. The holiday is celebrated on the Sunday 40 days before Easter. On this day, people usually go to church together before coming back home. After the vigil in memory of the Virgin Mary, the children brought gifts and flowers to their mother. Roses, carnations and daisies are popular flowers for this occasion. Favorite food is Simnel macaroons.


In Mexico, Mother’s Day has a particularly lively atmosphere when the song Día de la Madre rings everywhere. Families also hire bands to come to their homes and mothers will participate in performing their favorite songs. Songs in praise of mothers like Amor de Madre are among the most loved songs of mothers in Mexico on this occasion. Breakfast Tamales Atole (a hot beverage made from corn) is also an indispensable part of the day for mothers in this country.


While relatively new to other countries, Mother’s Day is quite important in China, in keeping with the tradition of filial piety. On the 2nd Sunday of May, mothers are usually given carnations and the children buy gifts and organize a party for the whole family.


As a country with a unique and diverse festival culture, Hindus in India have long held a festival called Durga Puja to honor Goddess Durga, also known as “Divine Mother”. The holiday will last for 10 days, people participate in fasting, rituals and prayers besides singing, dancing and performing traditional plays.

Besides Durga Puja in October, many people in India also celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May with flowers and gifts for mothers like many other countries around the world.

Final Thought 

Each country will have its own culture and customs when celebrating Mother’s Day. However, all still have a common purpose of honoring and expressing gratitude to wonderful mothers.

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