How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Gift?

How much to spend on baby shower gift? Well, this is a common question of many people when invited to a baby shower. No worry! is here to help you.

In the following tutorial, we will show you how much to spend on baby shower gifts, what to spend, and give baby shower gift ideas that will fit your budget.

Now, let’s scroll down to read spending guides on how much to spend on a baby shower gift!

What is a Baby Shower?

What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby or the transformation of a woman into a mother. It’s also a way for family and friends to show emotional support for moms and prepare everything needed ahead of the birth.

A baby shower typically lasts about 2-3 hours. The host will prepare food, drinks, and games while guests will give small baby shower gifts to new parents when coming to this party. Typical baby shower gifts are baby clothes, diapers, blankets, baby bottles, toys, and anything related to babies. The expectant mother often opens the gift right at the party and plays interesting games during the party.

Who Should Attend the Baby Shower?

Baby Shower Ideas

The baby shower is all about the mom-to-be, so, relatives and friends are normally expected to attend the baby shower party. However, the host should ask the mom-to-be for a guest list of who she’d like to invite.

When to Have a Baby Shower?

Normally, a baby shower is held on 4-6 weeks before the baby’s due date. At this time,  the mom-to-be does not feel too run down or tired to socialize with guests. Besides, she can still shop for any remaining items she may need for the birth of a child.

Do You Have to Bring a Gift to a Baby Shower?

The answer is YES. When it comes to a baby shower, it’s a celebration of joy and excitement to welcome the arrival of a newborn baby. In fact, gift-giving is a great way to express this. Whether it is a cheap baby shower gift or an expensive baby shower gift, all make the mom-to-be happy and excited when received them at this event.

How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Gift?

How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Gift?

Wondering how much to spend on baby shower gift? What’s an appropriate amount to spend on a baby shower gift? This is a big question because it’s difficult to decide how much to spend on a baby shower gift. The important thing is that you always feel comfortable giving what you can afford without straining or having a debt.

Usually, the appropriate amount for spending on a baby shower is roughly $50–$200, but you can spend more if you afford it. Besides, depending on how much the new moms mean to you, you will have suitable spending.

Below, we have some spending guides on three common types of guests at baby showers party. Pick the one that relates to you to know how much to spend on baby shower gift.

Family Members and Best Friends

When you join a baby shower party of family members and best friends, the ideal baby shower gift is in the region of $90 – $150. Especially, if they are the first Mom-to-be or Dad-to-be and have a first child, giving them expensive gifts is fine. You might spend even more, up to $200. Baby shower gifts can be strollers, cribs, or useful things new parents need to buy.

Friends or Distant Relatives

For friends and relatives who are less close, a baby shower gift worth between $50 and $100 is appropriate. It’s a standard amount to spend on a baby shower gift. With this money, you can buy baby clothes, hats, blankets, diaper cream, and pacifiers. To make the gift more unique and creative, put them together in a gift basket. Don’t forget to put a gift card with meaningful wishes inside.

Coworker, Client, Employees

If you are invited by your co-worker, client, or employee to a baby shower, you don’t need to spend too much money on a shower gift. So how much to spend on baby shower gift?

Well, you should choose simple and small gifts that range from $25 to $100, even baby shower gifts under $25. In this case, some practical gifts under $50 you can give new parents are the White Hot Inflatable Swan Tub, Personalized newborn baby hat,  or Diapers. Besides, you should consider how much the new mums mean to you to give a suitable gift.

What Are The Best Baby Shower Gifts?

Best Baby Shower Gifts

If you have no idea what baby shower gifts to bring to the party, below are numerous baby shower gift ideas that you can refer to. These are useful and practical gifts that mum-to-be definitely need.


Diapers are one of the best baby shower gifts whether it’s the expecting parents’ third kid or first. Because this is a gift with high applicability, many people choose to buy it to give a baby shower.

Baby clothes

When you buy baby clothes as baby shower gifts, you need to choose clothes that are comfortable, soft, and organic because the skin of the baby is sensitive. Baby clothes made from cotton are a perfect choice. Some newborn clothing essentials to gift: bodysuits, one-pieces, t-shirts, gowns, socks,…You should choose to buy them from the best organic baby clothing brand to ensure get the highest quality items at a good price. Sometimes, these stores offer some free baby stuff, and you can get them.


Looking for unique baby shower gifts? A blanket is a good baby shower gift idea to buy. You can buy a blanket at a store or make a blanket as a DIY baby shower gift. Giving a DIY baby shower gift shows how much you care for the mum-to-be.


Toys are another best baby shower gift 2022 you can check out. It can also be the best baby shower gift for boys and girls. Toys can be cute animals, ballerinas, or a princess.

Parenting Books

This is a great baby shower gift for moms. Parenting is really an overwhelming experience but full of difficulties. So giving a useful book about parenting to mum-to-be will help mums have more knowledge and skills in raising a child.

Some best parenting books for new parents are The Confident Parent, The Newborn Sleep Book, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, How to be a Happier Parent, and more.


Hopefully, with the above information, we share, now you know how much to spend on baby shower gift as well as what is the best baby shower gifts to bring to the event. Just remember that when it comes to baby shower gifts, set your budget and make sure to bring useful things.

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