How should you store dry foods to prevent pest infestation?

If you don’t know how to store dry foods to prevent pest infestation, this article is just for you. In this post, will guide you through simple steps to keep your dried food from meal moths, weevils, flour beetles, and many other critters.

All of us are aware of the importance of keeping the food we eat safely. Though dry food is believed to last for a long time compared to other kinds of food. In fact, however, if you don’t know to preserve it, the food will also be easily put at risk.

Pest infesters not only eat almost all your food but also contains harmful bacteria like streptococcus or salmonella.

So why don’t you spend less than 3 minutes reading the entire article to know how to store dry foods properly?

Always check your food

check dried food

Make sure you take time to inspect your food regularly, not just when you need it because many dry goods we don’t use for a long time.

This inspection helps you have ways to preserve and use your dry food effectively to avoid waste or use it when it shows signs without knowing it.

Grasp where insect infestation comes from

Many of us often ignore this criterion but it is very important to know. Once you discover what determines the source (from stores you bought these food items or from where you are preserving it at your home.

Why do you need to do that? The reason is that this will help you define the solutions you’ll use in each specific situation.

Deal with the cupboard and containers where you put dry food in

There are many different ways to deal with beetles or weevils and protect your dry food safer. The first thing you must do is properly discard spoiled foods to ensure they are not a potential hazard to your home and other foods.

Take all containers and food from the storage and clean all containers again even if some of them haven’t had any pests inside.

Clean your storage area

clean your storage area of dry food

It is also essential for you to clean thoroughly the storage area to prevent potential infests that can harm your food. To wipe down the storage area, you should use vinegar, a towel dampened and water to disinfect in the right way. Using a vacuum cleaner is also recommended.

How to store flour

How to store flour

To preserve flour for a long time, you should store this kind of dry food in an airtight, moisture-proof, and secure lid.

Labeling on the container of flour will help you know the date of purchase and ingredients to use properly.

Put the container in the freezer. This way of preservation allows you to use flour for at least 2 years provided the temperature is set at about -17 degrees Celsius.

In case you do not store flour in the freezer, it will be necessary to store the flour in a dry and cool place and stay away from the food with strong odors like onions, chemicals, and so on. Stored in this way will help you use it for about 8 months.

How to store sugar properly

How to store sugar properly

You should find an airtight container that is moisture and odor-proof to store sugar and keep it from insects such as ants.

Remember to store the container in a dry and cool area and keep it away from foods with strong odors like storing other dry foods.

Sugar can be easily lumpy if you store it in the fridge or freezer.

5 Bonus tips to store dry foods to prevent pest infestation

store dry foods to prevent pest infestation

1. It’s better to store dry foods in small quantities

2. Place them in a place where there is ventilation instead of humid places

3. Store dry goods in the freezer overnight right when you bought them from the store.

4. Make sure that all containers to store food is clean and glass container is preferred to store dry food in the long term.

5. Bay leaves are believed to prevent pest infests from dry food. Try it out and share your experiences on them!

Final Thought

Above are several simple ways about storing dry food in an appropriate way. We believe that learning how to keep food from pest infestation will help you out in many tricky cases with dangerous critters.

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