How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance Plan

Your pet’s health and wellbeing is paramount. And you want to be confident that they are going to get all the care in the world to live a healthy and happy life with you. Plus, you also want reassurance that if something bad happens, your pet insurance provider will be there for you to look after you and ensure that they will support you through the entire process. As pet owners, we want nothing but the best for our pets. The best pet insurance coverage can help you save money on pet care costs and protect your pet.

Medical care for pets can get extremely expensive, so you will want to not only ensure that your pet insurance provider is compassionate and supportive, but also there to ease those financial burdens during times of stress.

With so many various providers out there, and each animal needing their own unique health care plan, there are multiple factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the best pet insurance plan.

From ensuring they will first and foremost accept coverage of your pet to understanding the finer print as to what specifics they will reimburse you for, we have rounded up the top factors to research and understand before committing to any premium payments.

And by taking the extra time to do this due diligence, you will be able to enjoy your time with your pet more, feel free of financial burdens with their pet health care and be the pet owner you have always dreamed of being.

Do They Let You Say ‘Yes’ Under Pressure?

One of the main reasons for having pet insurance is so that cost does not become a reason for delaying or avoiding medical care when your pet needs it most. You should never have to weigh those types of pros and cons, especially when your pet is truly priceless. So an important factor to consider is if the pet insurance plan you have selected empowers you to say ‘yes’ to any treatment your pet may need and know that you will get financial support from your provider.

Do They Cover Your Type of Pet?

Another important factor to consider upfront is if they actually cover your type of pet. Some providers do not cover specific breeds due to too many health complication risks. And other providers may reject a pet due to their age at the time of signing them up and the risks associated with that. But the best pet insurance plans will cover any and all pets. So you need to find the one that does not discriminate against your pet and accepts both them and you into their pet-loving community with open arms.

Do They Cover Wellness Check-Ups?

While having pet insurance for the tough times is important, having pet insurance for the good times is equally paramount in the long run of your pet’s health. You will want to make sure that you have the option on your pet insurance plan to select the ability to be covered for wellness check-ups and vaccinations. In the long run, this will have a huge impact on keeping your pet healthy and keeping medical expenses down overall, as you will be able to take a preventative approach.

Do They Let You Choose Your Veterinarian?

Your pet’s wellness journey is a personal one. This means they should have the freedom to get treated by a veterinarian that they are comfortable with and trust. And that goes for your relationship with them too. You will want to make sure that your pet insurance plan covers you the same, regardless of what veterinarian clinic you visit, and also give you the freedom to hop around as well.

Do They Reimburse You Quickly?

This is important because one of the main aspects of getting pet insurance is to not be burdened by the higher costs of medical bills. You will want to make sure that your pet insurance plan will reimburse you for up to 90% of the medical costs and that you can lodge your claims quickly. This means that you should never really have to front the heavy financial burden of medical care for your pet.

Do They Let You Bundle Plans?

If you have one pet, chances are you have multiple. Because once an animal lover, always an animal lover—right? So you will want to find a pet insurance provider that lets you bundle all your animals onto one plan, allowing the payments to be streamlined and the healthcare to be equal for all pets. With keeping these factors in mind, you will surely find the best pet insurance plan for you!

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