How To Connect Apple TV To Wifi Without Remote: 5 Fastest Ways To Do It

How to connect apple tv to wifi without remote

Surely in every family, there has been a time when the remote control of the beloved TV has been lost for very familiar reasons such as your children playing and leaving it somewhere, or the pets being moved to another place or worse is broken. For smart devices like Apple TV, the remote control is an extremely important part, if it is lost, it is extremely inconvenient for users. So how to connect apple tv to wifi without remote?

Everything has a solution, this too. Your Apple TV is a smart TV, so it always has different alternatives to being able to control Apple TV. Let’s join to discover how to connect Apple TV to Wifi without a remote below:

Use iPhone as a remote

Use iPhone as a remote

If you are an Apple fan, then surely you won’t miss the Iphone. Apple devices are a network operator so you can also use an Iphone to connect apple tv to wifi without remote control. If you can’t find the remote, follow these steps to control your Apple TV:

Step 1: First, enter your Apple account and then click Done.

Step 2: Now you will see a message appear that Home Sharing has been activated, then turn on Computers of Apple TV.

Step 3: On the Apple TV device, go to Menu => Computers => Turn on Home Sharing.

Step 4: The Home Sharing features on iPhone and Apple TV have been set up, go to Remote. At this point, start the application to have the interface appear and then touch Apple TV.

Step 5: Select Use Gestures to Control Apple TV.

Step 6: Click “Remote control features” – Apple TV remote to be completed.

Step 7: Tap Menu in the middle to turn on Apple TV and then hold down.

Use an Apple Alternative Remote

What do you do if your remote control is lost? If it’s not convenient to use smart mobile devices instead, use another Apple TV remote to replace your current Apple TV. So the first thing to do here is to unlink your remote from your old Apple TV by holding down the Menu button and the left arrow for six seconds. If the remote control icon appears on the TV screen to which your remote is paired, it has been unlinked.

To pair that remote with your existing Apple TV, press the Menu button and the right button for six seconds. The remote control icon that appears on your TV will indicate that the remote is paired. You can now use this remote to set up Wi-Fi by following the steps indicated in the instructions above.

Using a Bluetooth Keyboard

If your home has a Bluetooth keyboard, don’t forget to bring it out to replace your remote. Use it to connect Apple TV to wifi without remote by configuring your Apple Tv. Get an Iphone here to support Apple ID and WIFi configuration.

Keep your Bluetooth keyboard right next to it when you turn on your Apple TV for easy pairing.

When a code appears on the screen, enter it on the keyboard.

To control operations on Apple Tv, use the arrow keys to adjust the selected directions.

Rename your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and connect to a hotspot

Another great way to connect apple tv to wifi without remote is to rename your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to have the same name as your home Wifi network.

Because when you use this method, when you turn on the hotspot on your phone, your Apple TV will automatically connect to the hotspot, because it’s the same as your home network name. So how to rename your Apple device? Do the steps below:

Go to Settings

Then General

At the very top choose About

Select Name

Name your iPhone the exact same name as your home WiFi network and then hit Done

Use a standard TV remote to control Apple TV

This is the first method that many people think of if they want to connect apple tv to wifi without remote. So is it successful in the case of using standard controls? Let’s see how to do it below and follow along:

Prepare a standard TV remote control

Next is to connect an Ethernet cable to your Apple TV

Go to Settings > General > Remotes on the Apple TV using the Remote Feature on your iPhone’s Control Center.

Choose distance learning and take the basic steps to teach Apple TV your standard TV remote.

Then you have to disconnect the Ethernet cable and enable Wifi for your Apple TV via General -> Network -> Configure Wi-Fi using the standard TV remote.

After all of the above steps, the Apple Tv is connected to wifi, then you can use the standard TV remote to control the Apple TV.


You were very worried when you lost your Apple TV remote control because without it, it would be very inconvenient during use. However, there are quite a few ways to connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi without a Remote.

All of the above methods have been tested by and shown to be successful after each attempt. So you don’t need to worry that the information we provide is misleading. You just need to choose the methods you feel are most suitable and easiest to implement. Don’t forget to give us feedback when you’re done connecting your Apple TV to Wi-Fi without the Remote.

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