How To Find Slope On Google Sheets: Useful Knowledge For Office Workers

Google Sheets is commonly used to store, access, and organize information. But they can also be used for impressive calculations. Spreadsheet users always need to calculate the slope of a line relative to the data in their spreadsheet. If you are a new user or are new to using Microsoft Excel, it will be a bit difficult because Excel is inherently a difficult subject. So do you know how to find gradients on google sheets? To support users with useful information and knowledge, created this article to guide how to find slope on google sheets with just a few steps.

What is the slope on google sheets?

Slope is a concept in geometry that describes the direction and slope of a line on the Cartesian plane. One can imagine a straight line going from left to right but on a plane with positive slope; a straight line going down from left to right has a negative slope.

In the diagram below, the blue line has a positive slope, while the red line has a negative slope:

The blue line has a positive slope, while the red line has a negative slope

Why do you need to know how to find slope on google sheets?

“Slope” is the calculation of the slope of the road. The ascending line (lower left and higher right) will have a positive slope. The descending line (higher left and lower right) will have a negative slope.

The ability to evaluate and compare gradients can be crucial for everything from scientific reports to financial documents. Math solvers may also need to know how to find the slope of a line in Google Sheets

How to find slope on google sheets

How to find  slope on google sheets using a chart:

First, enter the data into Google Sheet to get the data to create a chart. Next create a chart in Google Sheet by selecting the data you want to convert to a chart and then clicking the “Chart” icon on the toolbar. Here there will be a lot of chart shapes for you to choose, depending on your needs, you will choose to choose different charts. Here, we will choose the scatter chart.

Create a chart in Google Sheet

This is a flexible and unstable chart because it is not in a row or a column and you can move it around just by clicking and dragging. So let’s set it explicitly:

Settings -> Chart Type -> Scatter Plot

Scatter Plot

This creates a scatterplot rather than a series of lines.

Customize -> Chain -> Trend Line

This creates a scatterplot rather than a series of lines

As shown in the current figure we can see the single trend consisting of a scatter chart. The data has become clearer than before

The next thing to do is to have a trend – this line to help us find the slope on Google Sheet

Now you need to subdivide the graphing calculator and determine the slope of the line. However on Google sheets there is already this same function for you.

First it is necessary to determine the equation that Google sheets used to generate this trend. You need to follow these steps:

Labels -> Use Equation

Google sheets used to generate this trend

We see that the equation 18.2 * x + 1870 is being used, it is important to note that we know that the slope is 18.2.

How to find slope on Google Sheets without a chart

There’s another great way to find slope on Google Sheets that you need to know. This way you can find the slope without a graph.

Way to find slope on Google Sheets

However, without the histogram, it can be a bit confusing to imagine the slope, especially when the data is different from my data. It is easy to see without a chart how difficult it is to follow the trending chart. So if you are not proficient in Excel, this method will be a bit confusing, we still recommend you to use method one to calculate the slope on Google Sheet.

How to Get Slope on Google Sheets – FAQ

1. Is R Squared the Slope?

If the correlation is linear, we will have the regression formula of the slope according to the equation: r*(SD of y)/(SD of x). The square of this correlation is the fit of the regression.

So it can be concluded that R is the slope, provided that the data creates a linear path. In Google sheets will do this calculation for you, so you won’t have to remember any formulas.

2. What is R2 Google Sheets?

Here R squared is shown as an indicator of how well the data fits the regression model. So R2 in Google sheet is the square of the correlation coefficient r

3. Is correlation same as slope?

They are so different that the steepness or slope of the line isn’t related to the correlation coefficient value. The correlation coefficient will tell you how closely your data is in one line, so two datasets with the same correlation coefficient but the slope are not necessarily the same.

4. What is slope in linear regression?

In a regression context, the slope is the heart and soul of the equation because it tells you how much you can expect Y to change as X increases.\r\n\r\nIn general, the units for slope are the units of the Y variable per unit of the X variable. It’s a ratio of change in Y per change in X.

5. What does intercept coefficient mean?

Here’s the definition: the intercept (often labeled the constant) is the expected mean value of Y when all X=0. Start with a regression equation with one predictor, X. If X sometimes equals 0, the intercept is simply the expected mean value of Y at that value.


Google Sheets is a great tool for everyone especially those who often work with numbers because it makes data analysis and charting easy. In this article, we have given you how to find slope on google sheets.

For using advanced techniques in Excel, specifically calculating the slope will help you to analyze the data quickly, to give a new direction. We hope that the information and guidance we provide above can be of help to you. Hope you are successful.

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