How to fix a relationship you ruined: Tips to have maintain a life-long relationship

Losing someone that you still love a lot is something heartening to overcome. No matter what reason makes both of you fall apart, you all need more time to rethink and leave each other space to think about their relationship. Some can rebuild a broken relationship but some cannot fix it for some reasons.

By the way, today in this post, we’ll discuss How to fix a relationship you ruined. We bet you can learn many things from this article to make all your relationship thrive further.

Why your relationship cannot be fixed

As we mentioned above, there is not always a fixable relationship after you are over it. At the beginning of this post, we’ll go into detail about the reasons why a relationship can not reconnect anymore.

You all no longer share common life values

no longer share common life values

No matter what relationship you’re in, an intimate one or close friends, your relationship will be vulnerable to on the verge of a breakup if you all cannot find a real connection between you and your partner. This is a hard barrier to overcome.

Knowing the reasons why you cannot reconnect with a broken relationship may help you partly to realize that is the point in a relationship. Hence, you will learn how to keep any relationship lifelong as well as how to rebuild that relationship if you still have a lot of affection for that person.


If you’re in a relationship where that person does not care about your feelings and their is their priority instead, it cannot be fixed anymore. Selfishness will be a bad sign in a relationship and it’s obviously unfair to the other.

A loss of trust

A loss of trust in a relationship

What makes the difference between a life-long relationship and a normal one is whether you can trust and confide in the other or not. But if your trust is broken, it’ll be something terrible for your relationship. The reason is that your reason lost the fundamental principle in a relationship.


When your relationship always comes out of argument and conflict no matter what the problems are, it is no longer normal. Anything that happens too much will be a bad sign to end up a relationship. If both of you cannot find sympathy, sharing, and a common voice in an argument, then surely that relationship cannot be amended.

How to repair a relationship you ruined

Let’s arrive at the major part of this article is how to fix a relationship you ruined!

Get to the main reasons for a broken relationship

Everything happens for a reason. Just keep in mind that if you truly want to fix a relationship you ruined, you have to get to the root of the problem in your relationship.

Dare to look at your broken relationship and realize where there is something wrong. Grasping what leads to ending up a relationship will help you find out what’s next to rebuild it in time if that relationship is still fixable.

If both of you can approach and come up with common solutions to fix your problems, it will be a good sign to repair them soon.

Have an honest conversation in person

honest conversation in person

The next step you need to do in a broken relationship is ask for a “date” with the other. You cannot fix anything if both of you do not have an honest conversation in person. A meeting means that you value that relationship and want to deal with all the problems with your partner.

Honesty is essential for both of you if you want to develop a life-long relationship. Remember that you know what to say in the meeting to focus on the main point that you’ve discovered in the first part (Get the root of a relationship).

Confession and apology


No matter what reasons for a broken relationship, one of the most important things you should learn to fix a relationship you ruined is a heartfelt apology.

Any conflict cannot be resolved with only an apology but at least it is a decisive condition to resolve it. The person in the relationship has to recognize his or her own fault and honestly admit it. Learning how to apologize sincerely is essential to avoid misunderstandings from the other person.

Changes to improve a broken relationship

improve a broken relationship

To be honest, creating a transformational relationship from a broken one comes from changes in both of you. After an honest conversation with the other to find out what’s the point in your relationship, you also need to come up with solutions for this.

A great effort to rebuild a relationship has to come from both you and your partner. A noticeable transformation will help your relationship out of danger and is the premise to turn it into normal as it was.


Last but not least, the most important to decide whether a fixable relationship can be a lifelong one is a commitment.

It is inevitable that arguments and conflicts can happen at any time and are completely normal stuff in our daily lives. However, if you continue repeating the troubles to push a relationship over the edge as it did in the past, you may lose that relationship again.

A commitment to change and not repeating past mistakes in a relationship is a sincere commitment with the hope of having a life-long relationship after all.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot of helpful lessons about how to fix a relationship you ruined. We believe that helping someone to deal with their crisis mode in a relationship is invaluable because that relationship itself is worthwhile for them. We don’t want all of you will not lose the person that you value while you can try harder to repair the relationship.

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