How To Get Baby To Sleep In Bassinet – Share tips and tricks from experts

Anyone who has been a parent will surely understand the feeling of helplessness when lulling a baby to sleep, but every time you put it in the bassinet, the baby will cry. You feel physically and emotionally exhausted every time. Usually children will prefer to be cuddled and held by their parents while sleeping because they will feel safe while sleeping. You may find this lovely at first, but after a long time this is a nightmare for you. Since you can’t always hold the baby in your arms, you have to spend a lot of time on other household chores.

How To Get a Baby To Sleep In a Bassinet: 11 Actionable Tips

If you are looking for methods on how to get baby to sleep in bassinet, this is the article for you. In this article we will give you great information, tips and tricks to help your baby sleep in bassinet, leaving you more time for other concerns.

Why is it so important to sleep in a baby’s bassinet?

Getting a baby to sleep in a bassinet brings many benefits to both the baby and the parents. This forms good habits for the baby from a young age. So let’s see why it’s so important for a baby to sleep in a bassinet:

– Give your baby a safe sleep. According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is recommended that the baby sleep on a flat surface such as a bassinet, crib, etc when the baby sleeps. Because when your baby sleeps like that, it will help limit the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,)

– Getting baby sleep in a bassinet helps children to increase their independence at a young age, children are more confident, and don’t rely too much on their parents to be able to sleep.

– Children sleep more easily: When sleeping with parents, children may form some bad habits on their own such as asking for food in the middle of the night, crying a lot, and therefore it is harder for children to fall asleep. Children who sleep with their parents are affected by their parents’ arguments or their parents’ late sleep habits will affect their children. If the baby sleeps on his own in the crib, the child will form good habits to help them fall asleep, sleep deeply and sleep on time will help the child form the biological clock from an early age

What causes the baby not to want to sleep in the bassinet?

Many children sleep when they get baby to sleep in bassinet, they cry. So what makes them not want to sleep in the crib? And how to get baby to sleep in bassinet? This is the question that pops up in the minds of parents when they can’t let their baby sleep in the bassinet.

– Parents feel worried when their baby cry

There is no parent who doesn’t love their child when it cries. Therefore, many parents have given up putting their baby to sleep in bassinet. Every time the baby cries, they rush to pick him up immediately to comfort the baby. Loving your child is not wrong, but loving the right way will help children have better habits and health.

So what you should do now is learn to observe your baby in the first months of life. And put the baby in bassinet to sleep, the baby will have a crying reaction, wanting you to hold the baby to sleep, but let the baby form the habit of sleeping in bassinet. You can still comfort and soothe your baby’s fears even in the crib with both actions and words. After a few times, it will gradually create a habit for the baby and he will not cry every time you put him in the crib anymore. Being able to put your baby to sleep in a crib is a battle.

– Habit 

Sleep is a habit that needs to be learned from a young age, after 2 months of age it will be more difficult to teach children because at that time the child has a habit from before. Many babies will fall asleep while their parents are nursing or babies with reflux will be held by their parents more than normal babies. In this case, the baby has formed the habit of falling asleep while the parent holds it. So create a habit of sleeping in the bassinet for your baby.

– Being Overtired 

Many parents confuse the child’s fatigue with hunger. So many times when the baby is nursing, he falls asleep, when you put him in the crib, he cries again. So if your baby is tired, this is not a good time to put him to sleep in the crib.

How to get baby to sleep in bassinet

To help parents put their baby to sleep in the bassinet easily. We’ve rounded up the best how to get baby to sleep in bassinet:

– Babies often have short naps during the day, so take advantage of this to help your baby get into the habit of sleeping in the bassinet. Put your baby down, make him comfortable and familiar by touching and speaking softly. Give your baby about 2-3 minutes to get used to the bassinet, if after a while the baby is still fussy, then pick them up and calm them, to avoid letting her aversion to the bassinet. Then calm your baby down and try again.

– Make your baby feel safe by wrapping a towel around her, or using pillows on either side of her. Because of this, you will help your baby stabilize, not be startled when sleeping.

– Lay your baby down awake. When you get baby to sleep in bassinet while still awake, it will teach him how to fall asleep without you holding him, he will self-soothe and sleep more deeply. So when you cuddle and rock your baby to sleep more easily, put your baby in the bassinet  when your baby has not fallen asleep.

– Don’t keep the bassinet near your bed. Sometimes if you are too close, your baby will see you and cry for you to hold. Move it a few feet away

– Engage children by reading stories or singing. This is the best way to help children develop intellectually and distract them the best. When you get baby to sleep in bassinet, the child will feel that baby are not holding him. Right now, read a story or sing to let him know that you are right next to him. The ideal way to help your baby learn the crib sleep routine is to put him in the crib while he’s awake.


Our baby needs to get enough sleep and sleep properly. So creating a habit of sleeping in a bassinet is a safe choice. Above are all the most effective how to get baby to sleep in bassinet. All of the above information has been tested by us through families with children, based on their experiences plus research by experts in child behavior. So you can safely apply them.

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