How To Have A Fun Back To School Day Party On A Small Budget?

‘Back to school’ days sound tiresome when you think about how they stand for your vacations getting over. But on the flip side, it also calls for some partying with your friends to give you the much-needed pep talk for facing the coming school days.

With, you can not only just plan parties, but you can do that while saving money!

What Is The Cheapest Food To Serve At A Party

What all you can do to save money

  •  Best out of waste

Who doesn’t appreciate art? And more so, if it is something that YOU made, entirely from scratch! You can put your craft skills to good use and indulge in cute artsy items to make up for your party decoration.

Instead of the fancy cutlery and crockery, you can buy cheap plastic cups and plates, and customize the former according to your guest list. This would not only add a personal touch to your party but would also add brownie points for creativity and uniqueness!

  •  Low-priced snacks

 Low-priced snacks

A ‘back to school’ party means you are or your child is probably in middle or high school. What this also means is the invitees would love to gorge on some wafers and junk snacks. After all, don’t we all?

You can go to your nearest departmental store and fill your shopping carts with chips, instant noodles, cold drinks, and the like. Who knows, you may also get some discounts for the bulk quantity you just purchased?

  •  Shop online

Shopping online has come about to be a boon for most people nowadays. Not only does it save a huge amount of time, but it also means huge deals. There is some or the other offer or sale going on the platforms more often than not.

But to make this happen, you must plan your party at least 2 weeks in advance. This is to allow at least 4-5 working days for the items to be delivered, while also leaving enough room for if some inconvenience were to arise.

Though, while shopping online, there is a whole other list of steps you must follow to make the most out of your experience. Online shopping websites usually follow a framework of dynamic pricing and keep a close track of the user’s cache history – which is why it is extremely important to catch these sites off guard and add up to your savings.

These steps range from clearing out your browsing and cache history before logging in on shopping websites, to canceling payments at the final stage to urge the store to extend discounts.

  •  Avail extra savings

This works as an extension to the previous point about online shopping. While you can follow the aforementioned steps and try to save more, what can ensure humungous savings are coupons!

You can finalize the items you want to buy, and which site you want to purchase them from, head over to and skim through a ton of coupons to find your best match. is a huge coupon database that provides coupons to customers for anything and everything. You just need to head over to their search section and type in your keywords to find the best deal. The keywords are usually your items’ names or the store name.

What is even better is you can pair the last two suggestions together and be an ace shopper who takes away all the deals! You can escape the vicious cycle of dynamic pricing, clear out your history, use a guest account to shop, and avail a coupon at the end. Think about how much you would save!

Why Shopping Online Is Better

school party pack ideas Online Shopping

During shopping in real-time, you have to rely on your relations with the shopkeeper and your communication skills to grant you a discount.

Nonetheless, even after this, haven’t we all caught ourselves worrying about what if we still paid more for this stuff? Worry not, in online shopping, since it eliminates having to personally interact with anyone, it presents to you, what it presents to everyone else.

You do not have to worry about getting duped online because there’s no way the vendor can let his inhibitions get in the way of conducting business.


Parties in TV shows and movies are overrated – you do not have to go all the way out on your expenses to throw a party! You can stick to budget-friendly items and still have a good time. Or even better, you can save up on your funds with by your side.

With, you do not just get mere coupon codes and avail deals that most people stay in the dark about, but can also get major over-the-top discounts on your purchases. assists you in saving money and allows you to do so in substantial amounts and ensure maximum profits.

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