How To Inspect Element On Iphone – Full Guide 2022

Have you ever tried inspecting element on iPhone device? Normally, most people will use a web browser to access the Internet, and as technology advances, every web browser comes with a set of tools for testing element functionality and alignment. This is the fastest way to solve web problems, especially with JavaScript, responsive web design and CSS. Testing elements on the web is relatively simple, but if you switch to using a mobile device – such as the iPhone, it will be quite difficult because of the developer tools feature (aka. is DevTools) not available in mobile browsers.

Currently, the market share of iOS accounts for 26.47% of the global mobile operating system market share, while Safari accounts for 18.43% of the global browser market share, so it can be seen that millions of people are looking forward to accessing websites and web applications through Safari browser on iPhone.

If you are looking to use the inspect element option when browsing the web on your iPhone, this post will help you figure out how to do it.

What is inspect element on Iphone?

Inspect element is considered a web page. You will test the entire image, video or text, everything displayed on the website.

Behind what you see it includes HTML, CSS, Flash, and JavaScript codes to make users compatible with these codes.

Most browsers now have an element inspection feature in their settings for developers. And the two most widely used browsers are Safari and Google Chrome browsers. Let’s also see how to inspect element on iphone.

How to inspect web element on iPhone in Safari?

As you know, the Iphone doesn’t have a feature to help you inspect elements in Safari browser alone. To overcome this, many means and tools were born to make it easier to inspect elements on Iphone. In this article, CouponXOO give you some methods on how to inspect elements on iPhone

 Using Safari on your Mac

You can use a macOS device in addition to your iPhone to check out websites directly from the Safari browser on iOS. Debugging a website is pretty straightforward, but resetting it can take quite a while. But there’s a workaround for everything, so we’ll walk you through the setup process that’s both easy and straightforward.

 Enable Web Inspector on iOS

To be able to inspect element on iphone. The first thing you have to do is enable the web inspector for the Safari app on iOS. So open the Settings app and select Safari.

 Enable Web Inspector on iOS

Inside Safari, scroll down and tap on ‘Advanced’.

Inside Safari, scroll down and tap on ‘Advanced’. 

On the next screen, press the “Web Inspector” switch until it turns green.

Step 2: Initial setup on Mac

Once you’ve successfully enabled the web inspector for Safari on iOS, set it up on your Mac. On Mac open the Safari app, click on the ‘Safari’ option from the Menu bar and select ‘Preferences’.

On Mac open the Safari app, click on the 'Safari' option from the Menu bar and select 'Preferences'.

In the window that appears, select the ‘Advanced’ tab from the top and check the ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’ box.

Show Develop menu in menu bar

Next look at the top of the screen, you will see Develop in the Menu bar

Develop in the Menu bar

Have you prepared a USB cable to connect your Iphone and Mac. If not, you will not be able to do the next steps.

Connect Iphone to your Mac and select the “Develop” menu bar name to check if Iphone appears in the device list or not. If yes, immediately click on the name in that section of the list.

click on the name in that section of the list

To make sure you can test the element on your iPhone without requiring a USB cable like the above method did, select “Connect via Network” when the iPhone menu opens.

Connect via Network

Now, even if you disconnect your iPhone from your Mac, you can still test web pages without a cable.

Inspect web pages from iOS on a Mac

Even after disconnecting the cable, your iPhone can still connect to the Mac to inspect the element on the Iphone on the safari app. However, you have to make sure your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same wireless network to keep the website from getting wireless errors.

Open the Safari app on your iPhone and go to the element you want to inspect.

Once your Iphone works and the website you want to test is open, switch to Mac and open Safari there. Then continue to select ‘Develop’ on the menu bar and go to Iphone.

select 'Develop' on the menu bar and go to Iphone

When you move your mouse over your iPhone, you’ll see a list of currently open websites on iOS. Go to the website you want to check from this list.

Go to the website you want to check from this list

You will then see a new window uploaded on your Mac showing all the information that can be checked from the selected website.

Checked from the selected website

During element inspection on Iphone you want to see what part of the page the line of code points to then search the blue area on your Iphone.

This blue area will indicate that the code you’re hovering over on your Mac is the code that generates this web-specific markup.

Moving between different lines of code, the blue markers are also different on the page on your Iphone at that moment.

Using iOS Shortcut App

Shortcuts is an application born to help users save time and effort in searching, the point seems to help developers adjust CSS on websites on Iphone with just a few taps and it’s done. Carefully read and follow the instructions for inspecting elements on web pages in Safari on iPhone using keyboard shortcuts.

– You must have a shortcut app first, so if you don’t have it installed go to the app store to download it.

 iOS Shortcut App

– Once it has finished downloading, open it and install the website edit list shortcut by tapping it.

– Next go to Sarafi and surf to the page you want to edit and open the Iphone control center to enable the shortcut for this page.

– Then, to run the shortcut, you need to tap the button in the bottom center of the iPhone screen on the same page and scroll the options to the right to search for the shortcut to press.

– Now go to the page details and click on the edit shortcut website.

– Return to the specific web page to see the shortcut icon you will see after allowing the access prompt

– This icon is a tool that allows you to check and edit words on your iPhone

Use other apps on the App store

If you have tried the two methods above to check the element on iPhone and you are still not satisfied, you can consider another way, such as using a third party. Like safari, you won’t be able to use a website inside popular browsers, you have to rely on another app to do the testing. Although these types of applications will be many, it is quite difficult to choose a good and suitable application. Because if the applications are good, you will have to pay high fees.

We have researched and reviewed the user experience to suggest you 2 good browser apps that are browser testing apps or Gear Browser apps, these 2 apps allow you to test and edit your software elements on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML


Above is information about how to inspect element on iphone compiled by and sent to readers. Hope this information is useful and easy to follow to make it easier for you to inspect elements on Iphone.

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