How to save money on pet care

Save money on pet care

Nowadays, we consider our pets our children, our friends. We spend tons of money to keep our pets satisfied and healthy to make the life expectancy of our pets last longer. Owning a pet is obviously a great experience but also an expensive one. Those furry little piles of love can cost you a lot of money. That’s why you need some tips to save money without compromising your pets’ joy.

Adopt instead of buying

Clearly the price you have to pay the breeder is much higher than the cost of adopting one from a shelter. You will save a lot of money on pet care by getting your pets from a shelter. Moreover, when you do that, you could also save a life.

According to researches, there are over 2 million shelter animals are euthanized in the U.S every year. That’s why you can easily get a pet there without having to pay anything.

Purchase smaller pets

If you still prefer buying pets, consider getting smaller ones as a way to save money on pet care. According to ASPCA data on pet care costs, a small dog will cost you $295 less per year than a large one ($580 vs. $875). That’s even less than the amount you spend on cats, mostly because of the cost of cat litter.

Obviously, you could consider even smaller ones. You will spend an average of $200 per year on a small bird, and just $35 on a fish. Keep in mind that first-year costs for all pets are substantially higher than the figures above because of one-time costs like spaying or neutering, and buying pet carriers and other equipment.

Join Pet Store Loyalty Clubs

Some pet care stores offer a gift certificate or promo if you spend a certain amount of money there. For example, you can get a Petco Pals Rewards card for $100 purchase. Most of the major pet supply retailers such as Honest Paws, Holistapet have the same program. Sign up for those stores if you like to shop in more than one place.

Look for coupons and discounts

You can get many special deals and coupons online for food, toys, grooming, household products, and many other pet supplies. Before purchasing anything, look for coupons and discounts on coupon sites such as .. The discounts will range from a percentage off to an actual amount off when you spend a certain amount of money.

Don’t worry if you think you don’t have enough time to look for coupons because you can find coupons easily here. You just need to search on for your product name + coupon. For example, you can search for a coupon code for food by typing: “pet food coupon“. Your search results in a variety of coupon choices for this exact product.

Consider pet insurance or wellness plans

People have many different opinions about whether or not you should have pet insurance. Before deciding to get pet insurance, you should think about many things such as: what pet you own, what problems it has, its current health, etc. However, picking up the right insurance policy could help save money. Especially if you own a pet whose tendency is getting his nose into trouble.

No one can tell exactly what will happen in the future, so you will have to do your best at choosing the right plan for your pet. Start by cutting off the plans that will definitely not work for you because they don’t meet either your pet’s demands or simply your budget. Then ask questions. The more questions you ask the insurer, the more you will find out what you really want and need. Moreover, getting your pet insurance while he’s still young will keep his insurance premium low.

Buy in bulk and split the cost with a friend

One of the best ways to save money when buying stuff for your pets is to buy in bulk. When you buy in large quantities, the price will be much lower. The only problem is that it may be just too much for your pets and it may expire. That’s why you should share the food and cost with a friend who has a pet too. This way you can save money and food stays fresher than if you buy it in large quantities all for your pet.

Pet care

Feed Your Pets Some Human Food

There are a lot of human foods your pet can enjoy too, such as baked carrots, steamed broccoli, and boiled eggs. And the best thing is that they cost less than pet food (at least the food we buy). Moreover, they are all safe and healthy for your pets to eat, according to Animal Planet. You can check out WebMD to get a list of people foods your dog can eat. You just need to cook for yourself a little more so that your pets can enjoy with you.

Store Pet Food Properly

Don’t you recognize that your pet refuse their food if it’s too old – and then you have to throw it away? Even if you just put food into their dishes and the remainder sits there through one night, they won’t eat it.

Before buying any pet food, remember to check the expiration date. When you feed your pet, dole the food out a little at a time, and store it the right way to keep it fresh. You should use up all your pet food months before the expiration date. You can preserve it by tightly wrap in the refrigerator. Your pets like the food better this way and you will save money not having to throw it away when your pet refuses to eat.

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