How to Screenshot on Galaxy A32? Take Screenshots Easily and Quickly!

If you are searching for “How to screenshot on Galaxy A32“, then you have come to the right place. In the article below, shares some easy ways to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A32 and A32 5G. With our tutorial, you will be able to easily take screenshots in your Samsung Galaxy A32.

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How to screenshot on Galaxy A32? Easy ways to know!

When using a Samsung phone, sometimes you come across important information and want to take a screenshot to save or share with others. In fact, taking screenshots is a very important feature that Galaxy A32 and A32 5g have. And learn how to take a screenshot is a simple task.

If you have just gotten a new Samsung Galaxy A32 and wondering how to take a screenshot on Galaxy A32, go ahead to read the guide below. Please consult and choose the most convenient way for you.

1. How to screenshot on Galaxy A32? Use key combination: Power button and Volume Down button

press, and hold the power button and volume down button at the same time to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A32

Using key combinations is the first way to take a screenshot on your Galaxy A32. This is the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to take screenshots on Samsung phones, and also the traditional method that most Samsung users use. You should prioritize using this method to quickly capture the phone screen.

First, you need to open the screen that you’d like to screenshot. Next, press, and hold the Power button and Volume down button at the same time. If you take a screenshot successfully, you will hear a shutter sound. Or the screen will flash to indicate that the screenshot has been taken successfully. Finally, the screenshot will automatically save to the Gallery in the Screenshots section. You go to the gallery and can edit or crop this picture.

2. How to screenshot on Galaxy A32? Palm swipe to capture

Palm Swipe to Capture to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A32 

This is the second method to take screenshots on Samsung A32 you should know. Let’s follow the steps below.

Step 1: You need to enable the palm swipe feature to capture the screen on your phone.

Go to Settings -> Advanced Features -> Motions and Gestures

Step 2: Tap to Turn on the Palm Swipe to Capture.

Now you can take a screenshot by using the “Palm Swipe to Capture” feature.

To take a screenshot, you have to put the whole edge of your hand on the screen (the little finger and the side of the hand adjacent to the little finger must touch the screen) and then swipe the edge of the hand on the screen you want to capture.

3. How to screenshot on Galaxy A32? Use Assistant menu

Try Assistant Menu to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A32.

You can also try Assistant Menu to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A32.

First of all, you need to activate Assistant Menu.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Interaction and dexterity

Step 2: Turn on the Assistant menu feature.

Then, to take a screenshot with the Assistant menu, do the following: Open the screen you want to capture > Click the virtual Home key > Tap on Screenshots. The screen will flash white if you take a screenshot.

4. Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A32 by using Bixby Voice

Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A32 by Using Bixby Voice

If your phone has Bixby built-in, open the Bixby app, then tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, go to Settings > Enable Bixby Voice.

Instructions on how to take a screenshot with Bixby Voice:

Step 1: After successfully activating Bixby Voice, to take a screenshot, you need to say “Hi Bixby” to call the virtual assistant Bixby.

Step 2: Say “Take a screenshot” so that the virtual assistant Bixby takes a screenshot of itself and saves it to the Photo Library.

5. How to screenshot on Galaxy A32? Try Google Assistant

Try Google Assistant to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A32

Most Samsung smartphones come with Google Assistant service.

Here is the tutorial for taking screenshots with Google Assistant:

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button on your phone’s screen to turn on the Google assistant.

Step 2: Say “Take a screenshot“, and the Google Assistant virtual takes a screenshot of the screen itself. After taking the photo, Google Assistant will ask you to choose a location to save the photo. Just say the location and Google Assistant save it.

6. How to screenshot on Galaxy A32? Scroll capture

Scroll Capture on Samsung Galaxy A32

Scroll capture is an advanced screen capture feature. Note that this method only applies to Samsung phones running the Android operating system with version 9 or higher.

Normally, if you take a screenshot, you will only capture the part of the screen that is displayed on the phone. The scrolling capture feature allows you to flexibly snap and slide the screen, so you’ll capture the entire displayed image.

Quick guide: 

Step 1:  Use the Power button and the Volume down button to take a screenshot.

Step 2: The newly captured image will appear in the Bubble icon in the left corner of the screen. Tap on the icon Two down arrows to proceed with the scroll capture.


To sum up, the above are 6 easy ways to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A32. Hopefully, through our detailed guides, you now learn how to screenshot on Galaxy A32. And if you have other ways to take a screen capture on Samsung A32, let us know.

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