How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post – Uncover The Best Tricks

Instagram is one of the most commonly used social platforms today with nearly 1 billion monthly users. Every day, millions of users send a mass of photos, videos, and messages to this app from a remote phone or tablet. When you post a picture, your followers will see those photos if you set it to public and vice versa you will also see pictures of the people you follow. So have you ever wondered who has saved your pictures yet? Surely you’ve had such curious thoughts before you searched for this article, right?

If all these questions are bouncing around in your head, then this article is made for you. You’ll get answers to all your questions about how to see who saved your Instagram post. So let’s get started.

How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

May I see who saves my Instagram post?

This is a very common question when people use the app not only for Instagram but also for Facebook or Twitter… When you post a photo in public mode others can save your instagram post any time. There must be no shortage of times when you see a certain image or video appear on your News feed and feel it’s good and impressive, so you want to save it so you can watch it later without fear of not finding it on your news feed again. It’s a function that can certainly be of great help to the social network and is used by many people in their accounts.

 In addition to the usual way of saving photos, users can also take screenshots of posts that anyone saved your instagram post. Or now there are many applications that support saving Instagram posts on phones, tablets or PCs. This is How to save your Instagram posts that you won’t be able to see. Because Instagram won’t tell you that. This is both a favorite point and an annoying point for users, depending on the user’s usage situation.

So to answer the question, how do I see who saved my Instagram posts? The answer is that it is very difficult to know who has saved your Instagram post. Because Instagram’s function is for user privacy, people who save photos from a personal account will not provide saver information to you. However, in certain cases or situations, you can still do it partially. Let’s scroll down to not miss any useful information.

How to save Instagram posts

You often come across interesting images or videos that you want to add to your collection. So do you know how to save a post? Follow along and follow the steps below:

1. You can check the bookmark icon at the bottom right of each story post in Instagram

2. Tap the bookmark icon, then you can view this saved post from the private section of your profile

Save post to gallery

1. Touch and hold the bookmark icon on each post for a second.

2. A pop-up window will appear. You can create a new collection or select an existing collection.

How to view saved posts on Instagram?

1. Open the Instagram app.

2. Click the horizontal three-line Menu icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3. A drop-down menu will appear.

4. Click saved.

How to know who saved your posts on Instagram?

The most likely way to find out who saved your instagram post is to switch to a business account. Instagram has its own policies for business accounts, typically data for business accounts about its followers. A variety of statistics and information about your followers are presented (disaggregated by gender or region of residence and age…). So any actions taken by others on your business account, such as saving a post, will be known to the business. Therefore, if you change your account from a normal account to a business account, you will be able to see who saved your Instagram photos. The difference between a personal account and a business account is that you will have to pay a fee for your own visual content.

How to Save Posts and Manage Your Collection on Instagram

So do you know how to switch from a personal account to a business account?

1. Open Instagram on your phone.

2. Click on your profile picture.

3. Click the three horizontal stripes at the top right of the screen.

4. Go to Settings.

5. Log in to your account.

6. Lower to the bottom.

7. Tap Switch to pro account.

8. Follow the steps on the screen.

9. Click Accept to have your pro account

After performing the above steps, your account has been switched to business mode. Thanks to your corporate account, you can see who saved your instagram post, as well as what’s happening in your account. Here you also know who has saved your Instagram posts every time you post something. These are also statistics that help you know which photos and products are of interest to many people. This is probably the only way you know someone saved your post on Instagram.

Don’t lose money with scam apps

When you search for ways to know who saved your post there will probably come up with information, but the invitation is not true. There are many objects that promise to help you see who has saved your posts and ask you for personal information in order to get your personal data or worse, to hack your account on social Network. Or there are apps touted with promises to give you information if you download the app, using a fee to view. These are tricks that many people have been involved in, it is really dangerous for users. So be alert and watch out for all the scams. Do not provide personal information to anyone. Currently, the only way you can see someone save your posts on Instagram is to switch from a personal account to a business account.


Above is all the information for the question how to see who saved your instagram post. Follow the instructions above and let know the results. In the process, if you have suggestions, or interesting findings, don’t forget to leave a comment for us.

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