How to store grapes in fridge: Proven tips to keep grapes stay fresh for longer

Should you be a big fan of grapes, this article is written for you. In fact, grapes are known as a kind of berries that have a short shelf-life. So they will easily get moldy or shrivel up if you do not know how to store grapes in the fridge. This will be your very concern if you usually eat grapes

Grasping your worries, today, in this article, we will guide you on the proper ways to store grapes and deal with them from the supermarket.

Why should we keep grapes in the fridge?

How to store grapes in fridge

There is no doubt to say that refrigerator is the safest destination to keep fruits and food longer than they do. The ideal condition to store grapes in fridge will be around 30-32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep in mind that grapes should be placed in the back drawer of the refrigerator because it is the coldest area in the fridge. It’ll be better to freeze grapes if you consider using them for a long time. It is important to note that grapes are easily to absorb odors. So make sure that you do not place any smelly foods near grapes to enjoy fresh grapes like grapes just picked from the tree.

It will rely on the ways to store grapes to decide how long grapes can last. However, if you store grapes properly, they can last up to three weeks. In contrast, grapes will spoil quickly if they are placed outside at room temperature.

Should I wash grapes before storing them in fridge?

wash grapes before serving

The answer is no. If you want to store grapes, you should keep them unwashed. The reason is that this will speed up the decay process of grapes attributable to extra moisture from rinsing.

All you need is just rinse grapes right when you want to enjoy them.

Proper ways to store grapes in fridge

ways to store grapes in fridge

Here are proper ways to store grapes in fridge that we highly recommend to keep their original taste:

Fresh grapes are preferred to buy: This is the most important step to decide whether you can store grapes longer and fresher.

Place in the coldest area of the fridge: It’s better to store grapes in a cold place rather than at room temperature. We highly recommend you put grapes in the back of the fridge or in a crisper drawer with a high humidity level. There is an interesting hack that you should place grapes in a freezer at 32 degrees Fahrenheit to store them for longer.

Pick a perfect container: This is also a deciding element to store grapes in fridge for longer. You should store them in an airtight container or plastic bag because they cannot stay fresh. Instead, you should keep grapes in their original and ventilate packaging with space direct airflow and grapes.

In addition, grapes are vulnerable to spoiling if they are not stored in proper air circulation. Your grapes will dry out quickly if you place them near the vent of a fridge or freezer.

Store grapes unwashed: As we mentioned above, leave grapes unwashed until you want to eat them. If you choose to place them in a freezer, you can defrost them at room temperature before rinsing and use paper towels to dry them before serving.

How to store grapes without fridge

how to store grapes without fridge

You can completely keep grapes and stay fresh for a few days without fridge if you know how to do it properly.

Store grapes at room temperature: If you want to enjoy grapes on the same day, you can place them in a container without covering and wash them before serving. However, you cannot use this way to store them for longer because grapes become rotten fast without storing them in a freezer or fridge.

Use ice: This is a great idea to store grapes without fridge. In this way, you’ll need a mini freezer with ice in an airtight box or container. As a result, you can keep the grapes fresh for several days.

After all, we also suggest you store grapes in fridge because it is the best way to keep them fresh for longer and reduce the risk of becoming inedible. In case your fridge doesn’t have any space to store grapes, you can consider these tips above to keep them for a few days or share them with your friends and your family.

How do I know spoiled grapes?

how to know spoiled grapes

As a kind of berries, grapes are easy to turn rotten or inedible if they last for a long time inappropriately. Here are several tips to help you identify whether your grapes are spoiled or not:

Appearance: If grapes have some changes in their colors outside, it may be a caution sign for you.

Smell: Grapes can cause a strong odor due to their acidic vinegar when they become rotten.

Freshness: If you don’t know whether grapes are fresh or not, just touch them. Fresh grapes are firm to touch. In contrast, if they become soft, it means that they are nearly inedible.


By following our tips above, we believe that you can enjoy your grapes for weeks without going to a grocery store to buy the freshest grapes. Do you find this article helpful? Let us know what you learned from this post? If you find it helpful, share it with your friends and let us know!

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