How to turn off alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone: Quick steps to manage time

Apple Watch is an extremely familiar device and an inseparable object for many people. It brings a lot of benefits to users such as seeing the exact time, the ability to listen to calls without being dependent on the iPhone, the ability to listen to music online, use OTT messaging applications independently, set up calls. SOS, etc. One of the essential and popular features of this smartwatch is setting alarms, so you can follow the schedules you’ve set for yourself.

As for setting alarms, you can do it through the app on your iPhone or right on the screen of your Apple Watch. However, how to do the opposite, or in other words, how to turn off alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone? Will the method be the same as how we set an alarm? This article will learn more about this question.

A little about Apple Watch


Apple Watch is a smartwatch that was first released on September 9, 2014, with three different collections: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. Users will be able to track sports and health-related functions with Apple Watch, which will be interoperable with iOS and other Apple devices and services.

The Apple Watch features a monolithic Unibody design that is constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, or 18K gold according to the model, but it has a distinct and remarkable elegance in general. The watch’s face is rounded and rectangular in shape, and the sapphire glass increases the watch’s excellent impact and scratch resistance. Furthermore, Apple Watch provides customers with a variety of options, including two watch face sizes, 38mm and 42mm, as well as six different strap options.

Modern technology

On Apple Watch, some technology applications are used, such as:

Digital Crown: This is a circular control knob on the clock’s edge that functions similarly to Trackwell on an iPod, with an unlimited rotation feature to help switch content, and zoom in or out as desired.

Force Touch: This is a force-sensitive mechanism that allows the Apple Watch to recognize a variety of press kinds, including light, hard and double presses.

The Taptic Engine is a feedback vibration device that vibrates to alert users to fresh notifications.

MagSafe is a magnet-based wireless charging system.

Most prominent are the features shown on this extremely hot watch line, which can be mentioned as:

Users can receive and respond to instant messages directly from their Apple Watch. It also has a feature that records your words, which makes texting faster.

Without the need for speakerphone or microphone, you can receive and answer calls fast and easily.

Digital Touch is a brand-new model of communication that allows users to sketch any shape on the Apple Watch screen and share it with other Apple Watch owners.

Users can listen to music on Apple Watch by heading to the Music app or directing Siri to search for it.

Apple Watch may also help you establish a health regimen that includes sleep, heart rate, running, and other activities to help you stay on top of your situation.

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How to turn off alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone with simple steps

How to turn off the alarm on Apple Watch by clearing the alarm on iPhone

When you use Apple Watch, your phone must have the Apple Watch app installed to control this smartwatch. Therefore, it is very easy for you to use this app to perform the commands you want.

On your iPhone, in the Apple Watch app, you access My Watch (tab) > choose “Clock” > turn off “Push Alerts” from iPhone.

Other operations for turning off the alarm on Apple Watch

Set up Apple Watch as a bedside clock to turn it off directly on Apple Watch

On your Apple Watch > open the Settings app.

Turn on Nightstand Mode by going to General > Nightstand Mode.

The charging status, current date and time, and the time of any alarms you’ve set are all displayed when you connect your Apple Watch to the charger with nightstand mode turned on. Tap the screen or flick your Apple Watch to view the time. Even striking the tabletop or repositioning it can assist.

If you use the Alarms app to set an alarm, your Apple Watch will gently wake you up with its own alarm sound in bedside mode.

When the alarm sounds, use the side button to silence it or the Digital Crown to snooze for another 9 minutes.

Ignore the alarm clock

If your sleep schedule includes a wake-up alert, you can ignore it for that night only.

On your Apple Watch > open the Alarms app.

The alarm that displays underneath Sleep | Wake up should be tapped, then Skip Tonight should be tapped.

Turn the Snooze mode

Follow these instructions if you don’t want to allow snooze:

On your Apple Watch > open the Alarms app.

Snooze will be turned off by tapping the alarm in the list of alarms.

Clear alarm on Apple Watch

With just a few taps on your watch, the alarm milestones won’t bother you too much and be cut off quickly in 3 steps:

Open the Alarms app on your Apple Watch > Tap the alarm in the list > Scroll to the bottom, then tap Delete.


Apple Watch is a crucial thing for technology followers and people who want to manage their time intelligently. There are a lot of cool and modern features that revolve around this watch and you should know how to use them properly. Through this blog, you have learned more about how to turn off alarm on Apple Watch from iPhone and easily handle it with some steps.

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