Indispensable Items For Travelling

What items should we take with when travelling? This must be the common question of many people who intend to travel. In this post, we will make a list of all indispensable items for travelling in order to make sure you have a perfect trip.


That whether your journey is complete depends much on the luggage you carry. In order not to miss needed things for a long-distance trip and to have a saving travel without unnecessary things, you can refer to the following suggestions.

Cash and identification


It can be considered that cash and identification are the most important items when you travel.

You should make sure that you don’t forget your wallet before departure. In the case of travelling abroad, you should change money in advance to avoid embarrassment when needed. Normally, currency exchange services are often offered at the airports, but the exchange rate here is usually not as high as that of banks. In addition to cash, you also should remember to take your credit card with you in case you run out of cash.

Also, identification is indispensable when travelling because you will need to check in at the airport, rent a car or travel on the road. Necessary papers should include ID card, driving license, passport… That saving the contact information of the tour guide or tour organizer is also essential. Additionally, you should find out in advance the information about your country’s embassy in foreign countries for easy contact when you need assistance.

Note: You should save some phone numbers of relatives and friends in the notebook for easy contact when losing the phone. When traveling abroad, passport are the items that is impossible to be lost. So, you should keep them in a separate and easily control place.

Technological items


For photography enthusiasts, technological items are unforgettable. Mobile phone, camera, backup battery charger and wireless wifi are ideally things suggested. Specifically,

Mobile phone: It is not only used for the contacting purpose but also needed in noting address, looking up map, and searching…

Camera: Don’t forget it because it will help you take the best photos and save all great moments.

Backup battery charger: In order to ensure that your electronics do not run out of battery.

Wireless wifi: The most convenient item to take with if you want to post your moment of the trip to social networking without interruption. You can refer to the product of Tep Wireless. I often choose their products for long-distance trip or when travelling to countries with poor internet connection.

Note: You should keep technology items in a waterproof bag to ensure safety for them.

Apparel and accessories


Traveling is also an opportunity to dress up in beautiful clothes instead of the usual office clothes, so they are also very important. In particular, with impressive clothes, you will look great when taking pictures.

Clothing: Long pants, short pants, skirts, long dresses, T-shirts, underwear, sleepwear and warm clothes if you go into countríe with cold weather. If you travel long, you should consider to bring enough clothes for the whole journey.

Accessories: Hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, masks, gloves, scarves, sports shoes, sandals, socks and so on.

Additionally, personal belongings such as toothbrushes, lotions, cleansers, razors…should be on the list.

Medicine and medical equipment

Medicine and medical equipment indispensable for-travelling

You should ensure to carry a personal medicine bag with you on long trips to prevent unexpected accidents. In addition, that moving between areas with different weather conditions will sometimes make you tired or have a cold, then you can easily manage.

Tissue and towels


Always have a tissue or handkerchief ready to clean your hands… especially when going with children. Besides, a towel will certainly work in times of difficulty.



Most trips require a lot of walking, so you need to bring appropriate footwear. It is better to choose shoes, sandals with soft soles to be more convenient when moving. If you travel the ocean, remember to bring a pair of rubber sandals to waterproof, limit wearing leather shoes.

Suitcases, bags


When arranging things, you should not scram too much of belongings into suitcases or bags and should only pack about 2/3 of the suitcase volume because during the course of travel, you will definitely buy a few souvenirs from your destination. You should also bring a slim handbag that can be folded to store items purchased while traveling.

Additionally, you should make sure that your suitcase contains small used plastic bags ready for storing trash…


Besides the above items, there are also a few other things to bring when traveling for a more complete journey:

Books for entertainment

Note pad and pen


A small knife to peel fruit



Sewing bags, buttons, …

The most important thing is that you should write down the necessary items for travelling as well as learn that whether there is any bad weather problem or epidemic there or not. It is always encouraged to consider carefully that what you should prepare to travel during the time of epidemic or bad weather. Thus, when preparing the belongings, nothing will be forgotten. Wish you have trips equipped with all the needed items and free to enjoy the exciting experience!

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