Online Food Delivery Stores That Provide Contactless Delivery

The online food market can be termed as an organized food market in India. It has a total worth of around 3 lakh crore. While delivery market estimates are about 1 lakh crore, these online food delivery stores are in need. People who live outside their homes like students and corporate workers need such services very much. Most companies follow the app model to book food and track delivery. Various companies like Zomato, Foodpanda, Faasos, and many others are some examples. Now due to the coronavirus pandemic, customers are dubious about the safety of food. The concern is if someone is infected, who will be responsible? Many food delivery companies claim for contactless delivery with proper safety measures to ensure safe practice.

Stores That Provide Contactless Delivery

List of Top Food Delivery Companies that offer Contactless Delivery:

1. Swiggy

It is one of the largest platforms that offer online food delivery. They offer almost all types of food to their customers. You can use their premium services to avail of some more offers. In today’s scenario, because of Coronavirus, the businesses are slowing down. But they started their service in most cities and claims to offer safe and contactless delivery. They are offering contactless delivery to their prepaid users, not for cash on delivery. The delivery man leaves the food at your door and calls you for pickup.

2. Zomato

Zomato is a renowned name in the food industry of India. It is an Indian food delivery business. They have millions of registered restaurants. You can have a wide variety of food at your doorstep. Also, many grocery stores, like Grofers, offer online delivery of items using Zomato. The company has also asked restaurants to maintain proper hygiene as mandated by WHO. The delivery partners are also asked for self-declaration on their hygiene. The company also urges its users to pay using online methods. They also follow the same process as Swiggy for contactless delivery. The delivery boy leaves your food at your door. It will ensure to avoid human-to-human contact.

3. Faasos

It is also a food-on-demand company in India. They also claim and ensure for contactless delivery of food. It is also one of the largest platforms for food delivery. The company claims that they have medically certified kitchen staff, Real-time temperature checking, regular health checkups, and other things. They deliver food in an enclosed sealed package to avoid contamination. You can order your choice of food from Faasos. Even you can use codes like Coupons for Faasos to save more on your orders. Get your food delivered safely to your safety.

4. Phonepe Grocery Delivery

It is one of the most significant online payment applications. It has also announced some new features in its store section for contactless delivery. This feature tells about “currently operational shops.” Another option it offers is you can find shops that offer home delivery. You can use the filter option to search for the nearest operational store. Even you can pay online by using the same platform. They are providing essentials and groceries to their customers by taking all possible safety measures. The best thing is that it has over 10 million merchants serving its customers that offer a gamut of options. It is a better way to provide services and resolve some basic problems of users and merchants.

5. Domino’s

Domino’s is one of the leading Pizza chains in India. It has also started contactless delivery for its customers. Domino’s introduced it as “Zero Contact Deliver” for its 1,325 restaurants in the country. According to domino’s, it will allow customers to get their order without coming in contact with delivery staff. It will ensure the safety of both customer and delivery staff. They also follow all safety measures to avoid contact. This contactless delivery helps to resume all affected services of Dominos. Even customers can ask to leave the food at the door that will help to minimize the contact between both the persons.

6. McDonald’s

It doesn’t need any introduction, known for its best burgers and wraps( Burger Boxes). McDonald’s has also started contactless delivery for its customers. As the people gathering are not allowed in local areas, McDonald’s offers home-delivery services only. The company is also trying to expand its delivery network in the country gradually. It is observed that the virus commonly spreads through droplets coming out while coughing or sneezing. It is very uncommon that a virus will spread through food unless someone has contaminated your food. To avoid such issues these stores are taking all possible safety measures. It is also the duty of the customer to maintain social distancing and cover your face while accepting the package.

Now McDonald’s is offering coupons up to 50% on several products and here is coupon-code list of McDonald’s for your reference.

7. Foodpanda

Foodpanda is one of the best food delivery service providers in India. They also ensure their customers for the safe delivery of food. You can check the receipt on your order to see if “Contactless delivery” was requested. The delivery man leaves the order at a reasonable distance from you. You can use the chat option to connect with the delivery person. And once you receive your order, you can click on complete to indicate order completion. Customer safety is the top priority and they offer this option to inform the rider that they opted for contactless delivery. You can even decide the particular place to get the delivery of your package. It is also important to maintain at least a 1-meter distance between customer and rider.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best online food delivery stores that ensure the delivery of safe food with a number of coupon codes. You can use their services, but you also need to take precautions. You should always wear a mask before going out. Try to sanitize the package delivered. Keep distance from other people. Contactless delivery is an excellent way to reduce risk, but you always need to be cautious. To reduce the risk of infection, try to use online payment for your orders. Also, read and understand all the safety instructions given by particular food delivery companies.

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