Packing List with Coupons for Traveling Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is worth a visit for everyone because of various scenic spots and friendly people there.

The countries in Southeast Asia usually only have two seasons: rainy and dry. So in general, it’s possible, and advisable, to pack lightly that you do not need to bring too many things when traveling here. When planning a trip through Southeast Asia’s top travel destinations, what you mostly need is lightweight, cool clothes.

In addition, you should also pay attention to local culture to bring pants and a discreet jacket if you want to visit Buddhist temples, mosques or Christian churches. Other things depend on where and when you go. Therefore, do a quick research of local weather where you intend to travel for the best preparedness and the best trip as well.

Furthermore, don’t forget to use coupon codes, look around for some discounted quality products to save money for special things coming up during your trip around Southeast Asia. And here we put packing entries with a lot of gifts in terms of coupons, vouchers, products at discounted rates that you should consider for a successful trip.

No 1. Passport Bag

brown leather passport bag

Obviously, you will need to take your passport to travel to Southeast Asia, so we recommend that you put it in the passport case. Not only a passport, but you can also put money and credit cards in the passport case. In Southeast Asia, pickpocketing is quite common, so you must carefully keep your belongings and money and hide them in your pocket to avoid pickpockets on the street. You can select for yourself a passport bags with coupons among a variety of choices in terms of colors, sizes. etc at Amazon

No 2. Lightweight Clothing

a couple is smiling

As mentioned above, some of Southeast Asian Countries usually only have two seasons: rainy and dry and Vietnam is known for its humid climate, so it is important to pack clothing that will help minimize sweating and do not bring too many if you do not want to carry a heavy suitcase.

In addition, if you are near the city, you can absolutely visit the store or supermarket to buy clothes at very cheap prices, instead of having to carry too much in your luggage. However, if you are too tall or your body measurements are too large, bring your own clothes as most outfits in Southeast Asia are for people with small and medium bodies or purchasing suitable apparel with coupons right in your country in advance is also a wise option.

No 3. Small Backup Battery Charger

black battery charger

Backup phone charger is an essential item that you must bring with you when traveling in Southeast Asia. Phone battery is limited, so this device will help you to use the phone all day without having to plugin. Today, smartphone phones are indispensable for everyone, because it helps to capture unforgettable moments on a trip. Not only that, the phone charger is small, but it is extremely useful. It can save people in emergencies, especially when you need to use Google Maps to find your way to a hotel but the phone runs out of battery. You can select for yourself a phone charger with coupons among a variety of choices in terms of colors, sizes. etc at our website.

No 4. Travel Adapter


When traveling abroad, travel adapter is one of the indispensable necessities because it’s in different shapes in different country or continent. The most common power socket types in Southeast Asia include type A, C, F. Therefore, we recommend that you carry a versatile power outlet for tourism. This item can be used in almost all countries of Southeast Asia. The universal travel power outlet has a USB port and is attached to a fuse to protect your device in the event of a surge of electricity. These power outlets will help you charge everything from phones, laptops to shavers, to electric brushes.

You can find yourself a versatile electric socket with coupon codes among a variety of choices in terms of colors, sizes. etc put together at our website.

No 5. Reducing-Fatigue Oil

reducing fatigue oil jar with several slice of orange

When traveling to Southeast Asia, many travelers will get tired after a long flight. Therefore, if you do not want to spend an entire day or more adapting to time zone deviations or climate differences, you should learn natural ways to prevent Jet Lag to fully enjoy your journeys.

You can find yourself a decreasing-fatigue oil jar at discounted rates among tons of choices in terms of colors, sizes, perfumes, etc put together at our website.

No 6. Water Bottle with Integrated Filter

blue iridescent water bottle

In some parts of Southeast Asia, you can drink tap water, but in others there is only little or no tap water. Besides, another important issue in this area is water pollution. Therefore, we recommend that you bring a water bottle with a filter to ensure that your water is safe to drink which really support you on a long trip. You can find yourself a compact and convenient water bottle with filter with coupons to save your budget among tons of choices in terms of colors, sizes, perfumes, etc put together at our website.

No 7. Suitcase with Wheels

a girl is sitting on a black suitcase

A suitcase is obvious thing you really need to carry without discussing. However, it’s essential to choose a suitcase that is big enough and quality enough to pull anywhere, especially through gravel roads and 5-storey buildings without an elevator. These wheels are ruggedly designed. And best of all, you can organize everything in this suitcase. You should find for yourself a compact, convenient suitcase with multifunctions to optimize your space.  Among tons of choices in terms of colors, sizes, shapes, etc everywhere on the internet, we put together some unique, special coupon codes for various suitcase at our website.

Packing plays an important role in a successful trip. Some people know exactly what they need to bring, while other people find themselves staring blankly into their empty suitcase. Therefore, using this Southeast Asia packing list as a guide to help direct your packing. Have a memorable Southeast Asian trip!

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