Shaping Shopping Trends for 2022: Will Online Shopping Continue To Dominate?

Digital transformation has completely reshaped shopping, online experiences, and even customer expectations at retail stores. It is easy to see that the coming COVID-19 pandemic has forced many industries to transform, including the retail industry. However, because of that, the digital transformation process is happening faster than ever. So, what factors shaping the shopping trends 2022? Let’s find the answer in article below.

1. Factors Shaping Shopping Trends of 2022

Shaping Shopping Trends

Worth Global Style Network said that shopping behavior in the next 9 months will be driven by commodity scarcity, search for value and TikTok’s growing role as a buying platform.

According to WGSN, the supply chain crisis has disrupted the way purchases are made, with obstacles such as stock outages, rising prices and scarcity of goods. Consumers are increasingly tired of product shortages, long production time and increasingly willing to take a long time to get what they want, which measures customer loyalty to brands.

Retailers will need to accelerate services in conjunction with multimedia and maintain customer satisfaction.

With supply chain shortages and long-term effects of geopolitical events like the crisis in Ukraine, consumers will search for products across multiple channels and platforms, choosing to buy on shopping apps for mobile devices, to shopping malls, stores, or discount websites,…

According to a February 2022 Angus Reid Institute survey, 53% of Canadians said they cannot keep up with the living cost, as household budgets are being squeezed by rising costs of essential goods. About three-quarters of Canadians said they have changed their spending in recent months, especially on non-essential spending and major purchases.

All this means, WGSN says, is that consumers will have less demand for high-end goods in the long run. People looking for value goods will favor deep discounts, cut down on the quantity of items they buy, and head for cheaper brands. It is an important factor in shaping shopping trends for 2022.

The trend “#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt” with billions of views, is creating a group of shoppers towards this app to promote, discover and try the latest products. This group influences in shaping shopping trends and is forecast to change online consumption more widely and

According to Media in Canada, social media advertising spending is a major growth area in 2022. Besides, media professionals are looking forward to investing in TikTok, especially when Shopify announces integration with this app in the summer of 2021.

Younger, mass-buying shoppers are heavily influenced by what they see on TikTok. According to US data, 36% of Generation Z (citizens of the digital age) bought something they saw on an app while “surfing the Internet” in 2021, while 83% used the platform for product reviews.

2. Technology Trends Reshaping the Future of Shopping in 2022

* E-Commerce Friendly POS System

E-commerce platforms have grown strongly during the COVID-19 pandemic due to restrictions and risks surrounding in-store shopping. This has prompted business owners to optimize their e-commerce platforms to drive the online sales process even during the pandemic.

A series of retail store chains had to close or even go bankrupt due to COVID-19. This reality marked the unprecedented collapse of the “giants” in the retail field. The Microsoft Store and Pier 1 series of stores have closed permanently. Others, like JCPenney and Macy’s, have temporarily closed many locations or reduced the number of outlets. However, some retailers like Walmart and Target still generated “huge” earnings last year.

That is because they have applied the POS (Point Of Sale) system in their business process. POS refers to a point of distribution of goods provided by an individual or modern business organization with more features than simply recording and managing transactions. These systems can compete fairly with other business functions, as well as inform important decisions, such as:

Manage warehouses across branches, both online and offline

  • Provide sales metrics and reports

  • Manage customer data effectively

  • Improve in-store sales

  • Change to meet business needs

We can see that retailers need specific solutions that allow them to sell their products online with the same level of efficiency, system integration and customer satisfaction like in physical stores. POS helps retail businesses best integrate online and offline deals, inventory and promotions across all physical locations and online stores during and after the pandemic.

POS is increasingly used in the retail industry.

* Machine Learning Predicts Customer Demand

Shaping Shopping Trends

Machine Learning (ML)is a major belonging to Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables computers to have the ability to improve themselves based on training data or on experience. Machine Learning can predict or make decisions without being specifically programmed.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the needs of customers in the retail sector. Anticipating future customer needs and making the most of these changes is an important factor in maintaining an industry leadership position. In particular, data is very necessary for the process of forecasting that demand. By using ML, the prediction of customer demand becomes more accurate. These enhancements improve automated demand forecasting, inventory planning, relationship management for both customer and supplier, logistics, manufacturing, and marketing.

ML brings a lot of value to smart retail, as it helps prevent overstocking, reduces warehousing and logistics costs, also reduces negative environmental impacts, and supports consumption and sustainable production.

Well-known companies like Amazon, American Eagle Outfitters, Asos, and Macy’s have been using Machine Learning in 2020 with great success. Especially, Amazon capitalizes on the potential of demand forecasting, using it to make their systems and supplies more efficient to respond to changing customer needs.

* Virtual Fitting Room

The virtual fitting room is one of the most impressive innovations in retail using augmented reality. “Try before buy” is difficult to do while complying with public health regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic, augmented reality is in a unique position to help customers make choices. about the product.

While many other retailers have suffered in the face of the pandemic, Sephora has made a huge profit using augmented reality in 2020, 2021. By using virtual dressing rooms, buyers can ‘try on’ their products such as clothes and jewelry by using their smart devices. Other retailers, such as Kendra Scott and Etsy, are also using this virtual fitting room technology.

In 2022, these technologies will certainly continue to develop and bring retailers more great benefits.

* The Stores Have No Staff And Cashiers

In 2022, store without cashiers and employees is an important retail trend to consider. Shekel Brainweigh Ltd, a provider of weighing technologies, surveyed consumers to find out the change in shopping trends due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the results, 87% of customers prefer stores with contactless or self-checkout options.

In the future, health can be improved to reduce cross-contact in stores by reducing customer use of touch. Consumers can scan barcodes and QR codes by their smartphones to get more details about items without having to touch them to check them out.

* Voice Commerce

Artificial Intelligence continues to thrive in 2022. With Google, Alexa, and Siri Assistant as the main pioneers of the consumer voice assistant market, each has made various innovations to better customer service. Their usefulness has gone beyond what was previously possible due to the fact that they don’t require a screen, they just need to be able to recognize your voice.

The fact that the US is expected to have more than 77 million homes with smart home devices by 2025 shows that voice commerce is proving to have great potential for retail. IoT devices in users’ homes, such as smart mirrors and displays, can help convey product content in useful ways.

With voice commerce, the smart speaker simply listens to the consumer’s voice and responds accordingly. Voice commands can help customers find products or even proceed with purchases and orders.

* Robots And Automated System

In science fiction, robotics and automated technology are already starting to show their relevance in retail by 2021. Safeway, a supermarket chain, is pioneering driverless trolley service to deliver groceries to locals. Serve Robotics, formerly known as Postmates X, is also developing a delivery robot for Uber. Walmart is also getting ready to deploy fully automated trucks for deliveries this year.

Robotic service will help improve customer service quality. Robots will greet customers, help them find the right products, and remind customers to wear facial masks or follow store regulations.

Another application of robots in the retail industry is inventory management. Computer visual and Machine Learning play an important role, being able to identify misplaced items on shelves and notify staff when certain items are running low.

3. Will Online Shopping Continue To Dominate?

Shaping Shopping Trends

3.1. Internet Shopping Consumers Trends In 2022

– Buying and selling merchandise online is the most popular online activity and is growing exponentially. The ease and comfort that online shopping brings makes more and more customers change their in-store shopping habits to online shopping. Besides, the huge sales of online business also begin from the increase of consumers’ confidence in this channel.

Existing websites with user-friendly interfaces, allowing customers to have the best online shopping experience. Processes related to online shopping have also been improved, allowing customers to easily find and select the products they want and to choose from a variety of payment methods. Today, the number of customers shopping online is increasing, different from the previous hesitation of users when approaching this sales channel.

In addition, the effects from the pandemic also promotes the shift of purchasing behavior. Even grocery stores with necessaries make their sales online through their websites or apps, making these basic items within reach of e-commerce customers.

– Recently, shopping through visual product images and videos is more popular with users. They can interact, review the details and product quality similar to when going directly to the stores. This is considered a remarkable step forward for fashion, consumer goods, household, and electronic brands… in the past year.

Accordingly, many brands and commercial enterprises have grasped this trend and developed it to new heights. They combine description and product introduction with other content creations such as interaction via livestream, video, product experience with Augmented Reality (AR)… E-commerce businesses, brands and retailers can take advantage of visual shopping in a variety of creative ways to increase their sales during the pandemic.

As noted by Remarkable Commerce, 80% of users tend to shop for products from brands and E-commerce platforms with personalized elements and attractive offers. Order conversion rates on platforms with this feature also increased by 20%.

3.2. Top Selling Products on E-commerce Sites
  • Manicure Tools

Around March 2020, when Covid-19 began to spread in the US, the keyword “nail polish” started to trend, with an average of 246,000 Google searches per month. By 2024, the nail polish market is expected to reach $15.6 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 10%.

Nail tools in general include nail polish, other tools such as artificial nails, led lights, nail files, nail brush… Or very popular among young people today is the nail box – a pre-decorated fake nail box because its aesthetics as well as its convenience.

  • Nourishing Mask

Nourishing masks are an indispensable item for those who care about their skin. This needs not only for women but also men, or students. According to statistics, the keyword “face masks” receives between 30,000 and 80,000 searches each month. According to BusinessWire, the global nourishing mask market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.46%. Instagram is a potential social commerce channel for this product.

  • Exercise Bands

Health training is an unlimited necessity of every person, regardless of age or gender. Exercise bands aim to build muscle strength to different levels, depending on the skill level of the user.

The global market for these products was valued at $712.8 million in 2018. During a period of social distancing, people tend to practice at their home. Therefore, the need to buy health support tools such as exercise bands increases.

  • Reusable Water Bottles

With the environmental protection movements, reducing plastic waste promoted by Generation Z growing in popularity, reusable water bottles are becoming more popular than ever for convenience and environmental protection. This market is valued at $8.1 billion, at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2019 to 2025.

According to Grand View Research, the growth of this market is due to the increasing demand for convenience products, the threats to the environment caused by non-biodegradable waste bottles and the increasing trend of people towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • Yoga Carpet

Yoga is a great choice for building strength and flexibility and has long-lasting health benefits. In 2008, only 5% of the population practiced yoga and it has grown to 11%, which in 2018 resulted in a yoga mat market value of $11.67 billion. According to Google Trends, there are more than 190,000 searches for yoga mats every month.


There are many different factors shaping shopping trends in 2022, especially in the situation that the Covid-19 pandemic is gradually being pushed back. According to the data, online shopping will still be the top choice for shoppers because of its convenience even though in-store shopping is now quite safe.

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