The Secret Behind Anti-aging And Korean Foods

Known for their youthful, flawless skin, Koreans have shared that what makes them glow is what they eat. The food they consume contributes directly to their skin, gut, and overall health, and we are happy that they have shared this with us! Known to eat predominantly fermented, steamed, or boiled foods, they use very minimal oil or none in their cooking processes, and this also lends a hand in keeping food as natural and healthy as possible.

Foods like brown or red rice, kimchi, broths, and vegetables are a staple in the Korean diet, and we love that these options are not boring at all, especially not how they cook them. If you are looking to explore Korean cuisine in the pursuit of glowing skin, keep in mind that the glow starts on the inside; hence their foods are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and even collagen. Ease yourself into the Korean diet and try the One-Pan Korean Barbeque Style Chicken and carrots on page three of the Publix Weekly ad as a start. Another interesting and very potent dish is their seaweed soup. It is believed to protect against skin cancer because it contains a large amount of omega-3, which helps your skin maintain a natural oil barrier that safeguards against sun damage and, conversely, skin cancer.

Let’s get into the details of these foods.

  1.  Kimchi

Kimchi is essentially fermented cabbage. It balances the microflora in your gut, is rich in probiotics, supplements vitamins in your diet, and aids with digestion. While it may be a bit pungent, the nutritional value far outweighs the strong smell. You can buy ready-made kimchi or make it yourself at home. Kimchi is actually of Chinese origin, but it has become so popular in Korea and is considered a staple there.

  1.  Brown Rice

Known to be rich in lipid molecules, vitamin B, and fiber, brown rice is one of the few carbohydrates Koreans consume. It also aids with digestion and generally makes you fuller for longer, so you will not eat as much. Of all the rice produced globally, brown rice is the healthiest option as it contains the most significant amount of nutrients that contribute to your overall health.

  1.  Broth/Soup

A lot of Korean dishes are served with soups or broths. Broth is a clear soup and is thinner in texture than soup. The most popular soup that they eat is seaweed soup. After a Korean woman gives birth, the first thing they eat is seaweed soup, and it is common to eat it on your birthday, just as your mother did when you were born. It is made by soaking seaweed in some beef or seafood stock and adding sesame oil, salt, garlic, soy sauce, and salt for seasoning.

  1.  Tea/Water/Banana Milk

Rather than soda and other sugary drinks, the Korean diet encourages drinking a lot of water and a variety of teas like green tea, ginseng, barley, and other herbal teas rich in antioxidants. They also drink banana milk which is rich in potassium and magnesium, and a rice wine called makgeolli. Makgeolli is made from fermented rice, yeast, and water. In addition, it contains probiotic cultures, amino acids, and vitamin B – all nutrients that not only contribute to the health of your gut but also your skin. It is slightly sweet, effervescent, and contains about 6-8% alcohol.

  1.  Steamed/Boiled Vegetables

The Korean diet advocates for steamed or boiled vegetables as this preserves the nutrients in the food. The more nutrients conserved, the healthier the vegetable is. All their meals are served with vegetables to ensure that the food is nutritionally balanced.

Other than the above-mentioned foods, Koreans also eat a lot of fruits and do light exercises to keep active. Another significant thing they do is manage the portions they eat by using small dishes for different meals. Aside from this being aesthetically pleasing, it ensures that you eat the right amounts.

Those who have tried the diet, even those with acne, claim to have seen results as early as four weeks after starting it. So, if you want to eat your way to beautiful, youthful skin – this may be the best diet there is out there!

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