Top 6 Sports Equipment For Active Dads

Giving after-shaves, clothes, and cards on birthdays to your dad is a tradition. But with time, these gifts can get pretty basic and boring. If your dad is hyper-active, loves gym; and you are looking forward to gifting him some sporty items but are clueless about purchasing. Then don’t worry; there are a lot of viable options out there to choose from.

Check out below our comprehensive list for some of the best sports equipment and gym items that you can gift to your active and fitness-loving father.

Knee Braces:

Dedication and your father’s interest in sports and fitness is a great thing, but safety comes first. One of the best sports equipment that you can gift your dad is knee braces. Knee braces help active dads in a lot of ways. They help heal muscles, pull, stretch, and provide support.

With old age, the cartilage in the bones might degenerate, and there can be severe muscle and bone injuries during extreme physical activities. Thus, these knee braces are perfect for your dad. It will help them to stay hyper-active without caring much about injuries and aches.

A New Pair of Training Shoes:

If your father loves camping, going on hikes, or indulges in high-intensity workouts, then gifting him with a new pair of training shoes is the best option to opt for. Buy him a pair of athletic training shoes with comfy medicated soles that will tend to increase his performance during workouts without putting a strain on his feet and legs.

Compression Socks:

Compression Socks

With growing age, blood flow throughout the body can distort and cause aches and swelling in different body parts. Thus, to avoid that, gift your dad a comfortable pair of compression socks that will help your dad run and stay active without worrying about lower-body aches.

Exercise Resistance Bands:

Hyperactive dads commonly love the gym, and when they are not at the gym, they are finding ways to stay active and indulge in activities at home. And, if you have one such dad, then buy him some resistance bands.

This exercise equipment does not require you to be at the gym. He can do some stretching with these props easily at home.

A Pair of Dumbbells:

Every fitness-loving dad has an absolute crush on dumbbells, and they can never stop admiring them.

If your dad does not have a set of dumbbells or have an older set, then gifting him with a new pair would not be a bad idea.

A Football:

If you are on a budget but still want to gift your dad some sporty stuff out of his interest. Then don’t complicate things and buy him a new football. They are easily available over the market and can be super affordable. Plus, footballs are something that will never fail to impress any dad.

Bonus Mentions:

Some of the other sports equipment that you can also consider buying are listed below.

Exercise Ball:

If you are looking forward to gifting something to your father that is fun and sporty at the same time, then how about buying an exercise ball. There are numerous types of exercise balls available, and they work great for both gym and home-based exercises.

Golf Glove:

Does your father love to play golf? Then nothing would be better than to give him a pair of golf gloves. These tacky golf gloves provide more grip than hands and are best for regular golf players.

With growing age, your dad’s grip over golf balls might loosen; thus, in such cases, these golf gloves prove to be efficient and generate sufficient friction between the glove and ball.


Gifting kettlebells to dads who love strength training is perfect. They come in various sizes ranging from 3 pounds to more than 30 pounds, and you can even make a kettlebell set for your dad.

Water Bottles:

While this might be the most underrated gift, it will undoubtedly be the useful one. Active and fit dads love long walks and runs, so make sure he stays properly hydrated and gift him a water bottle. There are numerous types of sporty water bottles out on the market. From filtered bottles to even temperature-change-resistant bottles, there are numerous options to choose from.

Yoga Mats and Pants Set:

Staying active and fit does not mean that your dad should run or lift weights at the gym. Yoga is indeed a beneficial form of exercise. And if your dad is into this exercise, then you can consider gifting him a new yoga mat or new yoga pants. You can even create a set and include the matching-colored pants and mat to do something extraordinary.


Smartwatch for Dad

Well, to super active dads, punctuality means a lot, and if you want to appraise this trait of your father, then the best you can gift him is a Smartwatch. Show him how much you admire his sporty and super-active nature by gifting him a punctuality machine (a smartwatch).

There is such a diversified range of smartwatches available in the market. Get him asleep tracking smartwatch to monitor how well he sleeps or a step counting one that can help him keep an eye on the count of his footsteps. It will be such a useful gift.

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