Top 7 Famous Shopping Cities in the US

The United States is not only the world’s tourist paradise but also the favorite destination of most women because it has bustling shopping centers that meet all tastes of consumers. Let’s explore the famous shopping cities in the US through the article below.

1. New York City, New York

New York City is located in the state of New York with about 75,619 retail stores and 9 shopping centers. This city is considered the fashion center of America. The small island of Manhattan in the city has more retail stores than anywhere else in the country. The boutiques have their own style and layout, satisfying all tastes and prices, from Barneys and Prada to H&M and Gap.

In addition, this place also has hundreds of other small shops. New York City boasts the largest Macy’s fashion center in the United States. Coming to this location, visitors will feel like they are in a shopping paradise – where every street corner are famous shopping centers in the US.

2. Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul’s is one of the best shopping spots in the country simply because it’s home to the nation’s largest shopping mall at nearly 5 million square meters. So vast, it could actually fit New York’s seven Yankee stadiums inside it.

Not only does Minneapolis have more than 520 stores, including a four-storey Lego store, it also provides the chance to experience thrills on roller coasters, shark watching, and rainforest dining.

However, the Mall of America is just the beginning – there are plenty of bustle neighborhood stores and other great malls. Downtown Minneapolis is home to Macy’s, Nicollet Mall, Saks Off Fifth, Target flagship stores, Martin Patrick III Finnstyle, and dozens more.

3. City of Columbus

The city of Columbus, Ohio has 5,712 retail outlets and 32 shopping centers. Located on the east coast of the Midwest, the state capital of Ohio is a shopping center with a variety of brands such as Tiffany, Nordstrom, Coach, and Burberry, among other small stores. In addition, Short North is also a place to sell antique artwork, antique shops and jewelry stores. Business tax here is super low, only 6.75%.

4. Seattle, Washington

With its stunning mountain and water views, you might think Seattle would be a destination just for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, but it offers a lot when it comes to shopping. Outdoor enthusiasts looking to pick up some gear will have no problem here, with many top outdoor stores, like Eddie Bauer and REI.

In addition, the city also has a wide range of high-end boutiques and interesting shops with all kinds of unique items. You can shop everything from Brooks Brothers and Gucci in the center of Rainier Square to the unusual Nevertold Casket Company on Capitol Hill, with an assortment of whimsical items like human heads, creepy toy monkeys and coffins.

Of course, Pike Place Market is the Emerald City’s most popular shopping location. It offers all you want, like fresh produce, flowers and seafood, handcrafts, vintage items and a wide range of live entertainment.

5. City of Austin

The first shopping destination in the US can be mentioned is the city of Austin located in Texas with 31 shopping centers and 5,347 retail outlets.

Along with the chain of on-demand retail stores, the Austin streets are divided into sections selling rare books, records, and antiques. For young people, you can go to the SoCo area to choose and buy trendy clothes at retail stores.

6. San Francisco, California

The city of Golden Gate, running through San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean in the state of California, is an indispensable name when it comes to the best shopping cities in the United States. It offers a truly world-class shopping experience, so much so that it is called a “giant open-air mall”.

You’ll find fun and unique vintage shops in the Haight-Ashbury district, high-end designer boutiques and brand-name department stores in Union Square. At the Ferry Building, a huge farmers market is held on Saturday mornings, featuring a variety of local delicacies and crafts like soaps and jams. In Chinatown, there are hundreds of shops and great bargains, including authentic Chinese goods on Stockton Street, with a fresh fish market and other items ranging from tea to Chinese magazines and books.

7. Houston, Texas

Orlando is best known as the home of Walt Disney World and other theme parks, but it offers some of the best shopping bargains in the country as well. Many Europeans fly over the “Big Pond” just to take advantage of the city’s Stores 500 or branded outlet stores at lower prices. The best places to shop for bargains are the Premium Outlets found at both ends of International Drive.

In this vast shopping haven of designer factory stores, you’ll find merchandise up to 50% off, including major brands like Nike, DKNY, Levis, and Depot with official merchandise by Disney. For more premium merchandise, head to Winter Park’s premium stores and for the ultimate variety. Florida Mall is the largest shopping mall in Central Florida, with more than 250 stores, including Abercrombie, Macy’s, Apple and one of four World of M&M stores on the planet.


Above is a list of 7 largest shopping centers in the United States for you when you have the opportunity to visit here. Whether you are looking for the ideal shopping destination or the travel places, the above cities promise to bring you many memorable experiences.

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