Top 8 Tips to Avoid Overconsumption Of Clothes

Shopping for clothes has almost become an indispensable habit of the girls, even some people are addicted to shopping. If you get caught up in shopping for clothes too much, it will easily make you fall into a situation of pennilessness. This article will help you control yourself to avoid overconsumption of clothes.

1. Set Spending Limits

To avoid over-shopping that leads to lack money for other expenses, make it a habit to create a monthly spending plan. Make sure you have enough money for your family’s essentials (house, food, car, etc.), an amount to save or invest, and that you can use the rest for other activities like shopping and entertainment.

Discipline yourself and follow your spending plan as much as you can. If you have an item you want to buy but you have spent all of your allotted amount this month, buy it next month.

2. Make A Clothing Shopping List

Get in the habit of making a shopping list before each shopping trip to avoid getting caught up in unnecessary things, which will be very expensive.

You can first list out the type of clothing you are in need of, then expand the details based on possible scloenarios. For daily clothes, you can consider several situations such as: you need an outfit for an interview, to meet a partner, or simply to work at the office. Besides, you can also shape the style and choose items to buy based on that.

When you go shopping for an upcoming outing, you can think of your companion’s fashion sense to choose the right outfit. You better ask her to come with you for more advice.

3. Apply “Rule #3”

The “rule #3” in clothing shopping is to only buy an item you can combine with at least 3 other items.

These pants are nice, but you just don’t have the match shirt to go with them. Or a pretty pair of shoes that go against your daily style and you don’t know when to wear it. If you apply ”Rule #3”, you will know what items to remove from your shopping cart to avoid buying but never wearing.

4. Chase New Fashion Trends Wisely

Not every fashion trend is right for you. Therefore, when faced with several options, be sober and think about your wardrobe, see if it is suitable, combinable with your clothes or not.

Based on your personality, interests, and personal style, choose what really suits and enhance your strengths instead of chasing new trends forevera

5. Don’t Chase Promotions

We often mistakenly believe that we have saved money when we buy clothes on sale, but that is only true if the items are what we really need. And if we buy just because we are attracted to the promotion, it is a useless waste.

Stop yourself and think carefully before buying items on sale. Seeing these attractive promotions is also easy to make you go too far, leading to exceeding your shopping spending budget.

6. Shopping For Out-of-season Clothes

Everyone wants to buy trendy items that they can wear instantly. But if you want to save money, off-season shopping is also a wise choice. Wait until the stores liquidate the winter clothes to move into summer and you can buy yourself a jacket at an amazingly low price, or buy a beautiful swimsuit in winter so you can wear it next summer. Knowing how to apply the law of supply and demand will save you quite.

7. Payment In Cash

Payment with a credit card is increasingly popular because of its convenience and ease. However, researches have shown that consumers tend to save more when using cash for payments because the feeling of exchanging a tangible object helps us to become aware of how cash flows and thereby spending money more responsibly. Therefore, bring cash when shopping or choose a direct payment method if shopping online.

8. Shopping at Secondhand Stores

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find secondhand goods with the same quality as new and at a much lower price. If you want to own items that are both beautiful and cheap, try looking at second-hand clothing stores or exchange groups on social networking platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Besides, with items you hardly wear or no longer love, instead of storing them in the corner of the closet and they will get older over the years, resell them to someone else. Not only will your clothing wardrobe be refreshed constantly, but you can also earn some extra money.

Hopefully this article will help you in balancing your spending and not wasting money on buying unnecessary clothes.

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