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Easter is considered as the most important holiday in the year for Christians. It comes with the meaning of celebrating Jesus Christ returning from the dead. On the day every year, people in many countries around the world are busy for Easter food shopping, decorating and preparing needed things.


Is there anything about Easter that you haven’t known?

What day of the year is Easter?

Easter is the day to commemorate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead after his crucifixion. Also, it is known as the spring festival, celebrating season changing. The date of Easter changes each year, it occurs between March 22 and April 25. This year, Easter will be observed on Sunday, April 12.

Meaning of Easter

Easter is the faith in Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross but then, He resurrected and returned to heaven in triumph. Therefore, they believe that He is the only one that has the power to give them eternal life.

Easter symbol



Egg is the most immemorial symbol of Easter because they have been associated with world or universe by many cultures. On Easter, people often give each other very eye-catching eggs colorfully decorated, made of chocolate in order to replace the wishes. These eggs also represent a new life and a new dawn.

Christians symbolize the egg to Jesus Christ’s tomb from which he broke forth and resurrected. The red on every egg is the symbol of the blood of Christ. Nowadays, Easter eggs are decorated with myriad of colors to make it more fun to look at. Also, the custom of giving eggs is present in many great civilizations.

Archaeological studies prove that ancient Egyptians started the custom of decorating eggs at least 5,000 years ago. Perhaps, because of these reasons, it is recognized that eggs are an indispensable symbol on Easter.


It is said that Germany is the original country having mentioned to the hare symbols. In addition to reproduction, hares are also the symbol of abundant, strong vitality. In particular, they are associated with the Ostara legend, also known as “Easter”.

The legend said that once the goddess brought spring to Earth late, causing all species to suffer from the cold, including a dying bird with two frozen wings. Out of sympathy, Ostara turned the bird into a hare, gave him the ability of laying eggs and running fast. With that ability, the goddess wanted the hare to give gifts to children every spring.

However, the rabbit accidentally made Ostara angry later. It was thrown into the sky, turned into Lepus constellation. Each year, rabbits can only go down to earth once in the spring to donate lovely eggs to people on the Earth.

Since then, the image of a rabbit carrying an egg became a special feature of the Western Easter.


The traditional jambon has never been absent on Christian tables around the world at Easter. For them, pork is considered God’s food. The spring is the time that Western people eat this food. So, jambon became a traditional dish every Easter.

New clothes

It is believed that wearing new clothes during Easter will bring good luck for the rest of the year. Conceptually, new clothes represent innovation and a lucky start – the important elements of annual Easter.

For Catholics, Easter also shows the faith in rebirth, the hope for good things. It is also the message that this holiday is conveying to people all over the world.


Lily is also an Easter symbol often used for decoration. Its white symbolizes purity, honesty and everything nice. The white of lilies has made the flower perfect symbol of Easter. Not only on Easter but also during spring, Lilies are highly favored against other flowers. Moreover, its pure white is just right to symbolize Jesus purity and resurrection.

Top Sites With Easter Deals



Amazon is always a perfect choice to look for toys to put in the kids Easter baskets, beautiful accessories matching your new spring dress, or bunny-themed decorations for your home. As we all know, Amazon offers many more.


In order to look for low-price products for the coming Easter, head over to Walmart. There are a variety of a fabulous selection of fun Easter basket and colorful eggs, as well as tableware and outdoor garden decoration.

Pier 1 Imports

Pier 1 Imports offers a wide range of products for Easter. All of them come with great deals. At Pier 1 Imports, you can enjoy Easter bunnies, and light, spring colors. As Easter gets closer, bigger deals will be certainly offered, so make sure to check out their selection right now and save!


Are you seeking for Easter clothes for your whole family? We highly suggest Macy’s! They offer a wide selection of dresses, sport coats, suits, and dress shoes for all people from men, women, to kids. Huge deals on Easter decoration and gifts are available.


Customers love Kohl’s because of amazing discounts all year round. Right now, they have great offers on Easter related items such as home decoration, Easter gifts for kids, and apparel for men, women, and all.


Nordstrom is known for the go-to for upscale Easter looks. Their products range wide from From Easter baskets and plush playsets for baby to spring dresses and pastel ties. With great coupons, this must be a smart choice for you in the coming Easter.


If you are looking for beautiful clothes as a gift, Gap can meet you.   They have a wide selection of spring clothing that’s perfect for Easter. Many offers of 50% off are available on their site. Don’t miss it!

Sur La Table

Sur La Table is the loving choice of many customers for holiday décor. Customers visit Sur La Table find Easter tableware such as Easter-themed dishes, floral dinnerware, pastel serving dishes, and much more. Shopping with Sur La Table coupon make us get closer to the holiday.


Many parents want to dress their kids in bright, spring colors. Easter themed products at amazing prices are going on right now at Carter’s! You can get 50-60% off the entire site here.

Just type “the name of above sites + coupon”, will give you the best choice of Easter discounts.

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