Top Easy Ways to Save Money While on Vacation

Save money on vacation

Vacations are fun yet they may make you spend way more money than normal, not to mention airplane tickets and lodging costs. Some small things like breakfasts out, daily cafe visits, souvenir shopping are not going to cost too much money but they do add up. It’s really hard to balance between treating yourself and controlling it while traveling. Of course, you go on vacation to enjoy life and relax but if you are on a small budget, being too extra may leave you a blank bank account.

Well, I’ve been there done that too. So I have figured out some cool ways for you to save money while on vacation. Follow these tips and you will be surprised by how much money you save.

Spend money on packing

Stay somewhere with a laundry service

When looking for a place to stay during vacation, remember to check if there is a washer or dryer so you don’t have to pack too many clothes. Because with a washer/dryer, you can wash your clothes while you are there. By staying at a hotel with laundry facilities, you can save on checked luggage costs. You may even cut your packing cost in half thanks to this tip.

Pack light so you can avoid checking bags

Take advantage of carry-on luggage so that you don’t have to pay to check bags. If you don’t have enough space, use a backpack as your personal item then put your clothes and valuables in it. This tip will not only help you save money but it also reduces the risk of losing luggage.

Bring what you need instead of buying when you get there

I bet many of you think that you can always buy what you need when you are on vacation. Only one advice on this: Don’t. Of course you can buy these thing everywhere but it may be more expensive depending on where you travel. So make sure to bring everything you need with you, even small stuffs like sunscreen, hats… This way you can save more money than you thought.

Save money on shopping

Don’t buy a souvenir the moment you see it

Save money on souvenir

Many people fall into this trap, they see a souvenir and think it is cool then decide to buy that right away. Don’t do that. Always buy your souvenirs after you have gone through all the shops and checked all their prices. Keep in mind how many items there are and remember the lowest-priced stores so that you know where to shop at last. You should only buy the item the moment you see it when it’s rare or limited because it might be taken the time you come back.

Save money on eating and drinking

Purchase a cheap airline lounge pass online and take advantage of free snacks

If you don’t have a VIP lounge club membership or credit card that offers you lounge access, don’t worry because you can get one on eBay – their prices are so low. You may even get one for just a dollar. These passes will help when you have a long layover and need something to eat or drink while airport snacks and drinks are always more expensive, snacks and drinks at the lounge are free.

Bring some food and drinks with you – for both the plane and the trip itself

Always remember to buy some snacks and bring them along with you so you have something to eat while sitting on the plane so that you won’t have to spend money at the airport. You can also bring something for breakfast such as crackers and almond butter packets instead of buying it every day while on vacation. And don’t forget to bring a refillable water bottle with you so you won’t waste money on other drinks. They may not cost much money but they do add up.

If you are a coffeeholic, consider packing coffee with you

Most coffee brands provide you coffee in pack so you can easily bring them with you everywhere you go. Since coffee can be overpriced on the road, travel with a bag of coffee can help save a lot of money. You can shop for coffee before traveling at some stores like Lifeboost Coffee, Coffee Corner… They offer the healthiest, tastiest coffee at reasonable prices.

Eat at least one meal in your hotel room

Another effective way to save money on eating is to have a meal in your hotel room. Since most hotels have a mini-fridge, you just need to get to a grocery store nearby and choose some ready-made food or something that doesn’t need to be cooked. Not only that will help you save more money than eating out but it also feels great to sit in your hotel room and enjoy the delicious food you’ve picked up.

Choose hotel rooms that include breakfast in the price

Keep in mind to pick hotel rooms that offer breakfast in the price so that you won’t have to spend any more money on breakfast. This is one of the easiest ways for you to save money.

Check out the internet to see if there are any good restaurant deals

Don’t forget to go online to see your destination’s marketing organization website. It’s a promotional website but it provides many great deals. They often provide many ways to save money on restaurants and hotels so it will be a loss if you don’t know this tip.

Save money on visiting tour attractions

Check out free-entrance places

Visit free tourist attractions such as parks, museums, lakes… There are a lot of activities you can do there. Wander and picnic in the park. Go on a hike. Go to the beach. You can do all these wonderful things without spending a penny.

Go by foot instead of taking a cab or a bus

Not only you can save money on traveling but you can also join many interesting walking city tours that don’t cost much. Through these tours, you can learn a lot about the place you visit and discover many hidden treasures along the way.

Look for coupons and discounts online

Couponing is always the best way to save money even on vacation. You can visit some coupon sites such as, coupons… to get the latest deals every day. If you plan on a trip, remember to check out these websites to get the best deals for your vacation.

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