Traveling to Morocco on a Budget: Tips for a Guilt-Free Trip

I could travel to the moon and back, only if my budget permits!

– Traveler with a small pocket

Well, guilt-free travel to your chosen destination isn’t always possible if you’re trying to fit all your travel wishes within a small budget. Old-school travelers can never give up this notion. However, when you meet a group of smart travelers with a backpack and Go Pro in hand, you’ll come to know that traveling on a budget is for real!

Morocco is often at the top of dream travel destinations for people who wish to taste real Africa. However, stories of expensive hotel rooms and transport often compel travelers to put their travel dreams on the backburner. It is true: Morocco has its fair share of activities for well-endowed travelers. However, there are cheaper alternatives. If you have been contemplating traveling to this amazing country, stop losing sleep over your budget. Of course, waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to pass is implied. So, save these tips for the trips to come!

Morocco, situated in North Africa, is captivating and incredibly versatile. It offers unforgettable experiences to travelers for centuries. From the welcoming people to buzzing markets, you can never have enough of this fantastic country! Looking to fly to this African country? Well, here’s a list of smart tips to travel to Morocco without going bankrupt!

The best time to visit Morocco

The diversity of Morocco is simply flabbergasting. So, if you wish to explore the mesmerizing medinas in Marrakech or the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains, avoid traveling during the peak months. From July to the end of August, Morocco is teeming with travelers. Hence, if you want to experience authentic Moroccan culture while staying well under the budget, avoid traveling during these two months.

Winter is the best time to experience authentic Moroccan culture and beauty, minus all the tourists. There are direct flights from Europe to cities like Fes and Marrakech, and the ticket prices are between $20 and $30. However, you can still check out the season-by-season ticket prices by enquiring with the respective airlines. In some cases, Atlas VPN apps can be a great money-saving option. It can help you save money on flights, as most of them are adjusted according to clients’ locations.

Hotel options to explore in Morocco

There are budget-friendly hotels and dormitories in Morocco. So, you can choose a place to stay that suits your pocket. Room prices vary as you travel to different cities in Morocco. For instance, you can expect to spend anywhere between $8 and $12 per night for a basic hotel room for staying in major cities like Fes or Marrakech. However, if you wish to stay away from the city, you can find hotel rooms for as low as $5. Upgrading to a private room will not make a major dent in your travel budget as you can get it by spending anywhere between $16 and $30. Also, you can always find discounts for accommodations. So, do not forget to check the available deals.

Hiring taxis

Before hopping in a cab, you must negotiate and fix the price. There’s nothing like a fixed rent chart or meter for reference, so you’ve to be good at bargaining for availing the best available deal. If you’re looking for some fun while traveling in taxis, go for the Petits taxis – they’re really popular and can fit at least 3 people. These taxis are affordable, and you can negotiate on the price. However, you must keep in mind that after 8 PM, the taxi owners add a surcharge. Thus, if you want to avoid confusion and save good money, it’s best to fix everything quickly and reach your destination before 8 PM.

You should choose the grand taxis for longer trips, especially if you’re traveling in a large group. These taxis can fit in up to 6 people, and they leave only when all the seats are booked. You can find these taxis at bust stations and designated taxi stands.

Traveling by The Train

Overnight trains to different destinations and major cities of Morocco are amazing as you get to experience the real Morocco while traveling with the natives. Sleeper class options are available, and you can book 4 Bed compartments for $38. However, private double compartments cost anywhere between $65 and $70, whereas the single private compartments cost $50.

Booking a Tour

Looking to bypass all the hassles of hiring taxis, booking hotel rooms, and tickets? Then, it is best to book a tour to Morocco. Booking package trips offered by several small and medium travel companies is one of the options to save money. Research online and find the one that suits your budget. Try to stay away from scammers as many companies pose as authentic. So, make a payment only when you’re convinced.

Lastly, foodies can always find interesting and delightful things to eat in Morocco’s major tourist destinations. Go for the local cuisine, especially the slow-cooked vegetables and meat.  Don’t forget to wash it all down with a cup of traditional mint tea!

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