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If you are a comics enthusiast and you are sick of superheroes like Marvel or DC and are tempted to try something new, something different, let topcoupons.deals introduce to you Webtoon, a perfect alternative. Easy to use, easy to read, and all for free!!! Let’s have a look to see what is so special about Webtoon, and don’t forget to grab yourself a Webtoon promotion code for great deals.

1. About Webtoon

Webtoon promotion code 2022 - About Webtoon

Webtoon is a digital comic website that originated in South Korea. One different thing is that webtoons comics are read vertically, which is super convenient to read and scroll. Webtoons quickly become a sensation because of the easy-to-read vertical format, and also, it is easier to scroll on smart devices, as smartphones became a crucial part in European and North American societies.

Home to thousands of creative content, written by talented amateur as well as professional authors with outstanding, diverse perspectives from around the world. Feel free to join in on some of the latest original genres from romance, comedy to action, fantasy and many others.

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2. Webtoon Review

No app is perfect, Webtoon is no exception. Here are some of the basic information about Webtoon you need to know before joining in the free, multi genre world.

2.1. The Price of Being Free

Everything on Webtoon can be read for free, but that benefit also comes with a small price.

Firstly, there are display ads in certain sections of the app, from the top to the bottom, as well as 2 sides. However, these ads are placed in positions that you might not even notice, or at least not to feel bothered by their presence. One good thing is that they don’t offer pop ups that suddenly pop right in the middle of the screen while you read, so i think this is definitely a plus.

There are certain ways for you to support the creators. For example, some series offer a Fast Pass that you can buy to receive exclusive episodes prior to official publication. Another way is to buy the Daily Pass model, which allows you to have one (or more) free episode (of a completed Original) a day, and then makes it available to read for 14 days.

Webtoon promotion code 2022 - Webtoon coin

Webtoon also holds events that allow you to earn some coins if you can finish the required activity in a certain amount of time. However, do be aware that these Event Coins will expire after 30 days, so make sure you get the best out of them. If you don’t want to spend money on Webtoon coins, i would highly recommend you to try Webtoon promotion code for free coins. It’s not much, but i’m sure you can figure out the best way to use them.

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2.2. Webtoon’s offering

Webtoon promotion code 2022 - Webtoon comics

Webtoon is famous for only publishing authentic works without continuity between series (unless it’s made by a team) and focus mostly on non-superhero stories. Although, the action and fiction stories are worth your time.

Some of the more popular series have been adapted into television series, including Sweet Home, Lore Olympus, All of Us Are Dead and many others.

There is a For You section that has all the recommendations, which reduces the time you need to look around, finding what to read. This includes the series that you have subscribed to, new and popular series, recently updated Originals, popular series (some may require Daily Pass model) and the app’s genres.

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2.3. The Webtoon Reading Experience

Webtoon promotion code 2022 - Webtoon Interface

To start reading, tap on the icon to choose the one you want to read. Each page is designed with vertical reading, all you have to do is scroll it down as if you were reading an article on your device.

When you finish an episode, a display ad will appear, followed by creator’s note, as well as a link to the next chapter and buttons for Subscribe, Share, and Report. The transition is generally quick and smooth to satisfy readers.

You can open the reader’s menu overlay by tapping on the screen at any time. On the top, there is a bulleted icon that will bring you back to the episodes list. Some series offer episodes that support music with a hovering button that can turn it on and off, which is quite fascinating.

2.4. Managing What You’re Reading

There’s a lot to consider, however, Webtoon offers multiple useful ways to manage your reading list. The My section tracks everything you read under the Recent tab. The Subscribed section is also useful, it keeps a list of all subscribed series to make it easier to follow.

When you unlock an episode with Daily or Fast Pass, you will see them appear in the Unlocked section under the My tab. There is also a checkmark button that allows you to choose between series to erase them from lists, easier to manage which ones you have finished and which one you are reading.

Webtoon offers an appropriate amount of push notifications, in order to assist you keeping track of your lists. If you find that annoying, you can turn it off, or only get notification of specific things.

There is a Sleep Mode also, which allows you to turn off all notifications in a period of time. This is what separates Webtoon from Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe, when they send out push notifications to notify about new series and giveaways, but don’t offer to control which ones you want.

3. Webtoon FAQs

Is the WEBTOON app free?

The WEBTOON app is free to download and use! WEBTOON exclusive Original series are free to read, and ongoing series are updated weekly.

Which devices does the WEBTOON app work on?

The WEBTOON app can be accessed on any iOS or Android device. The app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The WEBTOON website can be accessed on any web browser.

Can I use Sign in with Apple on Android devices?

Sign in with Apple is only available on PC, Mobile Web, and Apple devices with iOS 13 and above.

If you are using an iPhone, you can use the guest-user feature to purchase Coins. However, please note that Coins purchased using iOS guest login are not saved to a WEBTOON account, and therefore may be lost if you log out. Additionally, user support may be limited without a WEBTOON account.

Where can i get Webtoon promotion code?

You can get them on the Webtoon official site or on coupon pages like topcoupons.deals . These are some of the most reputable coupon sites for you to use. No additional fee, no pop up ads. Totally free to use.

Can I log in with Google?

You can log in using Google except for Taiwan or Thailand Google accounts. This has not been supported due to regional service policies.

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5. More about Webtoon

6. Conclusion

Technology has been a great part of our lives. It connects people to communities, and Webtoon has been doing a great job connecting readers and creators. Webtoon, a wonderful vertical art form, is outperforming most of the US digital comic book industry. The app isn’t perfect, yet. There are things that need to improve. Still, Webtoon is a website that offers satisfying digital comic book content and I would highly recommend it for you to try.

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