Welcome Back To School Day At The Steak House With Many Discount Codes


Welcome Back to School Day is a fun and happy day for children because it’s just after the summer vacation. Children and teachers are very much excited to return to school to meet their friends and colleagues respectively and discuss their summer vacation. The whole school is decorated for this happy occasion, and there is an atmosphere of festivity everywhere. Lots of activities take place to engage the children for the day.

Sometimes, places nearby the school, such as eateries, shopping arcades, and other commercial places, offer a variety of discounts to children and teachers for this occasion.

In this article, we will be looking at how restaurants offer discounts to teachers and students during this occasion.

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Restaurants Offering Discounts during Welcome Back to School Day

There are many restaurants in the US where they offer quality discounts and ensure that it’s beneficial for both teachers and students and the parents. Some of the discounts that cafes and restaurants offer are as follows-

  1. Cafes provide free coffees either before or after school hours.
  2. The restaurants sometimes cater or participate in various school events such as meetings, dances, or fundraisers that the school enjoys. This helps them promote their restaurant in the process, and the school gets to try tasty food as well.
  3. Restaurants also offer specials from time to time in schools, especially if they are catering in the cafeteria of the school. They also offer specials outside of the school premises in their restaurants to people during the morning, noon, or any particular day of the week.
  4. Restaurants can also offer free or discounted food during the first month of school. This helps students who might live in a college town, away from their homes, and parents with small children who aren’t able to pick up their orders easily. And during this pandemic, food delivery has been a big hit and must be encouraged more.

Other Strategies to Gain more Customers for Restaurants

Other Strategies to Gain more Customers for Restaurants

Apart from these, you can also give discounts such as Buy One Get One (BOGO) to families with two or more children, because who doesn’t love free stuff, right? Restaurants can offer BOGO on kids’ menu items. To bring this concept into your schedule, you can keep it on weekdays from 5-7 pm. Or, if a special event happens at school, like a school run or a fundraiser, you can offer during this time from 2-4 pm.

Another thing that you can do to generate more customers for your restaurant is to offer half-priced menu items that will be helpful for any family. You can slash off prices from the “kids menu” at half-price to attract even more traffic. This scheme can take place from 2-5 pm as this is the time when the schools get over, and kids and their families can bond over lunch. And what better time than this?

Thirdly, you can offer students with the highest grades special discounts on either their meals or their desserts in their class. Just ask the exceptional kids to show their report cards to the waiter, who would then proceed with the discount process. Because excellent work mustn’t go unrewarded, right?

Lastly, you can offer the older students discounts on their school or college ID. When a student shows their valid ID card, then they might be given a percentage off the bill, a discount on their meals, or even a free item. This promotion is useful for college towns as many students aren’t local and come to the college to pursue their studies. You can offer both local and international students special offers that are sure to bring some smiles to their faces.


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So, this back-to-school day, ensure that you have a maximum amount of happy customers, students, and teachers by offering them lucrative discounts which will be irresistible and gain some loyal followers for your restaurant or café. Offer coupons or discount codes that will come in handy for them.

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