Guide on How to Get Hair Dye Out of Clothes

Hair dye makes many people become confident with their new appearance. There are many hair dye products that can be conducted at home, which brings lots of advantages for users. However, if the operation is not done well, it can lead to the hair dye getting on the clothes. With the fast-absorbing feature of hair dye, is there an effective way to remove hair dye from clothes? Here, we give you some simple tips for how to get hair dye out of clothes easily and effectively that can be done at home.

1. How to Get Hair Dye Out of Clothes with White Vinegar

How to get hair dye out of clothes

First, we would like to introduce to you a very familiar bleach material in every household. That is white vinegar. It is not only a fermenting agent for dishes, but you can also use it to remove stubborn stains from clothes.

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? If you don’t know how to get hair dye out of clothes with white vinegar, follow these steps:

– First, mix white vinegar with a cup of warm water.

– Next, pour the vinegar directly onto the part of the dye-stained garment.

– Use your hands to rub several times at the stain until they are completely gone.

– Wash as usual and dry before wearing.

For this method you can apply even on colored clothes without fear of fading.

2. How to Get Hair Dye Out of Clothes by White Wine

An effective method of removing hair dye from clothes using a familiar source of ingredients is using white wine. However, wine is only effective for the fresh stain.

– Pour a sufficient amount of white wine directly onto the dye on the clothes.

– Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the stains thoroughly until they are completely gone.

– Wash again with soap.

3. How to Remove Hair Dye from Clothes with Ammonia Solution

How to get hair dye out of clothes

If you are afraid that using specialized bleach will fade your clothes’ color, the method of using ammonia solution is the most appropriate for this problem. But you also need to be aware that if you don’t use ammonia properly, it will easily lead to poisoning. Therefore, you must not mix more bleach when using ammonia and vice versa.

– Firstly, you mix the Ammonia solution with water in the correct ratio 1:4.

– Pour the mixture on the clothes with dye and soak for about 30 minutes.

– Take out the clothes and wash them again with detergent, soak in fabric softener to remove the unpleasant smell of ammonia

4. Getting Hair Dye Out of Clothes by Hydrogen Peroxide

One more trick to help remove hair dye stains from colored clothes is to use hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide not only helps to disinfect and wash wounds on the skin, but also thoroughly solves stains on clothes such as blood, tea, hair dye, etc.

To remove hair dye stains from clothes with hydrogen peroxide, you need to do the following step:

– First, soften the dirty part of clothing to make it easier to clean the stain.

– Pour 3% hydrogen peroxide solution on the stain and soak for about 12 hours

– Finally, wash the clothes thoroughly and dry them. Use fabric softener to remove unpleasant scents.

For this method you can do it many times if the stain is still not completely gone.

5. How to Get Hair Dye Out of Clothes by Hairspray

How to get hair dye out of clothes

Hairspray is extremely effective in treating dye stains on clothes. Not only that, it also removes other stubborn stains. However, you must not spray directly on the clothes, but follow the steps. First, take a paper towel and place it on the dirty area, then spray hairspray on it. Stains will soak into the tissue, so leave them overnight and then wash them again. You will see the stain gradually seep into the paper and be removed with the help of hairspray.

6. How to Get Hair Dye Out of Clothes with Chlorine Bleach

To completely and quickly remove hair dye from clothes, Chlorine can be considered an effective bleach to satisfy users. However, the most notable drawback of chlorine is that it is not suitable for clothing made of wool or silk. For other fabrics you can do the following:

– Pour the chlorine solution into the water in a ratio of 1:4 and stir well.

– Soak clothes into this mix for about 10 minutes. Note that you should not soak for too long to avoid damaging the clothes.

– When the time is up, take the clothes out and wash them as usual. You should use fabric softener to avoid being annoyed by the smell of bleach


Don’t be in a hurry to throw away your favorite outfits just because they have dye stains when you beautify your hair. Take a look and try the methods we suggested on how to get hair dye out of clothes. The result will surprise you!