How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship 2022

If you are a big fan of clothing and sportswear, you will not miss GOAT – one of the most famous brands of sports retailers. In the GOAT process, your items will be pre-verified before they were transported to customers. We, however, do not know when exactly the time our items were delivered. And many people will ask the question that how long does goat take to ship.

If you are stuck with that question, this blog is for you. We are ready to help you know how long does goat take to ship.


How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship In 2022?

In 2022, GOAT takes 7-10 days to process and ship an order to US customers. People who order specific products take approximately 3-4 business days to get them and execute transactions.

When you finish all of the order procedures, your items will be delivered in 3-4 working days.

In fact, the GOAT team is trying to improve their delivery time to satisfy the customer’s expectations.

How Long Does Goat Take To Ship Internationally?

For international shipping, the time for delivery is about 10 to 25 days to complete. GOAT team will get your order and prepare a plan to convey the item. This process is required about 5 days to complete, however, delivery times depend on the customer’s location.

If you are living in China and you order from this country, you have to charge import duties at the checkout stage. And you need to enter your national identification number after that.

However, there are no additional duties if you order the items from here.

By contrast, if you are living in the United Kingdom, you have to pay the import duties. If you are from other international locations, you might not apply for the national identification number when you order the items and don’t have to pay import duties.

How Long Does Goat Take To Ship Internationally?

Reason For Your GOAT Order Delay

There are many holidays and events during the year, so if you want to receive your items without any delay, you should think about this point.

All delivery times are projections and many problems such as bad weather, carrier limits are only applied to the US.

How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship? 

Standard Items

For standard items, the GOAT team has been checked and pre-verified before they are shipped to customers. In the United States, you will receive your items within 7-10 working days. This allows GOAT to receive the order and validate and ship to the customers.

Instant Items

Products that are labeled “ Instant” means that it would ship immediately to you. The time of delivery will depend on the location:

Within the contiguous US: 

  • It will take 3-5 working days for people who ordered items before 11:00 AM PT (standard shipping)

In the contiguous US:

  • It will take 4-6 working days for people who ordered items after 11:00 AM PT (standard shipping)

Instant Items With Next Day Shipping

Products that are labeled “ Next Day” means that it would ship immediately to only people who are in the contiguous US.  The time of delivery will depend on the location:

  • It will take 1 working day for people who ordered items before 11:00 AM PT.
  • It will take 2 working days for people who ordered items after 11:00 AM PT.

Items Of Clothing And Accessories

You will wait longer when you order Clothing and Accessories. It will take 4-8 business days for a garment or accessory item to be shipped to a client who is in the contiguous US.

International Orders

If you want GOAT items shipped to any international location, you could use a shipping forwarding service based in the United States means you are responsible for all customs duties at the time of shipment.

GOAT does not charge customs duties in advance because the courier will collect them at the time of shipment.

FAQs – How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship

Goat Shipping Cost?

You will charge $13.50 if you are living in 48 contiguous states while $15 is the fee for your shipping cost if your location is in Hawaii and Alaska.

For customers who want to use fast delivery, you can use “ Instant” items with a fee about $25

Does GOAT Sell Fake Shoes?

GOAT is famous for its transparency. They will not sell fake shoes. All of the shoes that you want to sell must be validated so they can not be fake.

Does GOAT Ship On Weekends?

Some GOAT sellers think they can ship to their customers on the weekend but we think that it is not the norm. We highly recommend you guys use an app to track your order. With an app, you can view the progress of your order and know what exactly happening.

By just clicking on the “profile” and then tapping on “orders”.          

How Do I Track My GOAT Orders?

You can use your app to track the GOAT orders. Using the tracking number to see where your order is.

What Is GOAT Instant?

Instant items mean they are pre-verified and ready to deliver to the customers. The waiting time for these items is shorter than those which use the standard time to ship.

If you want to ship faster, you can try the Next Day Shipping which takes you 1-2 days.

Where Does GOAT Ship From?

When you order the items, they will ship from the Plainview, New York-based GOAT USA facility.

How Long Does It Take To Get GOAT Verified?

It takes 1-2 days from the time the shoes are received to the time they are certified. Your earnings will be added to your GOAT account and cashed out as soon as your sneakers are verified by Goats experts.


The question about how long does goat take to ship will be solved if you follow our instruction above. It is not difficult for you to solve the problem how long does goat take to ship but you should read this blog carefully.

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