How to Build a Best Gaming PC: A Beginner Guide

Games play an important role in relaxing and refreshing our minds. Today, there are a large number of games available for mobile and desktop devices. A player can choose a variety of games to play during leisure time.

Playing an online game requires a stable internet connection and a good computer setup. A poor gaming experience takes away your joy and excitement even if you’re playing the most exciting game. That’s why experts always recommend a good PC setup.

How to Build a Best Gaming PC

As a beginner in gaming, you might get confused about the number of choices for gaming setups available in the market. Are you a beginner in the gaming world and looking for the best PC setup? This article will help you with that. This beginner guide will guide you to build the best gaming PC within your budget.

Invest in the Right Computer

A powerful computer is necessary for a smooth gaming experience. An old or slow computer might not respond in real-time. As a result, instead of relaxing your mind, you might get depressed with a bad gaming experience. That’s why a good gaming PC is necessary, whether you are a professional or casual gamer.

To set up your gaming PC, look for a powerful processor. Generally, an average gaming PC processor starts from core i6. In addition to this, you will require high-quality RAM. A 32GB DDR4 RAM can be the best choice for a very smooth gaming experience.

Graphic cards are the next thing to focus on while building a gaming PC. Graphic cards process the visuals and output these visuals, images, videos, and user interface on the monitor screen. Built-in graphic cards of PCs are suitable only for performing light tasks. But when you have to perform heavy tasks such as high-end gaming, video editing, and creating banner online or other graphic design tasks, you need to integrate a GPU with a CPU. Adding GPU will improve your PC visuals and enhance your gaming experience.

Computer storage plays a vital role in the operating speed of a PC. There are three kinds of storage:

  • The HDD
  • The SDD
  • The NVMe SSD

The main difference between these storages is speed. These storage devices are plugged into the motherboard. Therefore, you will need to confirm first if your PC supports an extra SSD or not. All modern computers have slots for SSD or NVMe SSD. SSDs are highly recommended for speeding up your gaming PC.

Find the Right Gaming Monitor

After a good PC setup, a gaming monitor is also important. A monitor is a visual output device that displays videos, images, user interface, and other visuals.

A good gaming monitor has a high refresh rate, an option for high resolutions, and a low response time. As a beginner gamer, you can invest in a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 1080p. But if you are a professional gamer, think about getting a perfect monitor with a higher refresh rate.

Two monitor setup is also recommended for professional gamers. You can play games on one screen and stream live from the other screen. This will give an enjoyable gaming experience.

A Quality Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

A gaming setup also consists of some input devices. A mouse and keyboard are the input device that helps to control the game. For a good gaming experience, you must buy a gaming mouse and keyboard with zero lag.

A wired mouse or a keyboard is not a good choice for gaming. Sticking in front of a computer screen might cause eye-sight problems. Therefore you need something that allows you to change positions and locations. Here comes the value of a wireless mouse and keyboard.

While selecting a wireless mouse, ensure it best fits your requirements. When it comes to a keyboard, you need to buy one which gives you good reach on all buttons quickly. Selecting the right input devices will help to respond rapidly while playing games online.

Choos a Quality Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

A Gaming Headset

Audio is also essential as that of visuals. Therefore investing in a good gaming headset is necessary. Speakers are the primary sound source that all PCs have. But for gaming, speakers are not recommended.

Games sound while playing at home can disturb other family members. Therefore you need an alternative. You can buy a gaming headset to personalize your gaming audio.

A quality headset with a mic is a better option. It allows you to speak and stream games online on streaming channels such as Facebook or YouTube. Gaming headphones come in varieties with wire or wireless. Wireless headphones will be the best choice as they allow you to move freely.

Choose the Right Desk and Chair

A desk with good space is required. Make sure it can house the monitor and keyboard and have enough space to move the mouse freely. Furthermore, it should have enough space to keep other things such as a game controller, headset, and setting up a webcam.

A gaming chair should be comfortable. Our body has a natural curve, and we need to maintain balance. The wrong sitting style can cause health problems. To avoid this, you need to buy a chair that will keep your body relaxed while gaming. A height-adjustable gaming chair is recommended as you can line up your position with the desk.

Think About a Webcam

Are you a professional gamer and thinking about games streaming online? A webcam is a necessary element for game streaming. A webcam records your video and streams it online along with games. A good webcam with high pixel cameras is best for streaming. Don’t worry about your surroundings and background; streaming platforms have a background eraser feature.


Setting up a gaming PC is a challenging job as there are several options in the market. In this article, we have shared a quick guide to build the best gaming PC. You can select a gaming setup according to your preference and needs.

To sum up, there is no doubt games play an important role in relaxing and refreshing our minds. But it is too true that spending much time in front of a computer screen can cause health issues. Therefore, games should be played for entertainment purposes only.