How To Cancel Facetune2 On iPhone: It Is Not Difficult

Facetune 2 is a famous portrait photo editor which is only available and suitable for iOS devices. It allows users to edit their photos using a variety of tools such as teeth whitening, removing blemishes, acne & pimples, etc. This app can improve and alter the appearance of human countenances by using a variety of filters, lighting, textures, contrast, and frame options, not just by smoothing skin and removing spots.

Facetune2 has received a lot of compliments from teenagers and even adults. However, some users decide they no longer want to use Facetune2 by Lightricks and look for ways to deactivate.

If you are one of them, this blog is created for you. Read carefully, you will find all things you need.

How to Cancel Facetune2 on Apple products( iPhone/iPad/Mac)

On iPhone/iPad: 

It is not as difficult as you think when you want to cancel Facetune2 on your iPhone, here are steps you can follow to cancel this app:

– First, go to the Settings App>tap on your name>”Subscriptions” tab.

– Next, Apple ID is requested, so you have to fill your ID.

– Scroll down to the “Subscriptions” button> Click on Facetune2 (subscription)>Cancel.

On Mac:

To cancel your Facetune2 subscription on your Mac, follow these steps:

– Firstly, launch your Mac App Store> click on your name at the bottom of the sidebar.

– Click on the “View Information”  at the top of the window> Scroll down until you see the “Subscriptions”> “Manage”.

– Choose “Edit” and then tap on “Cancel Subscription”.

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How to Delete Facetune2 on Apple Products( iPhone/iPad)

These steps will help you to remove Facetune2 on your iPhone/iPad:

Method 01: Remove directly on your homescreen

– Find the Facetune2 on the homescreen, Facetune2 can be tapped and held until it begins to shake.

– An X will appear at the top of the app icon after shaking in few seconds

– To remove the Facetune2 by Lightricks app from your phone, tap the X.

Method 02: Go to Settings

Scroll down to “Settings”>”General”> click on “iPhone Storage”. A list of all the apps will appear and you can tap and remove the app you want to uninstall.

How to Cancel Facetune2 on Paypal

To cancel your Facetune2 subscription on PayPal, do the following:

– Firstly, login and enter your Paypal account> Tap on “Setting tab”

– Select “Payment”> click on “Manage Automatic Payments” in the Automatic Payments dashboard.

– A list of merchant agreements with whom you’ve previously transacted will appear and to cancel, select “Facetune2 by Lightricks” or “Lightricks Ltd.”

– Click on the “Cancel Automatic Payments” tab to affirm that you want to stop making payments to Facetune2 when you receive a confirmation page.

– Then click “Done” on the verification page to complete the unsubscription. is always ready to provide you the useful information. We also give you guys the best coupons and deals on our website. Don’t hesitate to join it now.