How to clean a grinder: Tips for fast cleaning

If one day your grinder suddenly got stuck and you don’t know what to do, don’t even think about throwing it out. In this article, will guide you with detailed steps to clean and unstick your grinder.

Cleaning the grinder is a thing that you should do regularly, in order to guarantee the best grind as well as making your grinder last longer. It is suggested that you should do this on a weekly basis.

Before you start learning how to clean a grinder, here are the things you need to prepare first:

– Toothpicks

– A soft brush, a stiff brush and a toothbrush

Bowl or zip-lock bag, or a tall jar

– Isopropyl alcohol

– Clean hot water

– A clean towel

Here are the simple steps on how to clean a grinder

Step 1: Disassemble the grinder

Start breaking apart your grinder and placing the components on the counter top or your table, separate them for easy reach.

How to clean a grinder - Disassemble the grinder

In the process of disassemble, some of the residue would fall off. You can start cleaning that first and then dump out the rest of the residue in the grinder’s chambers.

Step 2: Freeze the components (You can skip this step and move to the next if you are in a hurry)

This may sound irrelevant but trust me, this is a crucial step on how to clean a grinder.

Place each piece of the grinder to sit upwards in the freezer. Leave it in there for around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How to clean a grinder - Freeze the grinder

By doing this, the residue inside the chamber will become harder and starting to clump together instead of spreading all around and clinging tightly to the grinder. It will make the whole scraping phase much easier.

Step 3: Scrape off the residue

After 30 minutes, take the grinder out of the freezer, then use a brush or a toothpick to scrape off as much residue as possible. Make sure that you clean up the corner and the edge of the grinder, as well as deep clean the grinding teeth as well as around the circumference of the chamber’s lid.

After freezing, this process should be a walk in the park. Small interesting note is that this residue is full of nutrients and extremely potent for plants and flowers, so you might want to keep those for later use.

Step 4: Soak everything in alcohol

Alcohol is considered to be the king of the cleaning world. It can remove almost all stubborn stains that stick on your pantry. Here’s how to clean a grinder with the help of alcohol:

Grab a bowl, a zip-lock bag or a high jar, place all the components inside and then fill it with isopropyl alcohol until the grinder’s components are submerged.

How to clean a grinder - Soak in alcohol

Leave it to soak for 20 minutes minimum. Every couple of minutes, give it a little shake or swirl to make sure the alcohol makes direct contact to the residue. This should do the trick removing the rest of the residue.

Step 5: Scrape off the rest

After 20 minutes, get a strainer and dump everything out. Scrub off all of the remaining residue using a toothbrush or a stiff brush that you have. Soaking in alcohol makes this incredibly easy. At this stage, your grinder should be pretty clean and shiny already.

Step 6: Rinse off the excess substance and dry

Last but not least, prepare some hot water (as clean as possible) and a fresh clean towel. Give the components a good rinse in the water and dry them off using the clean towel.

How to clean a grinder - Rinse

Make sure to cover every corner of the chamber and the grinding teeth, or else they can become rusty and quickly break down in the future.

Step 7: Enjoy your freshly new grinder

After cleaning, you should immediately notice the smoothness of the grind blade, the neat spinning motion and the shiny look of your grinder.

If your grinder does not offer spotless performance, there is a high chance that you have missed some spot in the scrubbing phase. Try disassemble and check for any remaining residue.

Again, it is crucial to ensure that your device is fully dry. A damp grinder can create molds inside the chamber and when you grind, the molds can be mixed into the food and cause food poisoning, which can be fatal.

Final thoughts

Here is the information about how to clean a grinder. It is certainly annoying to have a stuck grinder at the moment you need it the most. However, as I have mentioned earlier, the solution is really simple and super quick. Therefore, you should not worry or think about getting a new grinder.

We hope that through this article, you have understood more about how to clean a grinder. For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a great day!!!