How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes: It is not as difficult as you think

When people talk about the Hey Dude Wendy Shoes – they always think about one of the most comfortable of footwear. For me, the hey Dude Wendy shoes are not only must-have shoes for men but also shoes for women and children.

A variety of shoes have been sold in many Hey Dude’s stores. People buy shoes for different reasons such as hiking, running,.. but after using them for a short while they all need to clear carefully.

In this blog, we will show you how to clean your Hey Dude Shoes in every step. Read carefully if you want to clean your Hey Dude shoes clearly.

Choosing Right Materials is key

Knowing about the materials is the first step you need to know to clean your shoes. Some people do not know much about what material is and they just put a pair of shoes in the wash. If they are made from leather, it is so terrible.

If you are not sure much about what type of material your shoes are made of, you can visit the Hey Dudes website to search what type of model you are using or you can check your shoes box to find the description.

Remember that finding the right information about materials means you are choosing the right method to wash your shoes. Please, do this step carefully before going to the next step.

How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes

Choose the cleaning method below, based on the material of your shoes.

#1 Stretch

For the flexible shoes, they are made from a material called – Stretch-knit. These shoes are so strong and comfortable. Following these steps to clean your Stretch-knit shoes:

– Take off the insoles and laces. Then put them in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes. This will make all the dirt dissolve and you can easily wash them away.

– For your shoes, put them in a laundry bag. Then add a mild detergent, and cold water and put the bag in a washing machine to clean your shoes.

– Finally, place the shoes, laces, and insoles on a tower to dry.

#2 Leather

Leather is a durable material and as you know it is not suitable for washing machines. In this case, you have to wash your shoes by hand. Here are some ways to help you clean your leather Hey Dude Shoes.

– Dip your brush in cold water and mild detergent to make them wet. Then scrub the areas of stains, you can apply a bit of pressure when you see a lot of stubborn stains on your shoes.

– After cleaning the stains, you can wipe them with a soft cloth or soap and air dry them.

– We highly recommend you use a suede protector spray for your shoes. It can protect and prevent further stains and dirt.

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#3 Canvas

Canvas is a durable cotton blend fabric that has been used in Hey dude Shoes’ factories for a long time. Because of their lightweight and comfortable features, they are a best seller product for many years. Despite keeping good feet dry and absorbing sweat, they can prone to stains and dirt by their regular design.

Here are some techniques for you to solve this problem on your canvas shoes:

– Scrub the stains with a soft brush if your shoes are slightly stained. Then, using a clean cloth, wipe them down. Finally, let’s air-dry the shoes.

– If your shoes are still dirty, you can also throw them in the washing machine. Adding liquid detergent, and cold water, set the washer to a delicate wash cycle to clean your Hey Dudes

#4 Wool

Shoes made from animal fibers such as wool shoes can only be hand washed. You can not wash by washing machine. The pressure in your washing machine can harm your lovely shoes. So here is the way to clean your wool shoes correctly:

– Scrub the stains with a soft brush if your shoes are slightly stained. Add ½ cup of wool-safe detergent in the cold water bucket, then put your shoes dipping in the bucket for 30 minutes.

– Use a soft cloth and rub slowly. Remember to try not to pull the fabric because the wool fibers are easy to stretch.

– Scrub and Rinse the insoles, laces, and shoes thoroughly under running water.

– Finally, place the shoes, laces, and insoles on a tower to dry.

#5 Faux-Fur

Faux-fur is a man-made material that looks and feels very similar to real fur. Hey Dude uses faux fur mostly for lining boots, but also for decorative purposes. Boots with faux fur lining are perfect for winter because they keep your toes extra toasty!

Faux-fur is a man-made material that is suitable for boots. It is nice for you to wear faux-fur shoes in winter but I am so sure that most people do not know how to clean these shoes.

– Add one teaspoon of baking soda into your shoes for 24 hours. Add some baby shampoo to a wet soft cloth and clean the faux-fur details.

– If the area of stains is too big, use a wet toothbrush to brush the stains.

– Scrub and Rinse the shoes thoroughly under running water until the soap has been gone.

– Finally, place the shoes, laces, and insoles on a tower to dry.


These methods above can use to clean Hey Dude shoes. If you think this information is quite useful for you to clean your shoes at home, read more blogs related to shoes and other topics on our website: . Here is a funny video from Hey Dude Shoes that is available on Youtube: