How to Clean Timberland Boots: Useful Information For You

Timberland is one heck of a fantastic investment as both a fashion statement and workwear necessity. Whether you are wearing them for any reason, you have to know how to clean Timberland Boots carefully. Why do we say that? Because the Timberland boots are made of suede, leather varieties, and nubuck leather., so they need some special care.

In this blog, We’ll help you clean your Timberland boots through the basic steps and provide plenty of guidance to keep your Timberlands boots looking new.

Timberland Basic 6-Inch Boot - Men's | DSW

HOW TO CLEAN TIMBERLAND BOOTS: It’s not as difficult as you think

Some people think that it is quite difficult to clean Timberlands but in reality, cleaning these shoes are incredibly easy. This step-by-step procedure will refresh your Timberland shoes and prolong their life and keep them looking box fresh.

Remove small spots 

– Remove small debris with a soft brush

– Remove scuff marks with an eraser

– Brush the boot once again

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Deep-Cleaning Your Boots

1. Buy nubuck cleaning and sealing products

This step is tiny but it plays an important role in cleaning your shoes. The traditional boot is made of nubuck so you have to make sure that your leather cleaning supplies match the color of the leather.

If you have a lot of questions about products that you want to buy, go directly to the stores and ask about appropriate items.

2. Remove the shoelaces

If the shoelaces are not clean, put them in warm water and wash them by hand. Then place them on a tower to dry.

3. Use a soft brush to remove loose dirt and debris

Use a booth brush to gently brush as much dirt as possible from the surface. This is a vital step to minimize the amount of scrubbing you have to do later on.

4. Keep its shape intact

To keep your shoes intact, you have to keep one hand in the boot while cleaning the boot.

Keeping one hand means you are creating the opposite pressure to keep it from collapsing when you are scrubbing.

5. Scrub the soles

You could use cotton swabs or a toothbrush to get the dirt out of the tread. Use a toothbrush/ cotton swab and run it along the grooves. Then rinse the soles with warm water.

6. Use the cleaner to scrub the outside

To keep the boot’s surface in good condition, you have to move the brush in one direction. Use enough pressure to remove any dirt from the surface. Scrub away, adding more cleaner as needed, until the surface is clean.

7. Use sandpaper to remove stubborn stains.

This step is suitable for some stubborn stains You should do it carefully in this process. Sanding too hard can remove immediately these stains but it could harm your shoes’ surface.

8. Rinse the surface with a small amount of water.

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These methods above can use to clean Timberland Boots. If you think it is quite useful for you to clean your shoes at home, read more blogs related to shoes and other topics on our website: