How To Delete Reddit Account On Iphone: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

Reddit is one of the largest forums platforms worldwide where they can get the best answers for different topics and also can share news, other content and comment on others’ posts. Reddit is also famous for a big collection of forums and communities — called ‘subreddits’. Subreddits will provide you the useful knowledge about that query.

However, some people say that using too much Reddit consumes a lot of their time. And they can not concentrate on their creative part of life. Besides, this platform has been suspected of sharing user data with third parties.

That’s one of the reasons why many users find ways to leave this community and they are wondering how to delete a Reddit account on their iPhone. If you are one of them, read this blog carefully.

We will show you step by step how to delete your Reddit Account on your iPhone and of course, a web browser is another option to remove an account on your device. But before we go to learn how to delete a Reddit account on your iPhone, we should know What happens when you deactivate your Reddit account.

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What Happens To Your Reddit Data If You Deactivate Your Account?

When you delete an account, your profile and username are both deleted. However, some information, such as posts and comments, remains on Reddit. Even though no one knows where you came from, we strongly advise you to delete all of your posts and comments before deleting your account.

However, if you delete your account, your username is no longer available. You cannot access this account using this username. And of course, someone else may be able to make use of it.

Ways To Delete Reddit Account You Should Care

On The iPhone

As we mentioned above, you should carefully check all your posts, comments. all your data on Reddit. Here are steps to deactivate your account:
1. Going to Reddit Mobile app>Open the Profile icon at the top right corner>Now, tap on Settings from the menu> Scroll down and you can see “Deactivate account”.

2. Enter “Deactivate account”, and a message box will appear to ask you if you want to delete your account.

3. Finally, click “Yes, Deactivate”.

On The Website

If you are not using Reddit from the mobile app then here’s how you can delete your Reddit account from Reddit website:

1. Go to Reddit Website>Log into your account>Click the profile icon at the top right corner>User Settings

2. In the User Settings, Scroll Down and you will see the DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT button.

3. Now, fill in the blank your username and password to finish the last step it. Finally, you mark the “I understand that deactivated accounts are not a recoverable box”, and then click Deactivate.

4. Tap on Deactivate to delete the account. 
That’s all what you have to do  when it comes to easily deleting your Reddit account from the app or the website.

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