How To Get Care Packages Pubg

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, known as PUBG, is one of the best FPS games ever. Imagine that you are living with 100 players in a plane and preparing to parachute onto an island that you don’t know. What next, after landing, you will have to find guns to protect yourself, and of course, with a little luck, you could be the last survivor.

Some people are feeling happy with this game and show their funny moments when they get care packages. But some people do not know how to How To Get Care Packages Pubg. And the question about How To Get Care Packages Pubg seems to be stuck in their head and they do not know how to solve it.

If you’re one of the many people wondering about How To Get Care Packages, you’ve come to the right place.

We will guide you to get the best item in Care Packages through this blog.

How To Get Care Packages Pubg

How To Get Care Packages Pubg

After parachuting onto an island, you have to use your brain to find your place to cover, hide, and fire enemies. Sometimes, you can hear airplane sounds, it is a good chance for you to win the battles. Why do we say that? When the aircraft is passing, it is your time to break into the household undetected, or you just run away from your enemies as the sound is loud enough to drown your footsteps. You can eliminate other gamers, you can run away and be happy about these moments.

But if you get the present from an airplane – Care Packages, you will experience the best feeling ever. Care Packages drop from planes, just like the way you enter the map. If you can get a package, you will curate a deadly arsenal that can obliterate enemies such as AWM, MG3, AUG, etc. However, Care Packages drop at unpredictable locations and it also attracts a lot of players – your enemies.

When they drop, a red smoke flare comes up for a few seconds. They can land everywhere on the map such as buildings, trees, sea. And of course, they are inside the blue circle.

Each package contains unique gear, all of which can be extremely valuable to PUBG players. But some people think that it is too risky to find these items and do not waste your time fighting with other players.

We agree with this opinion but if you are not an experienced player, try to get it. If you do not know how to get care packages PUBG, here are some tips for you:

1. Use Smoke Grenade To Make Temporary Covers 

Throwing a couple of Smoke Grenades at the care packages can help you make temporary covers so that the enemies can not aim at you. However, you should consider time for your next move quickly before the smoke is disappeared. Remember that enemies do not give you any second chance to fix your mistakes.

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Use Smoke Grenade To Make Temporary Covers 

2. Time is a key to survive

When you reach a place to get Airdrops, remember that you do not have much time to loot.

The perfect time for this action is within 10 seconds. Look for the items you want, and loot quickly as fast as you can.

Time is a key to survive

3. Have Backup While Looting the Drops

The airplane sounds attract many players. When you approach Care Packages, other players are approaching too. Finding a backup for you to prepare for a fight is a good idea that you should not miss.

If you are in a squad, send one player to collect the items, while others should have an eye out on enemies.

Have Backup While Looting the Drops

4. Calling the Airdrop

In the PUBG game, there are two types of airdrops: custom airdrops and random airdrops.

You can use a Flare gun to request custom Care Packages. While the random care packages drop in unpredicted locations, the custom airdrops can drop in a place that you want.

It also attracts your enemies but you can find your backup spot and plan to fight.

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Calling the Airdrop

FAQs – How To Get Care Packages Pubg

What is the advantage of Helmet level 3 in Care Packages? 

The Spetsnaz Helmet also called Helmet Level 3 provides users excellent protection and just only the AWM can knock out you with only one bullet while other guns like M24, and Kar98K are capable of taking you down with 2 shots.

Helmet 3 is available on the care packages and you should try to get this gift because we understand the feeling when you get one shotted. It is one of the most frustrating things in PUBG.

All of these mentioned above are about the sniper rifle, what about the other – rifle??. All the 5.56 rifles drop to three shots to kill and just 2 shots to kill for AKM.

What is the advantage of Vest level 3 in Care Packages? 

To be the last survivor, you have to find this item. It can reduce 55% of all damage to your body. In fact, increased durability is an important factor that you should consider in the game. With this vest, Rifles such as AKM and Beryl, and HK M416 are capable of taking you down with 4-5 shots while it also makes the Micro Uzi and S12K quite useless – about 10 bullets to the chest to bring you down.

Do not forget that it is not only about durability but also about capacity. With Utility Belt + Military vest level 3, it will help you to increase your bag to 120 hold capacity. And with Utility Belt + Backpack level 3 + Military vest level 3, you will get 370 hold capacity. It is a key factor to help you win the match.


After reading this blog, you can easily answer the question about how to get care packages. But remember that when you play a PUBG on mobile or PC, you should have good devices to play such as a gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, etc.

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